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Friday, December 18, 2009

Awesome Trip

I wanted to go somewhere Christmasy and I had heard on the news about a christmas town in Georgia. I never found it. I did find a Garden that had these spectacular light display. It was at Calloway Gardens.
Barbara mom and me went.
It was cold, expecially at night.
It was pretty cool though.
First we went thru the gardens. They had a bird of prey show that we all enjoyed. Then we went to the butterfly house. I love butterflys.
We then went over to the other area of the garden
Then it was getting time go check out the lights.
Well according to Barbara's Iphone it was time to go check out the lights.
There were two ways to view them, both cost the same.
First drive thru it in your own vehicle or drive around in their tram.
Another interesting point is you had to schedule your time to go thru because they display was so popular. We bought the tickets online so we were already prepaired. When we got there the only available tickets were 11PM. WOW!
We chose the tram.
It was a much better experience but instead of a white pick up pulling us, a horse by the name of snowflake was pulling us (which really really really looked like a white pick up truck)
Snowflake would start giddyupping a little faster and a guy hollars whoe snowflake. ha ha ha
the lights were fantastic. There was this one scene, the whole forest was white. Gorgious. And one scene it looked like a frog jumping into the pond and the water ripples.
I was so hungry waiting for out time i even ate a funnel cake. I do not like funnel cake. But it was goood!
After we froze our butts off ... actually it was our toes we went back to the motel and saw there was a steak house across the street. He voted to eat there. Thats when we realized Barbara's I phone time was off by an hour. It was a whole hour later. No wonder I was so hungry and thought a funnel cake tasted good!
The motel we stayed in had a IHOP ... how sweet is that! Thats what I had for breakfast.
We had plenty of time to get home so Barbara asked if we wanted to do anything.
I says isnt there outlet shops in Augusta. So she Iphoned it and mapped out the directions.
Yuck it would of been a tanger mall. I dislike that outlet .. you will not believe how much i dislike those outlet malls.
Anyway the reason i even mentioned it was so that mum could find a christmas present from Barbara. I was looking out for my mum. She is the same evil mum that will make me to go the docs in feb.
Anyway she picked out a nice black leather purse and wallet.
We ate at Five Guys.
Barbara ordered a veggie sandwich. She ordered it wrong. Instead of ordering what you want on it, she needed to order what she did not want on it. She got a sandwhich full of green peppers and mushrooms and thats about it.
She then fired up the iphone and tried to map out the directions back home.
Something was wrong.
We were not in Kansas anymore.
Um actually
We were not in Augusta.
ha ha ha hahahahah haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa ha hahahahahahaha
We were in commerce. Several hours out of the way!
Bruce got us going in the right direction.

Morale of the story

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