A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

oh hum

Lookie at me.  Its been ages since I posted anything.  I been busy cleaning the house.  I got it down to only two rooms needs attention.  The problem is I need help with those two rooms and help is refusing.  It is their stuff they need to deal with it.  Why should I have to live with it?  I am not Uncle Bob's storage.  Oh thats a funny story.  When I worked at express teller Margarite would tell Russell to put something in Uncle Bob's.  It wasnt till years later that I figured out Uncle Bob was the name of a storage company.  I spent a fair amount of time wondering who Uncle bob was!

I just got back from a wedding and pictures are being uploaded on facebook as I type so I cant play around with facebook.   Why would I want to play around there anyway?  Farmville bored me to tears. 

Anywho I had another interview, Interview who ask?  Didnt get hired?  Yes yes yes.  Just keeping options open.  It was at Richland One school district.  It was really a pre interview.  Mom works there till she retires which I guess was officially today.  She will be doing some work hourly for them until they get her position filled.  After the interview Mom asked if I wanted to go get lunch.  I had finished an hour before her lunch break so I drove to cromers and got a snow cone and changed my clothes.
I sat in the car and read Eragon.  I am digging these books on the phone thing, if I could check them out.  I prefer reading a real book but when your bored you got one right on your phone.  As long as I can check it out at the library and not pay for it, sign me up!  They also have some free ones, my favorites too.  Anne of Green Gables and the secret garden
I interupt this blog for this funny news story...
Drat ... my camera wasnt ready I had the funniest picture opportunity, Singapores head in my camera bag.  which technically is a gucci purse but I repurposed it into a camera bag.

Back to your regular scheduled blog.  So Im waiting for mum and we walk to the place we were going to eat.  I am in jean capris and a t shirt.  She honestly asked if I went to the interview dressed like that.

I did a bad bad bad thing.  Remember I am poor and on unemployement.  On the way home I thought i would stop and see if the art store had water soluable oil pastels.  They did not.  The dude is right when he said they confused them... water soluable OIL pastels?  Kind of like an oxymoran.  Anyway I bought some art supplys.  I bought some lino cutting items and a set of water colors. 

I went straight home and cracked out the water colors and painted two pictures.  I really like water colors.  I am not good at it at all. 

Here are my creations.

First is the picture I used to paint my picture.  It is a house that was boarded it by where I live.  Many people in Lexington will definately reconize the house.  I finished part of it and put it away for months and months and months.  I finally came back to it and finished it.  I do not know why it took me so long to get back to it.  It took about 15 mins to finish.  The red tree drew me into the scene and that is why I took the picture in the first place.
I scanned it with a hand scanner so its slighly crooked but you get the idea.

Here is the painting.  I used my camera to photograph it.

The second picture I painted was a picture I pieced together using coloring books.  I used this one way back in the tutorial on using shoe polish.  It turned out a little better as a water color painting then a collage.
anyway here is that picture
The blue border is painters tape.  I had drawn this so long ago that the tape did not come off to well and it tore a bit of the paper, but I patched it up pretty good. 

I had them sitting on an easel I had for years but never put to gether.  It said it was easy.  HA!  if your a monkey maybe.  But alas I am just a lowely human and I put everything on backwards and I realized that if I had switched the first things I had thought were on backwards the middle leg wouldnt have been backwards.  It was all so confusing.  Lex tried to help me out but he isnt a monkey either but a doggie and wasnt of much help either. 

I guess I should post some pictures of the wedding.  one cracks me up.  It is of my mother.  She is the one in the lead. 

Oh yes thats my momma in the red hair leading the pack... psst she has no shoes on too

The next one is of the bride and groom during the ceramony

Back to being hired... I passed by TB test which is a bad thing LOL.  I had to shell out some bucks to get a chest Xray done.  I passed that too.  Thats a good thing.  So I had the records send to where they need to be and I will confirm that tomorrow. 

I am going to post some of those barn pictures in a minute in a different post.  I will probably date them earlier so this post stays on top.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Catching up some more

Here is the blog covers and some doodles I had done... some are zentangle patterns.

a mushroom group for the cover of my journal.  I will probably use this many times again.

Some Lino stamps I was working on.  The cat is complete as you can see by the print.  I think I am going to put the bones behind the cup cake instead of at the bottom.

i saw this guy on a precious memory coloring book page and had to redraw him.  I gave him curly hair for my nephew lucas.  You can see the awful fairy in the back LOL... the one that looked like a school teacher.

This is a larger version of the cat that I cut with the lino blocks.  This one came with a wood block and claimed it cut like butter.  It did not.  Maybe I am cutting to deep.  I dunno.  I did not like the product.  Good thing I only bought two of them and they were on sale at the time.

some zentangle patters I been playing with

Here is one of the journals that I used the fairy lino cut block on with the mushrooms.  I covered the album in gesso.  I spritzed it with water color paint in a small spritz bottle of blue and green.  I used the lino block of the fairy I had carved.  I transferred the mushrooms onto the page and painted with acyric.  I hand wrote in the lyrics to the imagination song from willy wonka and the chocolate factory.

I actually really screwed up on this one.  I painted with gesso and then I painted with silver and blue acylic paint. I tried the acrylic gel medium transfer and laser picture.  It didnt work.  It glued the page down.  So I pulled up what I could.  I drew the heart and wings and Idea I got from a tutorial online.  I wrote the quote from Alice in wonderland when she was talking to the walrus.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

catching up

Okies this is my catch up post.... first my sight seeing photos...

The ducks and the pond at gibson pond

The next photo is of the barn on 378

The next photos are of the barn on #1

The next photos are of the run down house by the meat market

The next photos are of us bowling

I borrowed a set of twin girls and went bowling with my nephews.  Sophia is in the pink plaid shorts and marlo is in the darker pink.   Marlo Stomped us all.  then my mom and then Conner and then Me and then Sophia and then Lucas.  It would have been so funny if Lucas beat me.  I would prouldy state Yes I was beat by a 3 year old.  He was so funny.  He go up and roll the ball and said I DID IT I DID IT and the ball would take 30 minutes to go down the lane LOL

Sunday, May 22, 2011


NOODLING: The Sport Of Letting A Catfish Chomp On Your Hand Could Soon Be Legal In Texas

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tip of the day

When I went to the retirement system for my mum I passed this building that had this cool advertisement painted on the side of it.  It was right in the middle of a work day so the parking lot was full of cars and I could not get a good unobstructive view of the painting to stop and take a picture.  I put that down on my to do list. 

Well that leads me to the tip of the day.  Go sight seeing in your own town.   I am very fortunate to live in a place that is full of history.  It isnt to the par of Charleston or Savannah mind you but Columbia and Lexington holds its own if you look for it. 

I have walked Lexington (not my dog but the city) with my camera and took picture after picture of the old homes, the museum, the churches, the grave yard and the magnolias. 

I have walked Columbia twice and took pictures of the churches and the capital and the governors mansion and the museums and the grave yards and the parks.  Columbia also has some interesting paintings on the side of the buildings and it also has some sculptures that are interesting too.

I would retaking that walking tour today but I left my camera at moms house (I am really missing that camera right now LOL)
Tomorrow morning the church crowd will make it too busy and I promised the twins I would take them bowling.  I had to reschedule last week cause Lexington (the dog) got an eye infection and it was pretty bad.
then the next two weekends Im going to be out of town.  The first one I will be going to hilton head and then Cincinnati.  I told my mum I gotta go to Skyline 35 times.  we are leaving on Thursday and coming back Monday.  Figure out how I am going to eat skyline chili 35 times when it takes 9 hours to get there and get back!

Good day yesterday

Crappy day today.

Yesterday I dropped off my moms birth certificate to the retirement department for SC. Then I took pictures of  3 places I had been itching to take pictures of for a long time.  I would post them but I left my camera at my moms house.  Which use to be my house... Thats just my crappy day talking right now cause I want to start crying again.

Anyway the first pictures I took really wasnt of a place I been itching to take.  It was a last minute decission really.  There is this park on Gibson Rd that basically has a pond for fishing, man made waterfalls and a set of swings.  I was driving on Gibson Rd and just pulled in. 

I am glad I did because the park was filled with geese and ducks.  Two pairs of the geese had goslings and they were sooo cute.

Then I drove down 378 and stopped at the barn I been wanting to take a picture of since January.  I live in such an odd place that rural meets city and everything is so stretched out.  Like the retirement place it took me almost 45 minutes to get there from my house.  There is nothing close to anything.  Columbia is the capital but it is surrounded by itty bitty towns, like Lexington which I live in.  They are finally putting in much needed side walks, would you believe only on one side of the road.  In Cincinnati, every street had side walks.  The first house I remember living had side walks, the town house I lived in had side walks, Florida neighborhood had side walks.  Columbia does not.  It took somebody getting killed before they started putting them in.

So you can see why I didnt want to really take the pictures.  I had no where to stand, there were no side walks and no place to park.  I decided to give it a try anyway when most people were at work and before I had to start going back to work (now that is iffy and I am a bundle of nerves). 

The next one was a barn on #1.  I have passed this barn for years and years.  There use to be horses there but they moved them and put the property for sale.  Its been about a year that I really wanted to stop and take the photo.  I finally did that too.

The last spot was the easiest because it was on a side road to the meat store.  I saw it about a month ago and it stuck in my mind.  I just never got back to the spot.  I drove to the market and parked and walked over to the field and took some pictures.  As I was leaving I realized that the view was better so I stopped and took some more pictures.  Good thing I had a telephoto lense and my convertible top was down so there was not obstruction.

That was my good day.

I dont want to talk about my crappy day.

Though there was one ray of sunshine named Lucas T.

We were at McDonalds and he comes out of the play area and informs me and his grandma that somebody hurt his butt.  So I asked who.  He said he did not know.  I asked you want grandma to kiss it for you.  He thought about it for a second and said no I want you, and sticks his butt in the air for the kiss.

What a goof ball!

Then he was getting out of the car and he passed some gas and Grandma said where did that come from and he said my wee wee.

What a goof ball!

Oh and I spied the cat, SINGAPORE, the atomic poo making cat using the box. I thought he was protesting because either I started using plastic liners or had to change the litter type.  The litter was made by the same company and I had used it before but I switched to multi cat a few years back.  After 3 walmarts, and a red ticket sign at one of them that had it on clearance I had to buy the other box.  Anyway I am soooo relieved.

Photo tips

ROY FURCHGOTT, On Sunday May 15, 2011, 11:16 am EDT

The photographer Ansel Adams is reputed to have said "Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer - and often the supreme disappointment."

Any vacationer who has tried to capture the beauty of a scenic vista can only add an eloquent, "Duh!"

But there are some guidelines to landscape photography that can elevate anyone's game. The landscape and adventure-sport photographer Tom Bol agreed to share a few.

1) Go 3-D. When people think of landscape photos, they typically envision a view of, say, distant mountains, but they fail to consider all of the things happening in the foreground that lead the eye to the mountains. "It's about having lots of depth of field, and having elements front and center of your frame that lead you the background," said Mr. Bol. "I call it a visual handrail."

It is the blending of the foliage in the foreground, the mid-distance lake, and the distant cloud-shrouded mountains that give the photo its depth. "It's important to have good foreground, middle ground and background to give it three dimensions," said Mr. Bol.

2) Go wide. "The majority of my landscapes are shot with a 14mm to 24mm zoom lens at F16," Mr. Bol said. That is the same as it would be on a 35mm camera because Mr. Bol's Nikon D3s has a 35mm-size sensor. You would need an even wider lens to get the same effect on a camera with a smaller sensor. Wide-angle lenses not only take in more real estate, they inherently keep more of the near and far in focus at the same time.

3) Be stable. Landscapes are all about getting sharp detail foreground and background, which usually requires a shutter speed on the slow side. "Most hardcore landscape guys are going to be on a tripod," said Mr. Bol. That kind of stability is critical for sharp focus. Some photographers go so far as to use the mirror lock, which stops the mirror in the camera from flipping up when the shot is taken, eliminating a tiny source of potential vibration.

4) Weather the weather. When shooting at a lower shutter speed on windy days, the undulating flowers in the foreground or trees in the distance can blur. Mr. Bol counsels patience. "Even if there are steady winds, just wait it out, see if you get that lull." If not, "look for things in the foreground that aren't in the wind, likes rocks, sand, or you can speed up your shutter action."

5) Let the water whirl. Streams and waterfalls often benefit from motion blur. "If it's moving water, that's a great thing to shoot in slow speeds, it can make the water look silky," said Mr. Bol. "Even a crashing surf line."

6) Don't get all dark and stormy. "I don't know who said it, but you are not photographing the subject, you are photographing the light on the subject," said Mr. Bol. And since you can't light distant peaks with your flash, what do you do when light is bad? "If the light is not working for the big scenes, maybe I'll choose a little scene," Mr. Bol said. "I am going to look right at my feet at these interesting rounded rocks and seaweed, and that works great with this light." Another option? "Overcast may work great for black and white or -this will get me in trouble - maybe it's doing something in post-production to make it interesting," like increasing the contrast or adding shot sepia tone in Photoshop, he said.

7) Filter the light. Too much light can be as bad as too little. But if you want to chronicle your whole vacation, you can't just shoot at the "golden hour" at dusk and dawn. "You see some great images in full sunlight. A lot of times when oceans get penetration from overhead light it really changes the look," Mr. Bol said. What can really help that look - removing reflections from water and adding rich texture to clouds, rocks, plants - is a circular polarizing filter. Mr. Bol commonly uses one. "I prefer to do it in the field," rather than using a digital filter afterwards, he said. But he has abandoned warming filters, because warming can effectively be added afterwards.

If your first tries don't quite measure up to Ansel Adams, don't feel bad. Although it can happen, great shots are seldom a matter of lucking into the right place at the right time, but are more often a matter of persistence. "What separates the good landscape photographers and the best in the business, is the best will go to the most popular places, but they go back again and again until the conditions are right," Mr. Bol said.

Hope you were planning a long vacation.

original article can be found here

Thursday, May 19, 2011

another day

I got another headache.  I didnt get any sleep last night.

I got processed for my job so to speak.  I took the physcial and I got my picture ID taken and i was finger printed.

Yeah I had that big ole zit and bags under my eyes.

Do I really need the portion of my brain that is always throbbing, thats the only thing I find it is useful for.

Trouble with Cats

Elvis Presley had trouble with girls, I have trouble with cats.  Gotta feel for Elvis having trouble with girls, the trouble was he had too many after him LOL.  At the end he didnt get one of them and he was quite relieved over it.

anyway unlike Elvis, who pawned the girls off on other unsuspecting dudes I am stuck with cats.  In fact I think Stinker bell was pawned off on me.

It all started this morning.

I woke up and found a sheet of bubble wrap in the middle of the den.  It wasnt there last night.

Let me stop here and say this is one of those stories my mum whould be livid to find out that I am freely sharing.  I personally find it amusing to a point.

The bubble wrap was covering up poo the cat made.  So the funny part is the cat found a piece of bubble wrap from some unknown corner of the house and covered his poo up.  The not so funny part is.. I had three litter boxes that he was picketing.

Granted I hadnt been very diligent on cleaning it this week.  Still I have three boxes and one was hardly touched.  He could have found a clean spot to do his business if he wanted to.
So I took care of the dirty deed and decided it was time for new boxes.  Now I been putting it off cause the dome box was pretty expensive and it did its job fairly well.  It kept a doxie out of it.  The stairs curls around and the long doggie couldn't manage. 

Well boxes tend to stink with age.  I decided it was time to replace two of them.  One was fairly new because of Stinks refusal of using any box (though I think she gave up her picketing since she went outside cause I saw evidence she had used the dome one.... yes I can tell the difference.  The one who left the deposit for me covered by bubble wrap makes pooh that is 3x times the density of the other one... ewww... it could be worse, if Dr. Blaes did not recommend Science Diet I shudder at the well YUCK)
I do apologize if you read this LOL

So I go to walmart for two covered boxes.  I was all prepaired to buy boxes at 14.00 each.  To my great dismay they were out.  I am have a love hate relationship with walmart.  I loved them till they screwed their store up  and revamping it, I do not know who they thinking they are fooling when they said we would like it better i roll my eyes at ther idea of better and I love them till I go get an item and its out.

So I picked up some sketch pads to make my common place books for card making and walked around and stumbled into the clearance section.

Low and behold there they were on CLEARANCE for 7.00 and they had the perfect amount 2!  So I grabbed them like a crazed cat owner and took off.  I checked out got home.  I started prepepping my boxes.  Oh I found these sifter bags too, they work pretty good.  Ten bags and each one has holes that sifts the litter till you get to the last bag which has no hole.  It says you can transfer the litter to new bags but I think by then its time for new litter.

I was looking at the receipt and she only charged me for one.  So litter boxes that were suppose to have cost me 28.00 cost me 7.00.

We interupt this scheduled post with one again the unavoidable happenings.....
I swear I dont know how I hit that magic combo to make this screen go away but I just did it again, luckly everything saved

Anyway trouble with cats part two

I feed the two cats a bit of canned food in one bowl.  Silly I know.  Singapore barely eats any and Stinker gets the rest.  Singapore is the one with the 3x densi uh never mind LOL.  Well stink was waiting for Singapore to get finished and I think he was purposely going slow to irritate her so I chased him off to let her have a go, in the mean time I also let Lex in.  Stupid stupid stupid cat.  She ran outside when I let Lex in instead of eating.

I put singapore back on the table to eat the food.  He didnt want it.  Cats are evil that way.   So I went to bed.  I gotta start filling out paper work tomorrow for my new job (I am also suppose to get my id taken and I got a nice big ole zit on my face... not fair!) .  Lex was eating but inbetween chomps I thought I heard something screaming.  I had heard it before and assumed it was the canadian geese.  We have a few that stay around the neighborhood.   I got up to investigate but it had stopped.  I decided to check facebook and found out another lady was laid off to at Southern pump and tank.  I wonder if they have any girls working there still.  I ought to sue them for discrimination LOL.  Anyway I was leaving a comment and I heard it again.
I went outside to see if I could figure out where it was coming from.  There was a fox in the next door neighbors yard after something in their rose garden.... well it use to be a rose garden when the people before them lived there.  Now its a garden of weeds. It saw me and took off running.

So now I have to be worried over that stupid cat because she was outside and that Fox was after something.  Do foxes go after cats?

Probably to the annoyance of the neighbors I called her name at 1:30 am for a few minutes.  Its a relief she decided to grace me with her presense.

CATS UGGGH.  I told that cat before I dont like her enough to worry about her... that little hussy!

I just caught Singapore wizzing on a towl on the floor.  The Stupid cat started kicking up the towel and I told him you better not and he did it anyway.  I mean he was looking straight at me and went for it.  Like take that.  Yeah I thru a dust pan at him and he took off.  Dont worry I aimed to miss.  Well if I had aimed to miss I probably would hit him.  My aim is that bad.
GRRRRRRRR!  I just replaced his litter box and its all clean!!!!!!

I want to scream!

I cant afford the vet bill if he has a urinary infection.  Every freaking animal I have has had something wrong with them starting in Feb.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011




Yeah I am shouting this cause I am passionate about it.  Go to Ebay and search for HP laser jets.  You can find one for under 35.00.

Remember to check on the shipping cost.
Remember to check on status feed back... dont pay to much attention on the precentage.  If they are a large company with a couple of negative feed backs they still can have 99% approval raiting.  Read the comments.  I found that out the hard way when I ordered a book and it didnt arrive.  Half.com (which is part of ebay but they only sell dvds books cds and video games) did refund the money after 30 days.  I left a negative comment and since they sold so many items it didnt put a dent in their ratings. 

They even have colored ones now for less then 35.00.

Yes they are used but so what?  It the cover might have some marks, but so what.  Scratch and dent is to the consumers advantage!

Yes the toner is higher then ink cartridges but take my example.

I bought a black and tone HP Laser Jet about 4 years ago on the advise of one of the VPs where I use to work.  He had a good point, you mostly print in black and white anyway, right?   Then I bought a refurbished toner.  With the cost of the printer, shipping and the toner I probably paid 95.00 for it.  

I am still using that very same toner cartridge today, remember thats 4 years ago.   It's not even showing low. I have printed gazoos amount of stuff.  Remember my demanding client?  

How much have you spent on ink cartridges in the last 4 years?

I thought so!

I would LOVE to have a color laser printer but the cost of 4 toner cartridges is not feasible right now, because of my employment status.  I will put that on my want list LOL.

So what are some other benefits of a laser printer... well artsy for one!

There are so many different transfer techniques you can do with a laser printer that you cant do with an ink jet printer. 

Some more ways to save on using a laser jet printer.

Now think about your daily printing.  If your like me (which I might apologize to you LOL just kidding)
There are a lot of things you print but dont tend to keep or dont need color like coupons and test pages and items you want to incorporate into your art (tracing)
I use to work for a company that would print out their invoices on white paper and then I would have to copy them on blue paper.  If I mailed the blue copy then I kept the white copy for filing.  If I emailed the blue copy, I got the blue copy for the file and I got a ton of extra white paper wasted.
I first started making scratch paper out of that.  You have so much scratch paper.  When I left they had two huge stacks of it.

So I started bringing it home.
I use it for
Home made paper
Paint testing
cover your work space or to protect for bleed thru if you use alchol markers
Nephews art ... well just Lucas, Conner doesnt like to have stuff on the back.  Lucas could care less
I use the back for printer paper ... for the coupons (ac moore, hobby lobby, michaels of course) One time the cashier gave me a funny look and I said recycled paper then she gave me thumbs up!, test pages, tracing etc. Receipts and confirmations.  I used it to print out the online adds I applied jobs for If I ever needed to prove that I was looking for work for unemployment benefits.  It is basically stuff that you dont care whats on the back. 
So save your discarded paper and use it as printer paper.
So I saved on ink cause I use a toner, I saved on the printer cost cause I bought used and I dont pay for paper cause I recycled.

Here is a peek at my printer with some recycle printed paper sitting on top.

Tribute to Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory.

Have you ever noticed when a forgotten thing just suddenly pops up into your life and it just doesnt do it once, but does it several times? 

That is whats going on with Will Wonka, the Gene Wilder version.

I suppose it all started with Glee.  Wet paint got the song before the show aired... it was fabulous.  The episode was fabulous too.  The song made you tear up.  It was soooooo sweet.

Then the today show had the children all grown up on the show so I posted it on facebook.  My sister and a friend of hers across the pond got into a debate which one was the best.  My sister is batty by the way and likes Johnny Deps version better.  Even though I LOVE Johnny Dep and I like things to be a bit dark, The original much better.

So I was surfing the www and came across this blog.  The reason why I stumbled on this blog is because I yahooed (i never google I am just so out of it) to see if you could use inkjet printer with the packing tape transfer... still working on my journals.   Anyway I found out that one person tried it with regular copy paper, it ran, they tried it with glossy paper and it worked.  I took notes.  Something to keep in mind.

Any I stumbled on the blog and she had drawn a picture of gene wilder and mailed it to him in hopes to get it autographed.  Well here is the picture... lets see if he autographed it.
Gene Wilder post

She says she never had any formal drawing training.  Oh I wish I could draw like that with or with out training!

At dinner we had a whole conversation about Willy Wonka because my phone kept dinging when Robin and her friend posted their messages.

So I pay tribute to Willy Wonka.  I loved Charlie, I loved the books and I loved the movies. 

Now tell me if I am daffy, in the first movie when they are going thru the tunnel on the boat does a chicken get its head cut off.  I cant watch that part.  I have to close my eyes.  I refuse to see if it really happens.  I for some reason remember it that way.

Anyway I am going to write the lyrics on my sketch pad cover with my fairy lino cut.  I had already gessoed it then spritzed green and blue water color paints added some extra water and rolled it around. 

After that drys the lyrics and the fairy.

anyway here they are.

Willy Wonka:

Hold your breath
Make a wish
Count to three

Come with me
And you'll be
In a world of
Pure imagination
Take a look
And you'll see
Into your imagination

We'll begin
With a spin
Traveling in
The world of my creation
What we'll see
Will defy

If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Wanta change the world?
There's nothing
To it

There is no
Life I know
To compare with
Pure imagination
Living there
You'll be free
If you truly wish to be

If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Wanta change the world?
There's nothing
To it

There is no
Life I know
To compare with
Pure imagination

Living there
You'll be free
If you truly
Wish to be

Is that not the perfect way to start an art journal.  I will probably use it often!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vintage card recieved

I received this card from my swap partner for the theme vintage.  I need to get a move on with my card.  I already figured out what I was going to do.  At first I wanted to do a circus theme but I couldnt find the right image.  Then I saw a card in a magazine that used cameo ding bats and thought it would be perfect.  I could not find the ding bats for free though.  I went to the www site in the magazine and they were 3.00 for each.  I searched some more and I found them for a 1.00.  So I guess if I had to pay I would rather only pay a buck.

My swap partner was Kathy.  If you are interested in joining the group there is a link to the right with a picture of the card they have on their home page.


Since I just posted a lengthy post about Lino cutting my tip will go with the theme. 

When you actually use lino instead of that easy to cut stuff that is more expensive that can be bought at hobby lobby or michaels, bring out your heat gun.

Warm up the service as you go along.

It makes the cutting so much easier!

Lino cuts

I been working on a couple of lino cuts, mostly to use for card making. 

The first one I made a few months back but never posted.  I didn't like the the background with all the etched detail that is infamous with lino cuts so I cut the stamp pretty much down to the buildings. 

This card I used a bleach pen from the dollar store.  It either wasn't a very good product or it was past its expiration date.  I had it for a while and the dollar store is notorious for selling stuff past its date.... so check the otc drugs before you buy.  Also don't buy those batteries they have some kind of poison in them.

Any the first picture is of the card open.  The scene wraps around the back and front.

The last two pictures are the cards closed. 

The next lino cut is of a fairy.  I had used this picture a long time ago in a card I made for the Making greeting cards group when the theme was fairy.  I got Karen #1 as my partner.  I had this picture in the back of my mind for some time to make a lino cut. 
Here is the card

I think I had printed in black on the purple paper and then went back over with black acrylic paint.  I sort of cheated to make it look like I painted it LOL.
I added yellow and purple flower brads
I matted it with yellow glitter card stock
I made a card blank to fit the card.  It was not a standard card size because I wanted it to be long. 

Here is the original picture I found on the www.

So I filled it in with black

I wanted a bottom wing and I wanted the hands to be up front not behind.  I wanted the clothes to be less pointy and I didn't want the silly jester shoes or hat.  I was working off the black image and forgot the color page was boyish looking elf!

I tried to draw it but I couldn't get the head just right.  here is my sketch that I didn't use.    I colored it in black so I would know what it would look like when it was stamped.  It was hard to tell with just the pencil outline.

It kind of looked like a teacher fairy doesn't it?  So I went back the original black and white file and in paint shop pro I opened 2 copies of the files. 
On the working copy I erased the hat, the shoes flair things, I erased the arms in the back and I erased part of the dress removing the flairs on top and the bottom to make it rounder.
I went into the second copy of the file and I lassoed the top wings and pasted them into the working file.  I rotated the wing and skewed it to be longer.
I went back to my other copy and I lassoed one of the arms.  I believe it was the top arm.
I pasted it into the working file and rotated the arm and moved it in front and skewed it to where I wanted it to be.

I decided she needed a wand  (she is a she now)  I am sure it was a lot less painful for my fairy to change gender then it was for Cher's child to change gender.   If you are wondering my opinion on the matter, well here it is.  It is Chaz (sp?) body and he can do what ever he wants with it as long as he is happy, then more power to him.  Now I don't approve of parents changing the looks of children surgically to win beauty pageants even though this is a tad bit different.  If you want to argue that God did not make Chaz that way, then I wonder did God make Osama Bin Laden that way.
 What Chaz did compared to the evil of the other one is absolutely nothing on the list of immoral and un-christian acts done by man or beast.
 So lets not argue Religion, Morals and politics OK? 
Well back to the subject on hand.
I drew a wand and erased a portion of her hand to make it look like she was holding the wand.

So I came up with this.

Which would actually make a pretty neat SVG file when I figure out how to do that, I might.  SVG file you ask?  If you have a cutting machine that can use svg files you can cut the files.  Cricut uses Sure cuts a lot.  Unfortunately there are law suits out there.  If Cricut had designed their own software and then sold the SVG files maybe they could have cornered this market.  But a third party did it and Provo Craft (i think that is the company) is suing.  Its all about the money.  The machine is extremely expensive and the cartridges are extremely expensive.  They do not want to loose the money on the cartridges.   To have a decent library you would have to spend a couple of thousands of dollars.

Now I actually planned it out but I made forgot one tiny detail in my planning.  I knew it was going to print mirror after I finished carving it.  I actually wanted the wand on the left.

Well i forgot about the fold in the card and it sort of looks silly.  So I might have to re-carve it and have one going both ways. 

Live and learn right?

Even so I think it turned out pretty durn good.  I can use it for art journaling and other projects. 
Contrary to the city scape I liked the etched background so I will be keeping it.