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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Got a Credit!

I made fired up the ritz camera www site and signed on to live chat and said look here, the description shows two dvds. You gave me one. What about the other. While I was complaining about that I said look I bought this camera and less then a week it was $50.00 cheaper. Whats up with that? Well three weeks go by (I got ill) and Fired up the ritz camera www site and says look I am annoyed
1) Shows a dvd that wasnt sent
2) Now $50.00 cheaper
3) Talked to live chat almost a month ago and no response.

So I get an email Sunday and it says your credit/return has been processed. Thats all it says. I was like huh???

So once again I fired up the old ritz camera www site and once again talked to live chat and they said I am getting a $50.00 credit. I expected maybe the dvd... but didnt expect the credit. So I guess I am not going to complain about the dvd because after the car issue I had I could use all the $$$. Lucky I started saving that money for a lap top or a trip to memphis to see graceland.

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