A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Monday, June 27, 2011

I am mad mad mad mad mad mad

first before I get to why I am mad mad mad mad mad, I finished all the episodes of hoarding.  The last episode was awful.  This dude had over 2000 rats as pets and they were all over.  He drops the food on the ground and they come swarming.  They had to tear the walls down and pull the bath tub out to get to them. In all fairness he knew he had to get rid of them and was prepaired for it and did not fight it and kept one of the rats.  He got depressed after his wife died and wanted a pet that he could love.

Any way the reason why I mad mad mad mad mad is because mum desides to drop by the house on her way home (well that is not the reason I am mad)
Let me back up and explain about the lay out of the house.
Down stairs there is the kitchen/breakfast area ... which became my art area/ Laundry area.  The breakfast area door walks into the dining room.  The dining room goes to the hall and the front door.
The other end of the kitchen has the side door to the outside and the laundry.  There is another door  that exits the kitchen goes into the den.  There is the back door, a fire place and a window and the stairs going upstairs all along the one wall  Going out the den you run into the hall where the dinning room runs into to the right.  Straight ahead  the long hall takes you back to three bed rooms.  Also there is the hall bathroom.  There is the master bed room with a bathroom.  There is my room and kathryn trashed out room.  That is not why I mad either.
The hall bathroom has been gutted out because the tub leaked and it caused the floor to cave in.  The floor has been replaced and everything has been removed and only the toilet had been replaced.
I am not mad about that either sort of.
Upstairs you will find another den as you enter the door.  To the left is my old bed room and to the right is another room.  They are all very large rooms.  If the other room had a closet It would be a five bed room house. Still the room is very huge and should be considered as a bed room.  There is one room missing upstairs that I think it should be there
A bathroom.
But that is not why I am mad mad mad mad mad
Back to my mom stopping by....
I told you about Wendell right.  She informs me that Bruce cannot finish the hall bathroom for a month.  So Wendell and I will have to share the bathroom in the master bed room and the master bed room  will become wendells (I am not mad mad mad mad mad about him having the bedroom)
I am mad mad mad mad mad because I am going to be stuck with Wendell and I am doing them... all of them, the whole family a favor so they wont be stuck with him and they cant get the freaking bathroom fixed before he gets here because they are going hiking blah blah blah.
I told mom nothing doing I am not going to share that bathroom with him especially in the morning. 
Wendell is either staying some where else or they are going to install a sink in that hall bathroom.
I will suffer the shower for a month.
Mom says well your getting a new bathroom.  NOTHING DOING.  I GOT A BATHROOM. Wendell free I might add.
So i asked her if I refuse to accept this situation would you make me suffer wendell anyway.
She said No.
I said tell that to the bathroom fixer uper if they dont fix it I am going to take back my offer and they can be stuck with him. 
She said OK
I asked you are not going to tell them that are you.
She said i havent had the conversation yet with them.
Uh huh. 
Yeah might think ewe a bathroom with no sink... how do you wash your hands....
well its actually quite funny
I have a tub of anti bacteria wipies for a temporary hand washing and then I march to the kitchen and finish hand washing.
But since lately its just me I use the master bed room facilities.  I only used the hall when mom was sleeping.
Well anyway the bathroom fixer uppers said they will put in a temporary sink.  Guess they didnt want him at all staying with them.
Still that is beyond ridiculous cause the fixer uppers have a huge house and the entire upstairs isnt used and they just dont want to deal with him but they want to put me out cause they are going on a freakin vacation.
Even though they agreed I am still mad mad mad mad mad cause I had to make that ultimatium. 

What is the minutes of a meeting?

some more of this and that

I hate that when you copy and paste a lot of extra blank enter lines are put in and you have to manually delete them!

Well I guess its been obvious that I have been working. No more 3 or 4 post a day out of boredom. Which is ironic, but I will keep the irony to myself. The people are super nice. The job is a job. I cant wait to get my first pay check. I told my mum first thing I am going to do is fill my gas tank all the way up.
It is sad to be excited over 3.19 a gallon!
I have been trying to learn all about the goings on around here. I did find out the cows are to be made into hamburgers. I took a walk to the cows and told them to run. Stampede down broad river road. Its a matter of life and death. They ignored me. I guest a beast that sits in its own pooh cant be all that bright. Boy do they stink!

I just over heard an interesting conversation... My new boss lady walks around singing, a lot. A dude told her she reminds him of Fionna when she sings to the bird and the bird explodes. NICE!

I havent been doing a lot of anything lately. I fell into the Netflix trap. I been watching all the hoarding shows and it is comforting that to know that I am definitely not a hoarder. I told stinker bell I would donate her in a skinny minute. I can imagine Matt the hording specialist saying... she isnt donatable. Blah. Is that even a word?

I also been digging me some Young Riders, Highlander, Beauty and the Beast, MacGyver, Lois and Clark, Buffy the vampire slayer, The cosby show, Law and Order SVU Oh the list goes on and on.

The problem is my remote goes all wankie and it picks up shows I dont want to watch and well now its on my previously watched list and one or two of them are naughty shows.

I wished Criminal Minds, Dr. Quinn Medicine woman, the waltons and the nanny were on netflix but they are not.

I also been reading some books. I read a cool mystery about a police officer who had a tragedy and she became a pet sitter and found a murdered person in one of her clients home. The next installment involves doxies. Talking about doxies. I am mad at mine. He got a baby bird that fell out of the nest. He was chewing on it. It was so gross. I had to remove it from his mouth. I hate touching dead things.

Now that picture is burned in my mind. I also read two David Baldicci Books. I am reading Eragon on my cell phone. I checked it out as an E book. I like the fact I can have take bunch of books with me my cell phone and if I get tired of angry birds I can read. Haaaa. I can also watch netflix on my phone.

I need to buckle down and continuing cleaning the house. Old Uncle wendell is comping for a permanent visit. He got terminated from his job at the grand canyon so I get stuck with him.

Of all the two people in the family that do not get along it would be him and I. But there is no where for him to go. Auntie B. already canceled satellite. I was thinking of canceling cable but not anymore I suppose.

I am working on a list of rules for him. Mom said remember he is a grown man. Some times I am suspicious about that.

I said a funny
I cracked myself up.
Singapore was sitting on my bed. Lex put his paws on my bed. I petted Lex and I petted it Singapore and I said to Singapore you are black and white and I said to Lex you are black and brown.... I asked both of them Same mom different Dad? Then I burst out laughing cause that was a ridiculous question.

another funny
Lucas and I were checking out the toys at Target and I picked up a realistic plastic lion and I said Grrrrr. To Lucas he thought it was funny. So I asked Lucas what is this showing him the toy. He said it was ugly. I of course was looking for Lion.

And what do you think of my rules... I dont think they are half bad!

The Rules

You have the master bed room with a walk in closet and your own bathroom. My bathroom is in the hall.

When I am home I have full control of the TV in the Kitchen and den.

The food I buy is mine, the food you buy is yours. You may drink the tea but if you drink it all please make more.

Keep the house neat. Clean after any cooking. Please do not leave food or dirty dishes in your room.

All wash should be done while I am at work. Please do not leave clothes in the washer or dryer.

Keep the volume down (television, radio etc) when I am home.

Keep your bed room door closed. I do not want any animals in your room.

My parking is on the paved drive way yours is the dirt drive way.

The black and white cat is NOT allowed out. The calico cat is allowed out.

The rules can be changed at my whim.

Help with the cost of dish washer soap, TP, clothes soap, garbage bags, paper towels, tea bags and other misc communal items would be nice.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lunar eclipse photos

I always was interested in Astronomy photography and art work.  I had taken one class in astronomy at Midlands tech I loved it, except for the calculus part. I think our prof was awesome too.  Never knew why I needed the math.  It wasnt like I was going to be an astronaut or anything.

I kept the text book for that class for many years instead of cashing it in because of the pictures.  I dont have it anymore.  Not sure what became of it.

This really annoys me

He who was removed from the plane for baggy pants

This really annoys me because all parties are wrong every freaking one of them.

The person who complained about the pants WRONG
The person who wore the baggie pants and would not Pull them up when asked too WRONG
The person who arrested him for not pulling up his baggie Pants WRONG
The person who aka his mamma (I wanted to keep the pattern going) saying it was all race WRONG

The only person who wasnt wrong?

last day of freedom

Is it me or has blogger been acting goofy?  I can not just had a new post or edit it.  I have to click the sign in button even though I am already signed in.  That takes me to the dash board and then I can create or edit the blog.


Anyway here is a link to the book I made for my cousin for her wedding.  I am a bit poor and would have liked to have given her a better gift but this is all that I can do.  I will include a DVD with all the pictures and a hand made card of course.  I am having it shipped here then I will ship it to her home.

Heathers Wedding Album

Well I am off to chick fil a since its my last day of freedom.  Tomorrow I will be employeed.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I suppose I should be sad

I havent created anything lately.  Getting ready for the new job.  That is not why I should be sad though I will miss not working LOL.

Anyway the trip to Cincinnati got me thinking like it did my mother and my aunt.  They enjoyed telling a lot of stories about the old days.

For example my great grandfather use to work on the rail road.  He would be gone for days.  He came home one day and my grandmother did not reconize him.  He had been gone so much.  He quit for that reason.

Another story is how my mom met her best friend in high school.  My Mom use to go to a catholic school up to High school.  She decided she was not going back to school because of some nun.  My mom was finally convinced to go back to school if she got to pick the school she would attend.  She chose to go to public School.  Hughes High School.  She met Alice there the first day.  Alice told her that she really needed to shave her legs.

They have been friends for almost 50 years.  Isnt that a hoot!

She however would not tell the story about the girafee my mother can be so stubborn and she wonders where I get it from!

My mother and Aunt put flowers on my grandmothers and grandfathers grave and my great grandmother and grandfathers grave.

Family is a funny thing.  Both My grandmother and my grandfather had no connections to their family.  So our family has always been my mothers siblings and their children. 
So My aunt and her daughter Heather.  Mom and her three daughters Robin Kathryn and Me, and then there was Moms and Aunts brother Wendell.
That was all the family there was except for a cousin Sally Ann which they sometimes heard from but not often.

Kind of got weird when mom married bill and he had four kids and then he had two sisters and they had a hunderd kids and then they had a thousand grandkids and now there is a zillion greatgrand kids (just a littler over exaseration (sp) to lighten the mood)
My Aunt gets moody everytime we go to the cemetary wishing she had family.  Wishing her father was more of a father etc etc etc.
It makes my mother upset and irritates me.

Background history.  My grandfather was quite a bit older then my grandmother.  Like 20 years older. My mother and uncle were first born and 8 years later my Aunt was born.  My mother trys to tell my aunt that when she came along my grandfather became ill and could not be the father that he wanted to be but he adored Barbara.

She blames him for the reason she married a drug addict and my mother married an alcholic.

She doesnt remember, that is her problem.  She had the same history as Kathryn.  Sickness (or death) took away their fathers.

As for my father it was the alchol, he never had any interest in his children.  That is why it irritates me cause she moans and groans that she didnt have family or a father.  She blames him.  What right does she have to blame him for being sick?  I on the other hand have the right to blame my father.

Family is a funny thing like I said.

I am satisfied with the family I got.  I got my sister and her two boys.  I got my other sister who annoys the crap out of me.  I got my moaning groaning Aunt and her husband.  I am not really happy with her daughter right now.  Maybe the whole wedding thing occupied her mind and I just felt neglected.  Somebody who we cared for dearly.
Then there is permant bachleor Uncle Wendell and of course I can't forget my super mom.  If my mom was one to roll her eyes she would over that statement!

All these family feelings stirred things inside of me and I wondered about my own father.  I havent seen him in 25 years.  I once called and asked to speak to my dad and I was told I had the wrong number.  I did not have the wrong number.  They forgot he had children.  I visited my nanny (grandmother) when I was a teenager and he did not make an appearance.  He lived next door for god sake.  He started calling my mother after my step dad passed away.  He never asked to talk to us, he only was interested in her.

My mother had to push me into seeing my nanny when I was a teenager, saying I would regret it if I did not.  I dont think I would have.  I jdo regret going sometimes because it was like a slap in the face that he wasnt there.  I regret not letting my step dad adopt me like he did Robin.  Those are my regrets.

My moms friend Alice said she thought he might have passed away.  Last night, I could not sleep again so I was determined to find out if it was true.  I found out that he did.  I am 95% sure it was him.  His birthday matched and the county and city he lived in matched.  There were no records about children or spouses to confirm farther.   He passed away 08/08/08.  I am sure I was living my live in oblivion that day slightly interested in the fact of the 08/08/08 date. 

I am not sad on the loss.  I am sad because the mights haves and the could haves.... Some part of me always wanted him to find me and say yes I screwed up ... will you ever forgive me.

Maybe I was better off not knowing.
We don't make mistakes, we only have happy accidents.

I heard this from Bob Ross but not sure if he was the first to say it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

out with the old in with the new

after my two trips I realized I must retire my camera bag.  I am a non traditionalist and not by my choice.  My camera bag is not a camera bag per say.  Its a gucci bag (please do not ask me if it is real cause honestly I do not know, there is no telling what my step father got, he sometimes buy real sometimes buys fake)
well the inside lining was flaking off (which doesnt mean it isnt real, I have a few bags I know are real and they are not in the best condition and they sat in a closet and time did them in)

So I found another Gucci bag (dont ask me if its real LOL)  The lining is of different material so I suppose it wont cause the mess the other one did.

The left one is the old one, the right one is the new one.

I have more room in the new one too.

I did actually have two real camera bags, loved them so much I sold them.

tell you want when I was in Sax Fifth avenue in Cincinnati I got a lot of can I helps yous and my mum didnt.  I think it was the bag.  Clothes were walmart probably LOL.

Monday, June 13, 2011

turn the music on

I love music.  Always have always will.  Until Glee and American Idol I was totally out of touch with new music.  I listened to my elton John and billy joel and U2 and yes I will admit it, George Michael (I dont care if he was naughty in the bathroom, the boy can sing)

I could dig me some Josh Groban and Michael Buble which is actually funny cause I like me some rock n roll and booty moving music too

I tried to listen to my local pop station but it was just noise real bad noise.

Maybe the music has gotten better?

Who knew I would like Bruno Mars and P!nk and Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. 
To be honest I always leaned to guy singers in the past soo who knew?????

Lets talk about Katy Perry singing Hot and Cold on Sesame street.... um did Sesame street actually listen to the whole song LOLOLOL?????  I think the song would be a turn off before the to low top she was wearing. 

Tao Cruz (SP???) Dynomite... love the nephew singing with him kareokee (sp) style

dont forget the awesome Adam Lambert (yes I love my gay singers, nothing wrong with that!)


I do have a question... whats up with Myle Cyrus singing Poisons every rose has its thorn. 
The jury is still out on that one if I like it or not.

Ooooh ad on to this post
I cant believe I forgot to give props to I tunes.  I can search for all types of music and sometimes I spend lots of time jumping around with the others bought this music to see if there is something I might like.

Also another prop I must give a shout out too, youtube.  Who knew about the socks not matching song?  I do now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Saw lots of deer.  Really lots of deer.  First it was ooooooooh its a DEER! Then it was oooooh its another deer! Then by the end it was oh just another deer.  Then we saw wild turkeys and a black bear she was with her cub but I didn't get to see the cub.  Momma bear sent the cub up the tree because there were to many nosey people.  So here we are in gatlinburg and dolly parton is on the radio.

So we were suppose to drive thru the Smokies and we ended up staying a night in gatlinburg.  We are now driving on a very winding road which I lovingly called a loopy rd going to cades cove listening to uncle cracker singing with the dooby brothers drift away

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just went to Cincinnati art museum. We saw van gough, monet and circus posters of ringling brothers and barnum and Bailey

So when your in Cincinnati your mother and aunt walk around down town and argue what has changed and what has remained the same

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My mother said I looked like a tourist then she laughed and said I look like this back in SC too. Well when you pay do much for a camera and you love to use it, then its always with you.  Then again it could be the capris and tennis shoes.  It's zoo day and I have issues with my left foot.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Every visit back my mother and aunt would put flowers on their parents grave.  My mother made this promise to her mother over 28 years ago. We never knew that we would move so far away.  My mother and aunt now live in SC and their brother lives in Arizona at the grand canyon.  My mother tries to go back and full fill the promise.

When you drive in from kentucky you twist and turn and in one moment you see it all at once.  There is no glimpse of the skyline no hint that it is there till you turn that corner.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I have come home but yet it is no longer my home.

Just saw a bunny rabbit playing in the grass from the car.  It was so cute.  I should write a story about that bunny

Just saw a black bear cub running into the woods from the car.  I want one!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Conner says a bad word

Ok for bad words, its sort of a mild one but still its a bad word.

the day we went bowling we stopped at Kmart first and bought beach chairs for the beach trip (which were never used and dont get me started on that)  Mom and I were in seperate cars and we were deciding which car to put then in.

Conner says the following and I quote

Will you open the damn car door?

I asked what did you say Conner?

He said will you open the car door?

Um No thats not exactly what you said LOL.

I suppose its wrong to laugh but we laughed.  I held it in so he did not know we were laughing but we laughed.

Kodak moment missed

I missed a kodak moment when My nephew was feeding the dog his hot dog... Oh I forgot to mention SPOON feeding the dog his hot dogs and mac and cheese.  My nephew is so silly, he dipped the hot dog in ketchup before giving it to his doggy.  His mother asked does Dimitri like ketchup with his hot dog, and Lucas said YES.  When he finished feeding the dog with the spoon he put the plate on the ground and so the dog could lick the ketchup.  I guess the dog likes ketchup!