A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

awesome video

First I left my camera at work.  This is horrible.  This is the equivalent for most people leaving their cell phones at work.

Second nobody noticed my blonder hair (sigh)

Third I got the new pages magazine from Cloth paper scissors.  AWESOME!  Better then the first so far.

Lastly here is the awesome video

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dark Shadows

I saw Johnny Depps Dark Shadows Yesterday.  It was pretty interesting.

It would have been better if I did not have this distraction.

 We sat in the first 3 seats by the aisle.  The lady and guy walked around and the seats went up the stairs and chose our row.  They had the entire row to sit it but then insisted on sitting next to me one seat over.

Then she proceeded to wolf down her popcorn and it was finished with in 20 mins of the movie.  That is a good thing cause she kept licking her hands and fingers.

todays photo

I was painting and kitty was laying besides me.

Kitty rolled over and well Its a good thing I had wipes to remove the paint from his back leg.

atc swap received

I got this wonderful Tuscan ATC from Laura O.  Another one is coming to add to my collection in the mail shortly.  If the first one is any indication on how nice it will be well I am pretty excited to get it then.

Crow art I like it

Personally I would have stopped right before the polka dot ribbon.  I
dont think it needed it or the crow feather and the glitter.

Thats my own opinion though.  What is yours?

Another opinion of mines is when she sprayed it with the blue ink and
rolled the paper towels over it the pattern of the paper towels was
picked up.  She wiped it away.  I think I would have kept it for more

To each its own I suppose.  Anyway I like it for the most part

Monday, May 28, 2012

received Mandala Swap

Here is one of the swaps I received from the Art for the creative mind group.  Link to join is to the right.  Be prepared to participate.  This is not for the lurkers!

This was sent to me from June C.

Mouse trap Swap

I have to sign up for this one. Its to crazy not to.

You take an ordinary mouse trap and you turn it into a message holder. How cool is that?

Here is the link

Here are some examples of other mouse trap magic


I tried to search for a youtube video and well they had videos of dead mice.  Who wants to see that YUCK.

background video

I stumbled on this video before but this time I decided to give it a try for my round robin book ... the book I am working on now is Fairy Tails.

what lucas said via is dad on face book

Lucas .... Wish at the wishing well . He said he wished everyone was normal like him 

btw he is only four

i laughed so hard I chased the cat away

todays photo

Well hold onto your socks.... cause it just might knock your socks off.

Who would of thunk these two would ever sit together.  Especially the way Montie carried on and on and on.

BTW Montie is the more white one.

Tuscan ATC

The ATC swap this month was tuscan.  I had problems with it.  I am not all that familiar with that region so I did a search on bing.com (lately when I want a graphic that is where I start... dont really know why)

I found two that inspired me.  I used it as a jumping off point and did not copy the picture exactly.  In fact instead of a window I made an arch door way.  

I used modeling paste for the wall and acrylic paint for the rest of the picture
I watered down brown acrylic paint for the wall.  I stippled the rest

Which was inspired by this picture

I used oil pastels in a stippling technique I covered it with clear contact paper because I only had slick white heavy board and it would have wiped off if I did not protect it. 

which was inspired by this picture

flamingo Mandala

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Photo of the day

At the zoo with Sophia Marlo Conner Chance Lucas and Owen plus one grandma and me behind the camera.


Lucas and Owen



Conner and Chance


Grandma and Owen

The gang

The Icee Gang

Girls Vs

The Boys

Yikes.... I cant Watch!


Yeah that is Owen sticking his tongue at me.  Ha ha. 

Monkey watching the boys

Lucas feeding the lorrikeet

Lucas and Owen

Lucas and Owen

Sophia and Marlo

Two comedians putting on a puppet show using themselves as the puppets


My online Friend Linda D.  Sent me these photos a while ago.  I just got around to viewing them.  I sure was missing some neat peacock photos.

Please enjoy.  I do not know who took these wonderful pictures but kudos to them!

wake up call

I gotta a call from Mom

You awake

Yeah (well duh)

I was on my way to church but decided not to go so I am coming over...

Your doing what

Coming over


So she came over

She then says if you loan me a pair of old shoes and socks I will help you mow the lawn


and that Ladies and Gentlemen is how I got snookered into doing lawn work on a Sunday morning.

What is Steam punk?

This is a link and I should put it on the link from groups page which I will in deed.  I also wanted to dedicate a whole post to it.  

Steam punk 101

Oddly enough it isnt a latest craze but seemed to pick up more steam.  

har har. 

Anyway a few weeks ago Law and order SVU had this case and this lady was arrested for something and she had her leg amputated.  I think her outfit says steam punk.  This are screen captures so they are not the best examples.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

photo of the day of The bird

When we went to Heathers wedding .... its been a year ago this weekend I sort of took a lot of pictures of this bird.

I decided to paint it in water color class.  I cant remember if I shared it.  If not here it is again.  Of course the first picture is the one I took with my nikon and the second one is of my painting.

Books I read this week

I read John Grishams The litigator

 and I read The Girl who kicked the Hornets nest by Stieg Larson

 and I was going to start reading the Hunger games but instead I picked up the Red queen by Phillipa Gregory.

You may not believe me.  i wouldnt either if I wasnt the one who read them all.  Especially since the Girl who kicked the hornets nest is 818 pages.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The stubbornness of a cat

So I have had Montie for oh about 8 months now.    I was told by the lady who found him OH HE IS A VERY SWEET CAT.

She neglected to tell me how STUBBORN he is.

For example I have this basket of mail sitting on the counter.  If I wanted something out of it I have to fight for it.

See he is looking at me as if to say I am not budging.    Even if I wanted to look up a phone number in that phone book he is sitting on in the basket.  It is not happening. 

I still hate that wallpaper btw.  

So he has taken to meowing at Wendells door.  That leads me to believe when I am not home my uncle is letting the cat waltz right in.  

Oh I dont care if he lets the cat do all that.  I do care at 7:30 in the AM on a Saturday that the cat is meowing on the top of his lungs to be let in. 

So I was lounging in bed reading a book one evening and the cat started the meow business.  I fussed at him to hush.  That worked for a minute and he was back at it. 

So I opened the door and told him to scram. 

He took off.

I pick up where I left off reading the book and three minutes Later 

I open the door and I didnt have to tell him to scram this time.  He took off.  
I once again go back to the book.  

A few minutes later ... guess what ... Yeah MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW 

I open the door again and he takes off like his tail is on fire.    I shut the door and shake my head. 

This time I did not go back to reading the book 30 seconds later I open the door again and would you believe that cat was striding down the hall once again to Wendells room.  He took one look at me and vamoosed. 

This time he stayed gone. 

He knows he is driving me bonkers and he knows he isnt suppose to be doing it and he does it anyway.  

So if you bottle all the stubbornness of my  11 other cats  (during my life time not at once.  I am not that  much of a crazy cat lady ha ha) and put it on a scale to compare to Montie (aka Montie Carlos) Stubbornness I think the scales would tip over on Montie's side.  

Saturday, May 19, 2012

photos of the day Kathryn's Dance recital

Here are several pictures from Kathryn's dance recital.  If you are a face book friend you can see all 200+ photos.