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Friday, October 28, 2011

todays photo - is oh so depressing

Here is my basic lens

Its in pieces

The sad thing is I was planning to buy a new lens come February if I had enough tax return money.  Not really sure since I was unemployed for 3 months.   Apparently unemployment checks are taxable too and I had the tax taken out of them.
Now I have to buy a lens to hold me over.
I looked all over Columbia SC ... well I called and did online research and stopped at a few places in Lexington.
It comes down to this.  This lens comes with the camera so its not sold by itself.  I called Ritz and they say cheapest to repair is 150.  The lens cost 200 but they do not have it and neither does their warehouse.
So it looks like its going to have to be bought from ebay.   If it shipped from the USA its about 50 bucks more then from Korea.
Oh I dont know what to do!
Gotta think some more on it.

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