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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

keeping up with the kittys

I got Monte to finally eat, not a lot but he ate.  The lady who gave him to me (thanks Max for the awesome kitty) gave me some food to see if he was being picky.  The dude was being picky!
Now I have to figure out how to keep one cat who is not allowed to have it (ahem Singapore) away from Monte's food.  I think I will put the bowl out when I can watch what is going on.

Gross alert.  Monte thinks the sink is the cat litter box.  UGH!  Its only #1 but still.  Naughty Naughty.  Get the bleach out to clean out the sink. I actually found this spic and span antibactorial cleaner it smells much nicer then bleach and does the job nicely. I think after my sisters dogs go home (which should have been Monday, hurry up Bruce and carry their cages back home!!!!) He will use the one litter box that Stink use to use when she came in. Monte can see the dog from the box.  As for the other box ... he thought about using it ....but I think Singapore gave him a THATS MINE STAY AWAY FROM IT look.  He gave the same look to stinker bell.  I have a spare one outside I might swap it with the one stink used so It doesnt have that much of a stinker bell smell on it.

FYI I know  her name isnt Stinker bell.  Really I truly know this.  Her name is Tinker bell but I loved to call her stinker cause it annoyed my sister who dumped the cat on me.  The cat didn't mind as long as I was feeding her.

Its still raining so I couldn't pass around flyers again.

Oh BRUCE where are you.  That Dimitri is dumping food all over the floor.  I want those doggies gone.  I want the house back to normal!  She has been back from Disney world since Monday.

BTW she ... Robin... my sister... the one who went to Disney world and stuck me with her dogs for two weeks now ... and didnt bother taking me with her... brought me some awesome Disney Pins.  One from the Johnny Depp Movie Alice in Wonderland and the other one is of Mickey in front of a Haunted house for the Halloween party.  I want to go to Disney world!

If you never been try to catch the not so scary Halloween party at the Magic Kingdom in Disney world.  Its pretty cool!

Sigh.. I am now a tad upset.  Oh who am I kidding I am a lot upset.  While I was typing this post Bruce called and I missed it and I called him back with in 30 mins.  He started working on something else and now is too busy to take the cages over to Robin.
He knows how much two extra dogs are causing chaos in the house.  I asked him Monday and excused him Monday because of the Bathroom tile going in.  He said he would do it Tuesday.  I excused him Tuesday because he was grouting the bathroom tile.
The only reason he is even helping with the bathroom is because he does not want Wendell to live with him and Aunt Barb.
I have watched their dogs for years and never once was to busy not to. This isn't  a once a year thing.  This is practically every weekend during the whole summer and two weeks about twice a year.  When they kayak and want a ride back to their car I have never been too busy.  When they were on the seadoo on lake murrey and it started to thunder I stopped what I was doing and picked Barbara and took her to her vehicle and they drove back to pick up the seadoos so they would not have to go across the lake in the storm. .
Jason (Robin's husband) will pick the cages up Friday and strap it to the top of the car.  If I could have folded the cages I probably could have gotten it into the mustang with the top down.

As for the litter box... this is odd but I put it in the kitchen for a few more days.  Monte is not use to dogs and I don't blame him for being leery of them.

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