A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Thursday, October 27, 2011

todays photo

I went to the fall festival with my two nephews my sister Robin and her husband Jason.  I live so close to it I walked there and Robin dropped me off because I stayed later then planned.

Lucas and Conner had a blast.

Robin Jason and I had a blast watching Conner and Lucas have a blast.

I decided to narrow it down to five pictures to post.  Well as you can see that didn't work out so well.

Conner on the wall

Its Luigi!

what a goof ball

waiting for the ride to begin

enjoying the ride!

costume contest

Cotton Candy YUMMY

hee hee big brother has snow cone stains and cotton candy stains and hamburger stains and soda stains

Little brother has then too except he had a hot dog

Lucas' girl friend.  No joke.  He holds her hand as they leave school and he kisses her hand when he gets into the car

playing Halloween games

Grandma would be so Jealous.  Conner meets Cocky the mascot of Grandmas favorite team 

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