A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Thursday, September 15, 2011

remember when

My step dad was the state fair, amusement park King of winning stuffed animals.  Big ones.  Very Big ones and even Bigger ones.  Does not matter.  He wins them.  
When he wins them we carry them.
When he wins them they get stuck in our rooms.
So we try to get rid of them before we leave the park.
Well sell them.
We trade them.   Lady could not believe I would trade my beautiful unicorn for her ugly red dog.  I did it.  Much easier to carry.  She was very excited.
We gave them away.
We gave one to each of mom’s co-workers children.  They sent me and Robin a Christmas gift to thank us.  Funny thing is we were glad to get rid of them!
He felt it was his duty to take all family and friends who were visiting to the closest amusement park and dump a big stuffed animal on them, if they wanted it or not.
For example is daughter Polly.  She was driving a yugo.  The thing would not fit inside.  He got some rope and tied it to the roof.  Now did he actually expect that thing to make it back to Alabama without falling off or getting buggied?
I need to ask her if she stopped at the first gas station and dumped it.  I would have. 
I don’t have as many as I use to have but I still have a few.  I have the monkey that needs an ear operation and some teddy bears and a lion.  I think those will be my keepers.

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