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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Keeping up with the kittys

Well Monte likes to play two games.  Hide and seek.  He hides and I seek and seek and seek and seek and seek.  You get the idea.  Then I walked by the laundry area and he cooley says MEOW, there he was sitting on the washing machine.  Now I know he wasnt sitting on that machine cause I looked there 5 thousand times!
The other came he likes to play is catch the red light.  Though his tail was switching when he was going after it... so maybe it just annoys him.  I dunno.  Singapore ignores it.  Stinker bell was a trip to watch.  She scoot across the carpet after it.
Lucas was  a trip too.  But he isnt a cat.  He still was funny!
The lady who gave me Monte is correct he does drool.  He drools A lot LOL.  I am glad the vet said he drools because he is happy.  That must mean is his one happy cat!
He has climbed in my lap several times already.  He has come over while I am computing away and stood on his hand paws and put his front paws on my lap.  He seems to want to chit chat more in the evening.
He has now come off the refridge and is sitting on the tv stand.  The Tv is in the breakfast room turned art room.  So he hasnt really left the kitchen, except when he would sit on my lap.  But its  a start.  Look how much closer the two kitties are now and they are not hissing!

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