A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kathryns birthday

It is Kathryn’s birthday today. I spent the day with Mum getting Birthday gifts for Robin, Kathryn and Heather. We had dinner at Myabi’s a Hibachi grill type place where the chefs tries to be funny and insult each other as they cook our food in front of us. The best part is when he had that fake bottle of mustard and squeezed it right at me. I didn’t flinch. Saw it coming a mile away. Poor Heather. They got her twice. So the photo of the day is all of us at dinner. One they took with me in it, and one I took myself without me in it of course. Can’t be into places at once.

I was able to get two of the three needed birthday cards done (also Heathers October 3 and Robins tomorrow)

For Heathers I found this neat instruction sheet from Michaels. I don’t think it would be a problem to scan it and post it because they give them out free and I did not edit the instructions in anyway . Here is the back and front of the original instructions. I loved it the first moment I saw it. I bought the stamp set just for the card. I had the alcohol ink and of course I had tons of card stock. Not the same brand but what I had will work.

I had other ideas of swirling in my head what to make Heather and they all flew out of my brain when I saw this card. Super Easy too. Even thow difficult level says it is a 3. Ha I don’t think so.

Here is my take of it. I didn’t have the exact card stock but I had something pretty close. It is impossible to make the exact alcohol ink pattern so I swirled and dropped and smudged and came up with this. I really love the man with the umbrella. They also have a die cut which I bought at AC moore. They have embossing folders too which is on my wish list.

I got Heather 4 ornaments to start her collection off since she just got married and moved to Atlanta.

For robin I sort of winged it. I made a weave pattern out of colored papers and glued it to a card base. Didn’t help the cat jumped on the table and the table top is glass. So he slid and the stuff slid right along with him and plop onto the floor. I picked the cat up and gave him the evil eye and said it’s a good thing I really really really really like you! I used the die cut bird cage from Tim Holtz (the stamps in the previous card is Tim Holtz too. I got a crush on Tim Holtz LOL. Anywhoo when I first saw him on the Carol Duvall show I didn’t like it because it was heavy product base, but the thing is the products are awesome!) I added some fishing swivels to the bottom of the bird cage and made the bird out of scraps from the alchol ß can’t spell alcohol today or any day. That is how I spell it each time. WRONG! Each time too! I gave Robin a gift certificate to Myabis and some angry bird stickers and some glee music.

Kathryn I never got to. I gave her some make up, a ton of stickers for her students and a big bucket of candy for her students. She gave Heather and Robin gift cards for gas. She never gives gifts. I think I am annoyed a bit with her as usual. She comes to dinner, her dinner and leaves before she eats. She leaves early every time. The whole family thing doesn’t mean anything to her. 17 people where in the party and she leaves.

Since Glee is back on I got interested in down loading music again. I got a gift certificate for I tunes and downloaded their last episode and I got David Cooks new Cd and some live songs by Adam Lambert and an Elton John and Josh Groban song. I also found this better app on my phone to download more music so I laid in bed and took my list I had created and went crazy.

Heather forgot the Wedding CD. UGH! I want my pictures!!!!!!!! I miss my pictures!

I can’t find my kitty. Stinker Bell I know I complain about her but I never wanted anything bad happened to her. I last saw her Saturday morning when mom and I left. Wendell came home Saturday and acted weird. Yes weirder than normal. He rushes into the house, the door doesn’t shut cause he was rushing so fast. He practically ran back and closed the door. He goes into this room comes back out in a hurry with a plastic bag. He was outside a good long while and then comes back in empty handed. First I thought he dropped his food in his car. Then I remembered he did not have left overs. Then I thought and thought and thought about it and then I realized I hadn’t seen the cat in a while. Now it may be coincidence. I don’t know. His behavior was odd. I went outside and looked for her. I checked the trash for suspicious bags. I found none but still no kitty. I wish I knew what was all the hoopla was so I could rule it out. Mom asked him if he saw her and he said no. Then he was supposed to go with us and he cancelled too.

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