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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TP mini album

There is two parts

The first part is the base of the book and then the completed book.

The base...

It is sort of a flip flop book.  I do not remember the video I saw where I got the idea to use this type of binding.  It was not a tp mini album I think it was a paper bag.  Anyway it was not a tutorial, and barely mentioned.  I had to think a bit on how it was done and I believe I did a pretty good job of figuring it out LOL.

I used six toilet paper rolls and one paper towel roll.  The back page and the cover needed to be a bit bigger then the inside pages.
The reason for that is because the back page and the front pages needed to be bound on both sides, while the inside pages were bound on only one side
I cut the front page in half so it would open like a gate fold.
To keep with the trick or treat theme I made the tags look like a Halloween bag.

Every other one was bound on the opposite side.  The video which I will post after it is uploaded will show this.
Please excuse the amateur video.

I have the still photos ready

the front

The tag

inside the tag

The video

Here is the second part

The cover

The cover

The skull embelishment

The back

the tag

inside the tag

The tag inside the tp page

The joke

The cheezy punch line

The joke all tied up
The video

Here is the youtube video of the skull polymer clay I mentioned in my video but I used air dry clay

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