A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My new computer buddy

She has her head on my external hard drive and thats my blog on my commputer.  Why does it always says at the bottom error on page... I dont get that.
I wont take another picture, but now her head is on my lap top. 
The cat is crazy.  Especially since we dont always get along.
Okies I fibbed I said I wasnt going to take another photo.  I did cause she moved again. 
Now she has her head tucked in between her front legs.  That picture on the screen is where I am typing in my blog.

Im still missing my DeSoto.  I let Lexington in and he made a snack out of the litter box so he went back outside.  He is barking now.  He isnt a barker.  He wonders where is best buddy is.
It was the worse possible thing that could happen at the vet.  I am heart broken now.  Lex keeps looking for DeSoto.  He isnt coming home.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My DeSoto is not feeling so good so I will be at the vet today at three. 

coloring with Lucas

Lucas and I sat down with a box of 64 crayola crayons and decided to make some art.  I love crayons.  One day I will add up how many crayons I have and see what the grand total is.  Bet its close to a 1000!

So I decided to make a dinosaur
Lucas said it looked like a turtle.   (I think there was another picture underneath it so the scan isnt the greatest!)
So I decided to draw a dancing Hippo.
Lucas said it looked like a pig.  A purple pig?????  Hey I was coloring from my imagination.  Give me a break.   That kid is one tough critic!
Lucas colored one picture
I am not really sure what the picture is suppose to be but I think its WONDERFUL!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bulletin Board

I wanted a bulletin board for my art area but I didn't want the typical cork board bulletin board, well actually I didnt want to pay for it. 
So I was cleaning up a bit upstairs and found this beauty.
As you can see there is a crack in the glass.  If you are wondering if we have a pool table the answer is no.  We use to have pool table and it was the perfect picture to compliment the room.  That and the dogs playing poker and the cats playing pool.  Yes we had the dog playing poker pictures LOL. I re-used the dogs playing poker frame to frame the poster I made of Cincinnati.
The frame for WC Fields is in so so condition.  But perfect for what I wanted.  I think it added to the charm
I removed the professional backing, the metal wire to hang the picture and the those metal staples that held the picture in. I also pitched the broken glass.
I was pleasantly surprised to find two pieces of foam board behind the picture.
I had a third piece so it is triple layer of foam board instead of cork board.  I dug thru my fabrics and found a black denim piece that was large enough to cover the foam board. I Ironed the fabric.  Yes I ironed and it didnt harm me in any way. 
I stretched the fabric over the foam board and used a heavy duty stapler to staple the fabric to the back of the foam board.  I cut the corners of the fabric so there wouldnt be much bulk.
Since I had three pieces of foam board it fit perfectly into the frame.  For good measure I sealed it with duct tape. 
If I had craft paper I would have covered the back of it.  But I didnt have any so I left it with duct tape and the foam board.
I first tried to re use the hanging wire and it didnt sit flush to the wall.
So I went to walmart for an alternative way to hang the board. This is the only thing I bought in regards to making my Bulletin board.  I bought picture hangers that you nailed into the frame (those kind that have like little teeth that the nail sits on and hung it on the wall. 
I am very pleased with it.  I having showing off on the board are two birthday cards I got from the card making group I belong to for yahoo and my first digi stamp I made.  I also cut out the words create with the cricut.  I bought sure cuts a lot and was playing around with it. 
Tell me what you think.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What I did today on my birthday

Since we didnt go to Charleston because of Rain, Here is the play by play of my day.

My mum woke me up at 830 to tell me the weather was probably to bad for Charleston, then she sang to me.  I got annoyed.  Dont sing to me at 830 AM.  That woke the dogs up and they decided they needed to go so I was obligated to let them out.

I then snoozed some more.

I got up and fed the critters and prepaired for them to be in the house all day.

I picked up mom and we did something... what was the first thing we did.  Ugh I am getting old LOL, litterally.

I think we went back to my house and got the coupon for my birthday dinner at Fatz.  Then we headed out to lunch at wings and ale.  They have the very best wings in the world. 
Then we went to Michaels.  They had a 50% coupon for Saturday.  Mum took one and I took one and I got the mini Iron I been wanting for ages.  I am going to try to make a collage with bee wax or a collage with melted crayons.  I am looking so forward to playing with that.  Problem is now I got to get the bees wax.
I also got some acrlic stamps and an oval punch.
Next we went to wally world.  My broke her hair brush.  HUH?  We also bought some groceries for Harvest Food bank.
Then we went to the meat market and bought 40 pounds of chicken wings for 40 bucks.  Thats like half off. Thats a lot of chicken wings too!  Now I have to sort them out in 5 pieces and freeze them. Thats whats on my to do for Sunday.  They are whole wings and are PURTY.  I love wings!

Then we went  Bowling.  I am a terrible bowler.  The Wii has not improved my game any.  Ha ha
Conner was attending a birthday party so Robo hung around with us until we left.  I had brought my camera to take pictures and realized I left the battery charging in the hall.  That just stinks.

Then we went to Fatz Cafe and I got my calabash chicken dinner.  I gave half of it to Mom, Lucky Lucas is gonna have a nice lunch.

I went home and let the doggies out and then got gas and then picked up Conner who was spending the night at Grandmas house.  I read Lucas a book.  I called Lucas George and Fred for good measure.  (um you notice those are the twins from Harry potter LOL) From his house to Grandma's house he explained in DETAIL about one of his Mario games.

Then we had cake and Ice cream.  Robin made the Cake it was super yummy.

I played with my new scanner I got for my birthday.  Its pretty cool.   When I was looking for the adapter for the mini SD card so I could upload a scanned picture, I looked in my camera back and found I had the spare battery with me all the time, so I could have taken pictures at the bowling alley.   That double stinks!
Here is a picture of the scanner and a rather large magazine. (Left) I enjoy this magazine.  Its a freebie and I always enjoy the cover art.  The magazine is called Skirt and the scanner is called the Magic Wand and you slide it over the item you want scanned.  It is also portable and needs no cables.  Just a micro SD card and two double A batteries.  The other pictures is the what I just scanned!
The scanned picture


The loot I got for my birthday as follows
Sure cuts a lot (gift to myself)
Beastly book
Hair straightner
I am going to get some Mola from Robin and Auntie and I plan to buy Photo shop elements 9 with it.

I should be in charleston

So I will schedule this cute little kitty to post while im gone. 

I sketched it from a photograph on a birthday card.  I kept it cause I thought it was cute.  Even if it has a cat on it.
What, you looked shocked... whats the problem with cats?  You got two of them dont you? 
Those are thoughts you may have wondered.
Yes its true I have two kittys.  At one time I had 4 Kitties.  Having 4 Kitties doesnt mean I like all things cat.  I had to finally put my foot down and insist that I would not be given any gift associated with a cat LOL.
I sure hope the bakery in Charleston has those brookies I mentioned in a former post.  I sure would love to have one!

Hippo Birdy 2 Ewes

I saw this on a card and had to make one myself. This isnt the card but the digi stamp for the card.  I didnt draw it or anything.  I just found the perfect color pages and put them together.  That doesnt mean I wont create one in the future but I just wanted to go ahead and make it now so I dont forget it. :-)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Peacock color page

OH you got to check out this peacock color page

peacock color page

and another one....

Peacock color page

Look at me using Photo shop elements and Paint shop Pro

Photo shop elements
With Red hair

Paint Shop Pro
with Blonde Hair

the shelves

Here is the before picture before the shelves. I hate this wall paper. Wall paper is bad. Only good thing about wall paper is for arts and crafts.

Here is pictures with the shelves I put up myself.  They are a bit too high but since there are now holes in the wall, they are staying exactly where they are

My craft room

Well when I first opened up the blogger the slid show wasnt showing.  When I opened up to edit the post the slid show started working.  So if its not working click on the empty space if you want to peek.  Its not martha stewart by no means, just my art space.

William Shatner "Sings" 'Rocket Man' (1978) - BEST QUALITY!

Happy Birthday EJ!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Note Cards I made for a swap that was way over due

These are note cards I made for a swap on our favorite technique.  It was due back last year and I had so much on my plate that I never was able to get them out until about two weeks ago.  My swap partner never said she got them.  I hope she did.  My favorite technique is picture taking.  Every picture here is one I took at the local zoo.  
I have a template for paint shop pro that perfectly lines the photo up with a .25 border all around. I will post it later.  I am pretty tired right now. The trick is to keep the layer with the lines up front while you resize your photo.  When you are finished resizes the photo to fit in the rectangle, then drag the layer with the guide lines behind the background so they wont print.  You can drag them back up front if you want to change the picture.  This will also work for portrait pictures too.  As you can see I only pritned out landscape.  Two cards per sheet.  I found that the dollar store has photo paper that is glossy on one side and blank on the other.  It is very hard to find, especially the blank on the back because the company usually has its logo on it like Kodak.
The next picture is the cards in the box with tissue paper
The last picture is the box all ribboned up and ready to be sent.  Dont you just love that red tape in the above picture.  Imagine my horror when my nephew found it and thought it was regular tape.  Its not a cheap role of tape for sure!  That child loves tape.  He cant wait for glue to dry so he uses tape on everything!

Im up so late because I was sorting my photos.  I havent done that in a while and they are a mess.  I still have two SD cards to go (one is 16 gig card, YIKES, well most of it is raw files so it isnt that bad.  I dont know why I save the raw files I am not sure what to do with them yet)

Monday, March 21, 2011

You tube videos

I got three you tubes I just uploaded.  The first is of my youngest nephew dancing with his grandma at her wedding
The next one is of Conner singing Dynomite at Sophias and Marlo's Bday party.
The third one is my sister Kathryn stalking a sea gull and scares the poo out of the bird... literally LOL
"Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic. "

"You have a creative contribution to make. Your life, and mine, will be better if you do. "

-Michael Toms

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I saw Beastly with my mum.  I enjoyed it.  Like I said I am a sucker for Beauty and the Beast.  I dug up the book and will be posting pictures shortly.

It was cheezy but cheezy in a very good way.  So I would recommend it. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I wore green

I mean I wore green.  Head to toe.  Shoes Lime green.  Pants Olive green.  Socks ... two different kinds striped green (technically christmas) and a shirt just a shade paler then the lime green shoes.

Why did I need to wear so much green?
Well it wasnt for the free chick fila  spicey biscuit they were giving away this mornig.  I just wore a green shirt and jeans for that.

It is because i was heading over to Robin's and I knew if I didnt cover myself in green Conner would just LOVE to pinch me.  So I made sure I had it all under cover... under green cover that is. 
I rang the door bell and his mom says... sorry Conner you cant pinch Aunt Karen.  MUHUHUH

But Lucas sure did Bite me
Conner had Skate night at the skating rink and I hung with my buddy Lucas.
We watched Dispicable me together.   When I first saw it come out in the theatres I said that is not a movie I would like to see.  I was glad my sister got the blue ray and we got to watch it because it was a very very good movie. I would recommend everybody to watch it at least twice :-)
My homework was to find where the pyaramid was hidden per Robin.  I succeeded in finding that pyramid.  Very clever Vector.

Its kind of funny that I have a label for movie reviews because I usually dont watch a lot of movies.  I been to the theatre three times this year.  Thats probably more then I have been last year.

Tribute to my Favorite kitty

With out a doubt the Singapore cat is my favorite Kitty.  I guess I adopted him about Five years ago on March 31.  My awesome Shangra la binki stupid cat booger cat (yes that is his full name) passed away on Presidents day.  It took two months before I was ready for a new kitty.
I definately wanted an older kitty because I didnt want to have to deal with the cost or headache of getting them fixed.
So I went to the pound which was up the street where I worked and found a gorgious hymalain (sp??) cat.  This kitty was seperated from the other kitties and a sign said can not be adopted if you have other cats.  Durn that Kathryn and her Maggie May cat.  I wanted that cat soooooo bad.
I wasnt drawn to any other cat there.  The people werent very friendly either so I left.
I went to the thrift shop to look for a kitty.  Thrift shop you ask?  Pets incorporated had not built their new facility yet and they housed some of the animals at their thrift shop. 
They had three kittys on sight.  One was a long haird kitty and I asked to see that kitty.  When the dude picked him up I knew immediately this IS NOT THE KITTY FOR ME.
Then I asked to see the Tuxedo kitty.  He picked him up and I knew immediately this IS THE KITTY FOR ME! 
The Kitty HUGGED ... really he HUGGED him. 
Yeah Kathryn and her durn maggie may cat!
He hugs me all the time.  How does a kitty hug you might ask?
Well he puts on paw on the side of your neck, then the other paw on the other side and rubs his face into yours.  Thus he hugs you.  It looks like he is hugging.  My uncle the 3rd even said... that cat is hugging you and I said I KNOW, thats why I took him home.
He was a teenager cat.  The perfect age.  Still a kitten but FIXED!
He had one little issue that almost sent him back... a bad case of the runs.  Thank you Dr. Blaes at Banfield in Harbison for suggesting Science Diet light.  Its more expense but now I have a perfect cat.
 So why a tribute to my favorite Kitty?  Well I went to pet smart today and bought his cat food.  It was painful on the budget because of no job but I found a piece of foam on the ground.  It had some interesting patterns in it and I picked it up to use it as a stamp.  Well That is what I planned to do with it.  Singapore had other ideas.  He is now kicking it around the kitchen floor tossing it up in the air and caring it in his mouth.  I probably shouldnt let him but I cant refuse him the fun.
He switches it up and bats his expensive cat food around too.  Rolling eyes.
Dont cats know your suppose to eat their z food not play with it.
The cat has an adorable tail.  It curls around like a question mark at the tip when he walks.
Today I plan to hang shelves.  Yes I should be cleaning but Im not going to I am going to hang shelves.  Wish me luck.
Then this evening I will be Lucas watching, whill his mum and his brother conner go roller skating.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's howdy moody time

Silly phone I keyed in its howdy doody time

Flogging no I'm blogging from email.
Silly phone did it again!

Karen # 2

Who has time the time to...........

get depressed?


Why is it I cannot manage to keep the kitchen clean?  Its not like I really use it to cook?  My punches are now in the pantry and my markers are in the cabinets.  My foam is sitting in the microwave.... well not in it, on it.
The cat wont stay off the counter.  The cat wont stay off my clean clothes sitting on the couch. 
My bed room is not quite the disaster that it was the day before.  All the clothes are on the couch with the cat that wont stay off of them.
I cant find my car keys, which I suppose isnt a bad thing because I dont have gas money.  Big whoopie gas is down 4 cents.  Bla!  Ha!
So I got the kitchen to clean
The dinning room to clean (the mess crept in there too)
The den to clean
My not so disastorious bed room to clean
The master bed room
Kathryn's room
The upstairs
 I probably should re wash my clothes since the cat wont stay off them
5 years of bills to shred
Go get the empty can of dog food out of the back yard and the fork too.
Clean the back porch
It will take a year to finish all that. 
I must be feeling guilty because I am blogging and not cleaning.  The phone rang (my ring tone is a little less conversation by Elvis... how funny is that!) and I jumped a mile high!
Not that I am complaining about the above.  I actually like the challenge of recreating a new space because everybody moved out, it is all time consuming.  What else is all time consuming... filling out online applications.  Some of them takes a very long time.  I need work to help support my music loving, book reading and art supply habits.

Instead of tiding up the joint I was making it a even worse mess by creating some art pieces.
I have finished another nutcracker scene.  The last one I did was with acrylic paint and this one I did it in prisma color pencils. 
I went to a birthday party for two twin girls who just turned 13.  They are redecorating their room.  Marlo is keen on Strawberry shortcake and Sophia is keen on the ocean.  So I found some lovely color book pictures of each and printed them with my laser printer on water color paper and painted them with water colors.  I put them in frames and I made matching cards for them.  I also gave them each a gift card to go to see a movie. 
I also dug out the lino cut supplies and made a city scape scene.  I made it long enough to stamp an open card. so when it is folded it continues from the front to the back. 
I will post pictures one day of all creations.

Talk about movies I went to see red riding hood.  It was pretty good.  I usually dont like to talk about movies after I seen them.  I like to think about them but not talk about them.  I found it quite interesting in regards to the mystery on who the wolf was.  My mom asked me if I guessed right.  I told her I guessed so many people I eventually had guessed it right.  I did get it narrowed down to two people and the wolf was one of those peeps.  :-X on who the wolf is.  Gotta go see it yourself.
I was going to go see Beastly but mum is going to go see a movie with me and I thought she would tolerate that movie a bit better then Red Riding Hood.
I really really really love the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast.  It all came from a child hood book that had some beautiful pictures done.  the book is practially torn to bits.  would really love to have a new copy of the book.  My mom bought it for me and my sister in the mid '70s, along with Nursery Rhymes and Bible Stories.  They were bound very similiar, they were the same size and the pictures were similiar so I suppose it was from the same publisher.  I have seen the Bible one from time to time but never seen the other two.  The Beauty and the Beasty story still remains in tact.  Thank goodness.  The beast was gorgious.  LOL.  Funny thing to say.  He had the head of a lion and the clothes of a rich lord.  Oh my. Maybe I should dig it out and scan the pictures and let you see for yourself, possibly I am just batty... who knows.  I have bought many beauty and the beast books after that.  I have watched the tv series and seen the movie.  I have read Beauty by Robin McKinley, but its that one story that has me captivated.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

I have just entered the ranks of unemployment

To no fault of mine.  I worked for a place that does not care about their employees.  It doesnt matter if you work and work and work and they decide to eliminate your position while they have two new hires still there.  One is still working thru a temp agency. 
Anyway  now I have lots of time on my hands to get the house cleaned but no income. So wave at me in the unemployeement line... uh where is the unemployement line anyway?

I need to get a hair cut LOL. 
The nice thing is my cat still loves me... especially around dinner time... woe is me.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

a swap that is extremely late

The ladies with the card group I belong to are very kind and forgiving folks.  I am really late with this swap.  It was for a punch or a die cut.  I am mailing it out on Tuesday but was so durn proud of it I went ahead and posted it on the blog.

This might just be my next digi stamp.  I drew it myself!

My very first Digi Stamp - Peacock

Peacock painted
on the closet door

I made my very first digi stamp. It is at the bottom of the post.   It is very fitting that it is a peacock.  I have a corner of my former bed room dedicated to the peacock.  I even painted a peacock on the the closet door.   Have a look.

Peacock at the Cincinnati zoo
The zoo in my home town does not have any peacocks, thats why I always want to often go back to the zoo in the city that I was born.  The Cincinnati zoo has many peacocks that freely roam the zoo.  The last time we went it must have been mating season because the boys sure were putting on a show with their feathers!  Two of them were getting in a fussing match.   Here are two videos.  One is of the two peacocks getting into a ruckus and one is my aunt standing by the peacock. 

The next picture needs some explaining.   As you may notice it is loosley based on the NBC peacock.  LOOSELY mind you. When I went to USC (south carolina version not southern california) I was in a digital art class.  We created the digital art by using photo shop.  I wasnt as familiar with photo shop as I was with paint shop pro.  Actually the class helped me a lot with all the extra stuff I didnt know about PSP.  One of the projects was to create a piece of art with myself in it.  I created the art similiar to the one on the left but at different stages of my life.  I unfortunately do not have that file any more.  The computers at school were mac and I had a windows.  The mac didnt mind windows, but windows wanted to reformat the disk each time. 
It took me a long time to create the feathers in the class because I was starting from stratch.  One day I was surfing the internet and found a tutorial on making a lacey paper fan.  I looked at the panels and knew they would be perfect for my feathers!  So what once took an extremely long time.... took less then 10 minutes.  If I took that class now I would blow their minds away with some awesome digital art work ha ha ha ha.  The version of the peacock shown here has my grandmother and all her grandchildren in it. The Red is Grandma and Heather (cousin) and Robin (sister) and Me. Kathryn (other sister) was not born yet.  Yellow is Robin.  Purple is me. Blue is Heather and Green is Kathryn. This tutorial was written many many many years ago.  (OK maybe not that many LOL) I no longer have the template for the feather.  I think they call it a mask.  I could not find the original tutorial online so I had to recreate the feathers and body using the original.  So that means a fun bit of magic wand and tracing in paint shop pro.  I got it pretty good if I say so myself. 
I left the feathers blank and printed it out and colored it with prisma pencils.  I didnt use any of the oderless minel spirits on it because I printed it on copy paper.   It still needs some tweeking but I think it is pretty good for a first time attempt.  I will create a .png copy for those digital savy folks.  Right now I am allowing anybody to snag the jpg.  I dont ask for much.  Maybe a follow or maybe a comment.  (only if it is nice or a tip on how to clean it up or a link to that original tutorial on the fan so I can get the original tube for the feather... NO MEAN PLEASE)

Click on the peacock for the regular size and right click to save.  Since this is my first time making a digi stamp I didnt know if there was a fast and steady rule about the size it needs to be.  This size gives you plenty of room to play with the size you would like. So leave comments for tips on size if you have any please.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I won a challenge

Yeah for me I won a challange for my cup cake card!  It wasnt because my card was awesome... though I think it is anyway!
The challenge is for the yahoo group I belong too and there is a monthly swap and a monthly challenge.  I uploaded the cup cake card for the valentines challenge and a very smart cat picked my name writtin on a piece of paper.  Wish my cat was as smart.  He bit me in the eye brow the other day.... dont ask cause I cant explain how or why

here are the nice goodies I got from the sponser of the challenge.

There is some glitter papers, embelishments ribbons and foam stamps.  I am really liking the dragon fly stamp, as you can see on the I zantangled post.  I got the perfect card sketch to use that on!

Something I want to share

I will gladly admit it.  I watch Martha Stewart.  For all the people who are against her you have to admit she is one smart cookie.  She will speak her mind and is often amusing.  One of the projects that I really liked was a portable crafting station.  I gave the directions to my uncle and he came up with one I am use a lot.  Not only do I use it for crafting in the den (the coffee table I have has textured stone on it so you can not use it as a good service) I use it for a computer lap top desk.  The cutting mat is the perfect mouse pad.  My old computer got really hot and the pointer pad thing got way to hot so I had to use a mouse. 
This particular station has a rotary cutter mat.  I couldnt find a large enough self healing mat.  What I got works for me.  If I need to cut something with a knife I have a small self healing mat I place over it. 
Here is the link

 I was watching another episode of martha stewart and its about India and they had the most awesome Peacock plates. OMG!  I want them!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Shopping Spree

I have a problem I search and research and find ideas and techniques i want to try.  I buy the supplies and stick it in a closet and never ever do the technique.  Year later I find the items and wonder why I ever bought it because the instructions are long lost and forgotton.  So no more.  I will try to no longer look for new techniques with supplies I dont have.  I will stay out of AC Moore and Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

With that said I went on a shopping spree.   My resolution didnt last long.

I bought the following items for my art journal.
Acrylic Medium
Conte crayons (white and black)
water color crayons
Fun foam (to make stamps)
Somerset Magazine
60 cent acyrlic stamps
49 cent wood stamps
1 cent wood stamps... yes you read right.  Michaels has christmas stamps for one penny.  The cashier told me they were suppose to pull them and well they didnt get them all.  I stocked up LOL.
Card blanks (has nothing to do with journaling but they were only a dollar)
Bristal paper

Now to create with all this stuff!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be. ~Lao Tzu

Fiskars oooopsed

I got this paper cutter and the metal piece that runs along the bar where you cut came unglued.  I emailed Fiskars and sent them a picture.  A few days later I get an email saying it was covered under warranty and they will replace it.  A few hours later I get another email stating the same thing.
I came home two days ago and there was a box at the front door.  My new paper cutter had arrived.  Though it was purple, not the blue I had purchased it still does the same job.  It came via the Post office and it was in a big ole box.
The next day, being yesterday I came home and there was a bubble wrapped package at the kitchen door.  It came by fed ex.  Yep same purple paper cutter.  Now I have two!
Fed ex is funny.  They leave a sticky note on the door just in case something happens to the package (like gets stolen) but when they put the sticky note on the door where they propped the package up, um well I dont get it LOL.