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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Keeping up with the kittys

As I write this sad news Monte is sitting on my lap rubbing up all over me.  In my face literally.  It finally stopped raining enough so I could put the flyers out for Stinker Bell.   It started pouring again while I went to walmart to get cat litter.  I went to TWO walmarts and they both were out.  GRR! How come Walmart cannot keep common things like Cat Litter and Dog Chow in stock?  It boggles my mind.
Anyway before my computer rudely interrupted me and decided to restart on its own
 (I think it is possessed... well ok it was an update but still ask a girl first)
While I was on that goose chase a lady who I had met during my walk called.  When I spoke to her I described Stink as a calico.  The vet called her a calico.  I wouldnt have but since the vet did I did.  The lady said she had found a grey and white tabby.  (When I see stink I see white then a bit of grey and brown and black I guess thats why the vet called her a calico)
 Anyway I had Lex with me and she had small dogs with her and Lex does not like dogs correction small dogs So I had to speak her from a distance but I left the flyer in her box.  She called me and was pretty sure it was Stink.  Stink disappeared on 09/24 Kathryns birthday.
There was a pretty nasty storm in Lexington.  Mom and I were buying bday gifts for Kathryn Robin and Heather's Birthday and we got soaked.  We had seen her when we left but that was the last time we seen her.
Wendell came in after dinner acting weird.  Runs into the house does not shut the door runs back shuts the door runs back to his room grabs a plastic bag goes back outside and stays out there for a while.  I began to wonder what had happened and I realized the cat was missing.  I started looking all over for her and could not find her.  That cat is never late for dinner.  So in my mind I started blaming him.  
 As more puzzle pieces became available it became more then likely that he was not the cause of what ever happened to her (I think he had an accident  not a car accident ... yes I am telling the world my 62 year old uncle poohed in his pants) I feel so bad about it (note sarcasm).
Anyway no stink.  No Stink Sunday.  No Stink Monday.
I called the Humane Society and they had not found a cat similar to Stink.  Wendell ran her photo up there.   (still dont feel about about the pooh thing.  He had been a thorn in my side for forever and now he is living in the same house as I and is a slob)
So many things had happened I had not had a chance to post flyers a lot of it was due to the rain and aunt sister passing.
Finally like I said I did and the lady who I talked to called me.
She believe she had found stink September 27.  She had probably been hit by a car and had some pretty bad wounds on her.  The lady who was a nurse said they were a few days old.  She was dehydrated.
My poor kitty suffered and I couldnt help her.  I looked all around the neighborhood several times and did not see her.  That part I wish I did not know.
The lady took her to the emergency vet and they said if she was to surrender her to them she would not be able to get any information about her.
She asked what if she found the owners
She got the same reply.
She felt the cat needed medical attention and she could not help the cat and agreed to surrender the cat.
Here is why they would not give her any more information ... I went to the Emergency clinic. The one on Fernandina Rd.  I asked them about the cat.  The receptionist told me a bit to much before she caught her self.  ALL ANIMALS who are surrendered are put down.
They would not aid me in any way to determine if it was Tinkerbell.
after her slip up about the ALL ANIMALS she would not confirm that they actually put the cat down.
I am pretty sure it was.  The lady was who found her was pretty sure it was the same cat from the photo on the flyer even if it was black and white.
I understand in Tinker Bells case her wounds were very severe and the only option would have been to put her to sleep.
What I dont understand is if some person who finds an animal.  Maybe they are not hurt all that bad or tnhey are not sure how to find its home or what to do with it surrenders the animal.  The vet will not disclose that they will put the animal down.
I feel the people who surrender the animals have a right to know so they can make a better decision.
When I spoke to the receptionist she told me it wasnt to be cruel it was a legal thing.  A legal thing?  Really?  Or is it their Policy?  Why would they make such a law?   I feel its more along the lines its their lawyers who say not to tell because if they put down an animal and the owner finds out they can be liable.
The lady who found tink gave the vet a donation.  They do not deserve it.  I need to compensate her for that donation.  She did everything right in my opinion.  The vet was not honest and that upsets me.

So please pass it along what Surrender means at the emergency vet and make sure you know what it means at other vets if it is a common practice.

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