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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Keeping up with the kittys

Thats a new segment I just started.  Welcome to the very first one.

So today I got up and found cat puke all over my lap top and my zune player and everything else.  I cleaned it up and gave Singapore a very dirty look.  If he is going to puke, puke else where LOL.  Yeah like I always say it is impossible to reason with a cat.

I went to work and I over head this lady talking to the boss lady.  Yes I was over listening and I am proud of it.  Thats how you learn important stuff and the more interesting stuff too.  Anyway this lady is very devoted to the cat rescue cause and got a phone call from a lady who was looking for a cat or to foster a cat.
I said me me me me me
mememememememem and meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

So we talked and I showed her how awesome singapore is (when he isnt puking on my lap top)  Dont worry he isnt sick.  Its a cat thing.

She called the lady and gave her my info and called me and talked to my vet and my vet knows me oh so well.  He is a facebook friend LOL

So we decided to meet after work and I followed her to her condo.  What a sweet kitty.  Black and white.  My favorite colors... Yeah i know they are not colors but still my favorite colors.  Matches my room.

Ok I do not pick out my cats because they match my room.  It just happens to be that way.

I decided to give him a chance.  I picked Mom up from work and got the cat carrier.  I went to Robins to do Poo duty.  I will never ever ever ever own four cats EVER!  again.  LOLOLOL

Dont say ever!

I picked me up and you know the little pig who went wee wee all the way home.

This kitty went meoooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww all the way home.  Just like my singapore would have.

I pictured in my mind how Singapore would react to this knew kitty.  I am a bitty worried that this is a male cat when he has only been around females but Sing Sing is the bestest and I think they will become fast friends.

I let him out and he immediately explored the house.

Singapore spots him and by golly he acted as I imagined.  I might have a goofy cat, but he is a predictable goofy cat.

I go over to my computer and see that I did missed a bit of cat puke.  Well no not really.  I missed a lot of it in the corners yuck yuck yuck and I ant another kitty huh LOL

(new kitty just came to visit me and gave me a big Meow COOOOL!)

I just showed him where the food was and he either hissed at the food or at me LOL.  I told him that is what the meal is.  Singapore cant eat anything else.  If he is going to snub it  I dont know how he is going to eat cause Sing Sing can only eat that brand or he will get sick.  So I picked up Sing Sing.  He doesnt hiss at me or his food.  He was showing off and being all lovey like see I am the good cat (snort)   Singapore was different when I first brought him home.  I took a half a day off of work and picked him out and had a few hours before I had to go to my other job was we laid together on the couch and napped.  Yes my brand new kitty was already napping with me.

So he finds a spot behind the couch... sort of reminds me of Ms Lillie.  Singapore watches him very closely.

I got the camera out and took some pictures of the new kitty and then took the video of the twitching tailed Singapore and I went back to take some more pictures.  I think he has my number already.  He turned his back to me!

Time will teach him that we are not his enemy.

I came up with some names
first it was Norway.  Long story but I dont think he looks like a Norway.  Then Santee.  Maybe but then I thought of Monte Carlo   He looks like a Monte so I think that is his name.

Oh Monte is hissing at Singapore.  That poor cat gets hissed at by so many cats and he doesnt do anything to deserve it.  I think it is because Monte is a little scared right now.
When he settles in I think they will be fine.  Monte seems to have a cheeky personality!

Update.  He met the doggies I am doggy sitting.  It could have been worse. These doggies live with 4 cats.  The same four I had to scoop the pooh and will never ever ever ever ever have four cats  EVER.  again.  Remembering Stinker Bells reaction to DeSoto and she had been with us for quite some time.  Months but she never was around when DeSoto or Lex came in.  Stink learned they were no biggie and so will Monte.

Monte was sitting by me while I blogged

Monte found Singapores favorite spot.  On top of the fridge RUH ROH.  As Scooby doo always says!

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