A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Saturday, September 10, 2011

day 10 of 30 days of getting my art on

I am one third thru the challenge.

At first I didnt think I had done anything artsy today but its weird how it is so much a part of my life I didnt realize I was doing artsy until 230 am when I was in bed trying to get some sleep.

Anyway it was a strange day.  There were hi and lo points.  It all started out when I wanted the bic markers for the Gina K. Tutorial I posted.  I had gone to bed early Friday too early really and woke up about 10 pm cause I hadnt eaten dinner.  I went and got dinner.  I stopped at walmart to get the markers.  They only had the 24 set and both had been opened and they markers were missing.  So it disappointed me.

I decided to clean the floors today.  Which was kind of a silly thing to do because I had both dogs because mom dumped me and went to Kansas.  Sore point there.  The one dog caused 90% of the problems on the carpet.  He doesnt do it at Denny's but here.  

So I went to find the markers at Office Depot.  Did not have them.  I went to Michaels did not have them.  I bought a copic marker.  My first with a 40% coupon and a couple of scrap book boxes.  I am going to use those to store projects I am working on like the tea cup and the tp album.

I went to staples and they had them... the 36 count so I bought them.

I then when to Lowes and rented the machine.  I moved all the stuff out of the way and tore up the whole house.  I vacuumed.  Which the vacuum cleaner did not cooperate.  I spent a great deal unclogging it.

Finally I was able to clean.  Got it all done, turned my back and that dog peeed all over the floor.   That was just the beginning cause then the cat puked on it and then the dog pooped on it and then the dog puked on it and pebbled showed his teeth cause I made him go into the kitchen.  UGH!!!!!

I went to get dinner and I found it.  The Skull ice cube treys at the dollar store.  I am embarrassed to say I jumped up and down for joy.  It was a short lived joy cause I realized I lost my cell phone.  I couldnt remember if I had brought it with me or not.  If I had I had left it in the car and I had left the top down and it could have been stolen.  Had that happen before.

I tried to call it and would not ring.  Battery was going down.  
So I started putting the house back together.  It takes longer to put it back together then it did to take it apart.  There was always something that had to be done first.  Like for example I wanted to take the chairs out of the kitchen and put them in the dinning room.  But I had to put the boxes up.  The boxes were going in Wendells closet but my art supplies were still in there.  They were going to go into the play room but I had to put the rug down first.  To do that I had to vacuum the carpet.  I went upstairs and got the rug I remembered the window being cracked open so I tried to pull it back up and I stepped on a thumb tack OUCH!

I got the rug down stairs and it had to be placed under the day bed.  Under the day bed is a trundle bed.  I had to remove the trundle and both mattresses to get the rug down.

its making me tired just thinking about it.  Anyway in the process of putting the house back together which I got about 75% done I found my cell phone.

So here are the two things I did dooo.

When I had gone to michaels I went across the dam and saw a ton of sail boats on Lake Murrey.  It was that moment of wishing you had your camera.  I hoped they would be there when I got back.  Then I drove a little longer and a turkey vulture was sitting on the dam wall, while people were walking past it. Ignoring them.  Ah nuts another missed picture.
So I came back and the sail boats were still there but clumped together... I took a chance and got my camera and came back hoping they would break apart.  Now they were farther away but I think I got some pretty good pictures.  This is my favorite.  Got a picture of my lovely car too.

the other pictures I am including count as artsy too cause it was putting together my craft room. Yes I got an art room and a craft room.  ha haha.  Just kidding.  Its more of a store area plus kids play room.  I took a picture from each corner.

30 Days of Get Your Art On


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