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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sightly disappointed

I believe I mentioned a zillion times I my external hard drive fell fell fell fell fell THUMP to the ground.  It was a complete lost.  No emergency room IT guy or gal could bring life back to it.  

I accept this.  

I had just said Mom I need a new external drive just in case this one messes up and I loose everything.  She said OK Karen (I dont think she was really listening)

When it all came down to it, it wasn't really so bad.  Instead of loosing years of photos I lost a few months. 

No big deal right?

Well when your mom decides she is going to change your whole life but getting married  in one of those months I suppose its a big deal when you loose the pictures.

So I took a deep breath.  it will be ok.  You made  a DVD copy for your mother.  So I said Mom you got the DVD I made for you.  She said sure. 
That was a month ago.  She hasn't found it yet.  Kiss those pictures goodbye. 

Well this next one is totally my fault and I have no idea how I did it.  I can only guess.
Yesterday I was sorting the photos for my new external hard drive (I bought 2 to add to the other 2 I already had... the other 2 arent big enough to hold all my pictures... yes I have that many)
I realized I haven't seen one of my cousins wedding pictures.

Whats up with loosing wedding pictures? 
I looked and I looked.  I looked on all the external hard drives.  I looked on my net book.  NOPE they are were gone too. 

I know they were not on the external drive they were on my lap top when the drive fell fell fell thump. 

Here is what I guessed happened.  

I wanted to post them on facebook.  So I fired up ol paint shop pro and used the batch conversation to resize and resave the photos into a different folder.  So it would not take me to Christmas to upload them. 
I did this.  I uploaded them and I suppose I deleted them.
Fast forward to some where in the future.
I saw a file sitting on my desk top and said oooh I didnt delete the fb photos of heathers wedding let me do that now.
Guess what not the fb photos, the originals.  

Thats what I think may have happened.  

So I said take a breath its ok you made your Aunt a copy.

So I sent her an email.

She cant find them. 

So tell me why do I make these things, which they asked for and then they loose them?

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