A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spiderman Spiderman

Conner draws a chubby Spiderman


I spied

I spied a guy driving a car. The car was so full of bread there was only room for one person, the driver. The bread filled the back seat up. The bread filled the passenger seat up.

I spied a ghetto looking car with hand painted dragons and wizards. Not the cool kind like on Lord of the Rings but the cheesy kind from Puff the Magic Dragon. Now ordinarily I would just shake my head and not pay it any more attention butttttt the owner of the car came out of walmart (where else would this vehicle be?) He hits the remote and a loud voice says YOUR ALARM HAS BEEN DE-ACTIVATED. Now that gave me the giggles. The alarm gotta have been worth more then the whole car.

I spied a girl driving around in a convertible mustang with her top down, with a huge monkey in the passenger seat.

Oh that was me.

Oh that was me.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Great news said the spider to the fly

I am not going to eat you today, I will save you for tomorrow.

I sold one of my Halloween wreaths. A friend of mind goes to the flea market every now and then and took two of them. The witch one sold. I think I will give my sister the ghost one. But which sister? Muhuhuhuh. Duh the one with a house! Or I will keep it and sell it next year on ETSY.

I added some items on Ebay. I updated the ebay for sale pictures. Some of the pictures are premature. I haven’t put them all up for sale. I am working on it. Last couple of weeks the thought of typing gave me the willies. My hands hurt. I guess it’s the typing disease. Now I got back into the swing of things and slowly adding more items. I also have been working on an adorable penguin set for a birthday or party. It will include candy wrappers(both miniature Hershey and Hershey nuggets), cookie pouches , quart size paint can, bubble wrappers, bags, invitations anything else I can label.
Now I got to decide … should I create paper versions and sell or should I sell the electronic file. Probably paper I am thinking.
I finished a black and silver scarf to put on ETSY and I am working on a gorgeous blue scarf to put on ETSY. I also have some craft books and two bags to add.
Well since I am at work and somebody finally gave me work to do I think I will do that now.

At the fair

A few weeks ago the family went to the fair. Lucas got his first taste of cotton candy. In his opinion five thumbs up (he can’t count yet). He can boogie though. He can crawl. He has teeth. He bites. Oks he is teething. He walks. He is a machine. No he is a baby boy.
Conner turned into Sticker Boy. He was covered in stickers. His Aunt Kathryn gave him a high five when she saw the Obama sticker. Now this is the only politics I will touch on. I put a McCain sticker over the Obama. Not that I like one over the other. Because Aunt Kathryn likes one over the other. It will probably burn my biscuit if and when Obama wins. Well back to the McCain sticker story. Conner had a fit. He had such a fit that I had to march back over to Obama booth and put a sticker back over the McCain.
Aunt Kathryn was the last to arrive at the fair. Conner walks by her, does a double take and keeps on walking. You see, Aunt Kathryn looks different if she is not with Richie. Grandma says, Conner don’t you know who that is. He yells Aunt Kathryn.
I once told him Aunt Kathryn might join us in an activity. He said good, Aunt Kathryn gets so excited when she sees me.
So here we are at the fair.. and I say Hey Conner you are wearing Dr. Suess Underwear. He drops his pants in the middle of the fair. The very busy fair and shows everybody that yes he does have on Dr. Suess Underpants on.
That’s when Aunt Kathryn told us of her plans pay to have her wisdom teeth pulled. You see she has been hanging out at five points. The local college area, instead her and her friend are going to start going out to the vista. A more business like spot. She believes the richer guys hang out there and she will meet him and they will fall madly in love and he will give her lots of money.
We walked the exhibits. We didn’t ride any rides or play any games. The craft building always gets me. This year they had a basket, from the dollar store (I own one .. I know this) they threaded incredible yarn through the basket holes. Which they could of gotten at the dollar store also. I got a ton there myself. But there it was displayed. I keep saying to myself I can do that. So why don’t I do that????
Fair food included Fried Mushrooms, chocolate chip cookies and donuts. We scaled back this year. Life is tough. No lunch, no French fries, no ice cream and no fried reese cups. Well he never had fried reese cups, sounds down right nasty.
Conner and Lucas got sick the next week. Conner blamed it on the cotton candy, since nobody else had any but him and Lucas (he forgot about dad).
That was our lovely day at the fair. It is now packed up and off to some other destination. We will have to wait another year for them fried reese cups.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baby goes Burp

Take two .. durn blogger lost my last one AGAIN!

Anywho. My sister has this baby. He is ten months old. After he finishes a bottle, he doesnt belch like a normal baby. He says the word BURP. What a comedian and only 10 months. I am so proud.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Steve FM

Steve FM

There is a local radio station called STEVE FM. Apparently there are a chain of these radio stations, but each local station is named after a different guy. There is this DJ Steve, whose name probably isn’t Steve. He is not your typical DJ. It is all automated. You cant call in to request a call. There are no cheesy morning shows. This is the answer to the satellite radio.
Besides Steve FM, there is Steve M. He lives in Texas. Has bushy curly hair and is stuck in the hippie age. I could be negative and list all the evils of Steve, but I will not. Steve likes to tell stories. Funny outrageous stories. That is not sarcasm, they are funny the first time you hear them.
Last year when we attended his Father funeral, Steve stayed in the same Holiday Inn Express we did. We had not seen Steve in 14+ years. He still has the bushy curly hair. He still told his outrageous stories or maybe as a defense mechanism for the sadness of his fathers passing.
The first story he told is of Red Checker. That is a local fast food joint. During the summer they were advertising milk shakes for .59 cents. Picture this, four adult males in a car. They decide to get a milk shake for their Mom (aka Aunt Sister). They go thru the drive thru at Red Checkers and orders one .59cent milk shake. The voice at the other end of the intercom asked is there anything else they would like with that one milk shake. Steve was driving and was in command of the order. He said Yes four straws. So they drive around and everybody in the restaurant was staring to see what fool would want a .59cent milk shake and four straws.
After he told that story I knew the second story was coming, and I was not disappointed.
He told the table about using a fake foreign accent. Driving up thru the drive thru and ordering. When they told him how much it was, oh lets say 5.25. He starts ranting he could not pay that all he had was a $10 bill. They assured him, a $10 will cover the cost. Then he asked where he should go and they gave him instructions. They had to repeat it over and over again to dumbify it. Finally he pulls around and the attendants where hanging out the window waving their arms like a fool directing him where to go.
That’s the storey and he is sticking to it.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Lady from Georgia

A littler over a year ago we went to Georgia to attend a funeral. Uncle Bill lost the battle with cancer. Oh I remember the first time we met Uncle Bill. Bill, my step sat us all down and said Uncle Bill is Grumpy. To us young kids yes he appeared grumpy. Years later I rationalized it wasn’t grumpy. He just did not like all the chaos from a large family. Which is amusing because he had five boys and two girls. To conquer his unease he would clean. So our house got cleaned for free. Pretty nice deal. During his funeral, we learned that this grumpy old man was a national hero. He received two purple hearts, during his time in the army. After he retired he became a state trooper. Thanks to him a young girls life was spared after being adducted. Who knew what a hero, Grumpy Uncle Bill was?
Married to Uncle Bill was Aunt Sister, the lady from Georgia. My step dad explained to his new family that she got her name because he called her sister and his children called her Aunt. The name melded together over the years to Aunt Sister. Aunt Sister was the mother of four of the five boys and the two girls. (Uncle Bill had a big secret that he kept from Aunt Sister, he had been married before and had one son) Uncle Bill was in the Army and his family followed him and they saw the world. When he retired, it was in Hinnesville Georgia. There probably isn’t another city in all of USA that better suited these two. Aunt Sister took on a job as a insurance agent and she would travel all over the state selling insurance and meeting some very fine people. Oh the stories she could weave about traveling the world and traveling all over Georgia.
Because she had many children, it is safe to say when they got older they had their own children. So they had many grandchildren. I count at least 11. Those grandchildren are pretty much grown and are having children of their own. She was able she make trips to Texas and SC and Alabama and beyond to visit all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
But alas as time progresses it wears the body down and one cannot do the things they are use to doing. At one time we thought Aunt Sister was loosing her marbles. Poor thing, it was a miscommunication with the doctor and she was accidentally being overdosed. After that was cleared up she got her wit about her back. Has trouble hearing, but still can spin a yarn of a tale. She cannot travel to visit the kin. That is what she holds most precious to her.
Because she has lived so many years, she gathered quite a mass of friends. We visited her last year on her Birthday and Conner sang her the most exuberant rendition of happy birthday a five year old could sing. During our time there, several friends dropped by. Once she use to visit them, now they return the favor and visit her.
Because she has lived so many years, she has also seen a lot of sorrow. She saw her sister pass away at a very young age. Her children were left motherless. Aunt sister stepped in and became their surrogate mother. She has seen one of her Sister’s Children lost, due to a motorcycle accident. She has seen her brother loose a babe only a few days old. She saw her brother pass away too soon. She had to bear the unbearable burden of attending two of her son’s funerals. She had to say goodbye to her husband of almost 70 years.
Aunt Sister, the lady from Georgia.And who is Steve, you may wonder. He is one of her four sons.

The Midnight run

Okies it was not really a midnight run. It was even later then that… or earlier. Depends on how you look at it. It all started earlier today I got a message from an ebay member asking if I could relist an item. It was for my wrappers. Oh how excited I was! I am slowly putting my items for sale and I made the first sale. Not a first ebay sale. No this is much more exciting. It was something I made all by myself, down to the graphics. Anyway I relisted the item as requested and they were sold. YEAH! See I am excited LOL. So I prepared my order while watching three episodes of House. Gotta love that show! When I was finished and House was over it was 245am. I had two options. 1 go to bed or 2 run the envelope to the post office. Cause I durn well know I wasn’t going to make it to the post office before they closed. So I took it to the Post office. I went inside (that’s only remarkable because I was wearing Pjs) Also I think I am going to get an post office box. Problem is I am never in Lexington when the post office is open. Unless I wake up before they close. Ha! I don’t do mornings. Anyway since I was about I thought yeah know McDonalds drive thru is open 24 hours a day. So I decided to get a snack. This world is full of nuts, besides myself. There was a long line. Yes a long line in the drive thru. So I waited. I got to the speaker and the dude who asked how may he help me obviously was faking a really bad accent. Which reminded me of Steve. Now explaining Steve will take more then one post. There is a lot of background information needed. Not to mention I have trouble keeping focused. The next post will be about the lady in Georgia and maybe Steve can come in the next post after that. We shall see. Anyway when I got up to pay, the cost was 2.56. I gave him 2.60 (not sure if it was the same guy, no funny accent (am I spelling that right?) He asked me if I wanted my four pennies. Now I would look pretty pathetic if I said yes would of I. Well it is almost 4am gotta go to bed now.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The fact is I cant sleep

Morning Peeps,

Here it is 1:33 AM and I cannot sleep. Oh I know the reason for it. I had one of those hideous headaches. I came home went straight to bed and slept for a couple of hours. Headache is gone, but now I cannot sleep. So tomorrow, I will be cranky and tired and most likely the headache will return. It is a never-ending cycle. I got so many things I want to do, but cannot do because of those headaches. It doesn’t help that Duncan pumpkin keeps barking. Also doesn’t help Lex jumped on DeSoto again and I had to bring DeSoto in.

Well anyway my older auctions have ended. I made about 124.00. I am not complaining. Five items sold and I shipped three already. Two will be shipped out tomorrow. I have already put various other items up for bid. The slide show has been updated. So far three things have been bid on. Wish me luck.

Unfortunately the sunflower scrapbook did not sell. It is the crème de la crème of the auction. I moved it over to ETSY and discounted the price by five bucks. So go have a looksie.

I met with Nancy from my old job and gave her a bunch of junk so she could sell at the flea market. It was stuff I wouldn’t of been able to sell on ebay. It is amazing how much junk a person can accumulate over the years. I showed her the tissue pouch, she thought it would be a grand idea to sell. So I am going to make about 25 of them and see how they go. I have one for sale in my ETSY store. Nancy is silly she gave me money for that junk. Well I took that money and bought the fabric I am going to use to make the tissue pouches. She wanted local college football teams. I had USC fabric but did not have Clemson. When I got to Walmart I kind of went overboard on the fabric though and bought a tad more then I had planned to do. I found some beautiful fabric for more photo albums. I really need to work out how to cover post bounds instead of the 3-ring. That is the more popular style now a days. Just another thing to ad to the list of things I want to work on.

The fair starts this Thursday. I always enjoy going to watch the people and go thru the exhibits. I am not much of a ride person. Okies I am not a ride person at all. I am a big chicken, that is what I am. I am not to fond of the food either (GASP, I know). I like the sand sculpture, the art exhibits, and the craft exhibits. Oh and I really like those chocolate chip cookies. They will probably give me a headache though. Anyway it is also a wonderful opportunity to take pictures. I love that whole picture taking thing. I love the fact that the digital camera was invented. They were relatively new when I got my first one. I have had six since then. I have out grown most of them. Except for the second to the last. I dropped it while I was in Cincinnati. I blame Barbara. I told her Barbara I blamed her. She told me I was nuts. Which is the truth, because she had nothing to do with the fact that I dropped it.

As for those lots of things I want to accomplish but can’t get done because of the headaches. I do not know where to begin. Never enough time in the day. I am beginning to resent my job cause it takes me away from the creative work I can be doing. To bad I cannot make a living off of the creative stuff. I enjoy that much more then trying to decipher what the techs were doing at the sites they were repairing. I need to start one note book and write down all the ideas I have to make my creative stuff. So I don’t forget and have a foundation on where to start.

Well the bright screen is attracting every flying critter in the house and I should try to go back to sleep especially now that I got Duncan pumpkin to hush up.
Nite/Morning folks ha ha

Monday, October 6, 2008

RE-Grand Opening

Howdy Folks,

It is my re-grand opening of my ETSY Store. Where all things are hand made. I have a total of three items in there now. Whooopeee!

For the month of October if you convo me the word SPOOK and you will get an additional 10% off.

October is an odd month for me. As a youngen I loved the whole Halloween spooky thing. Not the scary blood and gore, but the ghost stories and the cool weather and dark coming on quicker thing. The leaves would change and the whole jumping in them was really attractive. The raking them not so much fun though.
I loved to decide what I would be for Halloween. The costumes would come in boxes. I remember one year Robin was tweety bird and I was Sylvester the cat. It fit our personality so well. Robin was always the “good one” I was always the not so good one. I own a Sylvester cat now. Check out the critter slide show. Any way. My asked us what were for Halloween. Now since I was Sylvester it would of made more sense if I said it, but it was Robin who was in speech. She had problems with pronunciation. (I cannot believe I spelled that word right the first time) So it made more sense if Robin said it. But none the less one of answer instead of Sylvester, bastard. I tell you no fib. Nanny asked mum what was she teaching her children. Now that was a bit ironic. Since Nanny was Dads mum. Dad didn’t bother to teach anything. Oh that’s a whole years worth of therapy that I will not get into right there.
That was the fun of October. Now the not so fun, it seemed like every year for a time a pet would pass away. It was like I was jinxed. I started crying so hard in school and kept saying something about the month. I have a feeling that the teacher thought it was that time of the month. Now I am laughing at it because I remember the teacher hi tailing it out of the office after asking me why I was so upset.
Anyway the jinx has been lifted. Knock on wood. (really I just knocked on wood) As for Halloween, I do not have the energy to decorate. I do not have the energy to put on a costume. I have two costumes I can use if I was ever in a pinch. I have Sombrero (I knew I was going to get that word wrong) and a Mexican blanket. Instant Mexican person. I love that blanket btw. Its my adult binkie. Okies I will never grow up. I refuse. The other costume is my graduation cap and gown. Hey I paid enough for it. I might as well get some use out of it right? OOOH I can sell that one ebay. I got two of them! One high school one college.

Well this post is longer then it should so I will sign off.

The Sunday after an average Saturday even if it is on a Monday

Okies, remember all that stuff I said I was going to do yesterday at night. I didn’t do any of it.
So what did I do? I went to the book store and bought the cook book instead of making it. I came home and watched house. Then I fiddled around the computer and watched my ebay sales. I did take pictures of stuff for ebay. So I guess I did so one thing I said I was going to do.
Guess who called me Saturday. Barack Obama. Well that’s what the caller ID said. Wanna know Baracks number? 803-661-7821.
Truth time
It wasn’t for me
It wasn’t Barack Obama
It was his Campaign
Anywho, they asked for Kathryn. She wasn’t here I said. Then they asked is there another Adult around. HUH? Wished I asked how old do you think I am, anyway?
Suppose it didn’t matter if I wasn’t the other adult because she kept going on and on and on about why she called for Kathryn.
As for Charleston
Never happened.
I woke up with a headache.
So I returned all that other stuff. Mum and I went to the zoo and I took tons of pictures.
Came home and posted a few more ebay items. Yeah. I am going to be rich cha ching.
I should have been in bed oh about 1.5 hours ago. I got caught up in an episode of Boston Legal.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Average Saturday

What a wonderful thing an average Saturday can be! I woke up and nobody was home. Granted I woke up at 11am but that is totally not the point. The point is every car was accounted for, every purse or if your in the South like I am, every POCKETBOOK (I dont understand the whole pocketbook thing at all) was accounted for. Duncan was roaming the house. That was the biggest confusion the naughty doxie who is suppose to be jailed in the kitchen when there is no supervision was roaming the house. Somebody neglected their Duncan Pumpkin Duties.
So I wake up. Duncan insist on food. How a little dog can eat so much and then poop so much is beyond me. So I fed him. Then I watched him. That poor dog was miserable. All he did was itch and scratch and bite and whine so I made a decission. Duncan is going to the vet.

But first I ran and got Heather a birthday present. Hope she likes it. Then I went after my pumpkin and took him to the vet. I had an opportunity to ready my Eldest book there. Even with all the noise of the doggies that were waiting to be adopted. I didnt look. I cant look or they be going home with me. Last time I looked they had two dogs mum and I fought over. Mum wanted the duncan look alike. I wanted the miniture Husky with the blue eyes. I remembered I had Lexington. We went home with as many dogs as we arrived with. Anyway I am not going to tell you what the vet said. I didnt see them and neither did the nurse vet person. But the vet saw them. So she gave him a shot and some meds and I got some for the cat and maybe we can wooop whoop wup (uh how do you spell that) them!

Then I dropped pumpking off and gave him a doggie treat. Of course he did not eat it because I was running back out the door to go to walmart for dog food. That dog is just plain strange. He can not eat his treat in the kitchen locked up. I made it to wally world and got dog food, and dinner tonight and brownies. YES BROWNIES. Dont need them but they looked oh so good.

Then I got lunch. Lunch at almost five, yes. Got gas. Paid to much. The gas was more then the vet bill. Makes one raise their eyebrows doesnt it. Well it wouldnt of been more if we didnt have the wellness plan.

Now I am home. Duncan finished his treat (goofy dog) he is sleeping YES NO SCRATCHING, ITCHING OR WHINING. The shot must be working. I am kind of concerned about giving him the other meds cause I would have to give it to the cat too and the cat never used it before and well what if he had a reaction? My vet is closed but the emergency vet is open. I need to give him the meds before the shot wears off and the vet says it takes a couple of days for the meds to kick in. Oh the dilemas of pet ownership.

While I ponder that I am going to make a cook book and make a card for Heather for her birthday. Times are hard and got to be frugal. Then after that I am going to add some more items on ebay. Then after that I might start on another wreath or make some tissue holders.
We will see.
Till later gators.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Yesterday I spied

A car running into another car. I thought to myself … or I might of said it out loud, somebody just had a really bad day. That is why I do not follow people so closely.

A plumber in a pink van. Yes a plumber in a pink van. I have to admit, it got my attention. Don’t remember what the plumbers name was though. So getting my attention didn’t really help all that much.

A RV towing their closet. Well ok. Technically it was a car but they used it for their closet. All their clothes were hung up in the car.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

One fine day

Four or five co workers were standing around the counter sales desk. They were all practicing their Vulcan greet (btw word automatically capitalized Vulcan that’s scary). I told them I would be almost tempted to start a blog just so I could paste that. (btw blog is not in the dictionary in word but btw is. Go figure that one out!)

Conner and his grandma and Lucus (Lucus is not in the spelling dictionary) were at Chuck E Cheese and Lucas (Oh I spelled Lucas wrong, never mind) is cute cute cute youngen. So all parents just want to pinch his chubby little cheeks and hold him etc etc etc. This Mom who Kathryn worked for wanted to do such a thing and went to pay Lucas some attention. Conner looked at her, pointed his five year old finger at her and said YOU BETTER LEAVE THAT BABY ALONE!.

This morning I woke up and forgot I can hit the snooze button twice. So I lost 9 minutes of sleep. This put my routine off just a bit. It put Duncan Pumpkins routine off a bit too. Usually he is shuffled out side before he eats. He does #1. Then he is shuffled back outside and he does #2 99.9% if the time. Well since I was up earlier I fed the big dogs earlier, which mean that mean rotten weiller was on the desk so Duncan Pumpkin ate first. Then he was shuffled outside. He refused to do #2. So mum either felt sorry for him or the neighbors (cause his excessive barking is annoying) and let him back in. So we thought this dog has a dog brain and maybe he thinks he should only poop after the second time left out. So we brought him back in waited and left him back out. He was still barking to come back in when I left. No poop in site.
This morning I woke and remembered I washed my clothes last night. I also remembered that I did not remember to put them in the dryer. I had to go way back into the closet to find something that wasn’t to smelly.
With all my woes I grabbed some miniature Hershey bars. They took me to my happy place. Even if they are suppose to be for an photo opt for ebay candy bar wrappers. That was bag #3 I bought, and never got around to it.