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Thursday, July 26, 2012

5 ATCs made - Silhouette Swap

These ATCs are for the Silhouette Swap over on Artist for the creative mind group.  There is a link to the yahoo group over there on your right.  I only had to do 2 but some how I ended up with 5 LOL. 

You may recognize the giraffe from the africa card I did a week ago.  Its posted some where on the blog.  The giraffe was orange but I painted him black.  I used water color paper and water color crayon and made the sun set in the background. 

I used the cricut for this one.  I do not remember the cartridge.  Children at play or something like that.  I felt the silhouettes were to simple thats why I kept making more and more.  The card is on water color paper with water color crayon.  It is then glued to a black atc blank.

I could not get a good picture of this one because there is clear contact paper over it.   I used water color crayon and colored the blue.  I used my lino stamp I made which was way to big for this size but I only used a portion of it.  I rolled the ink on and placed the atc where I wanted it to be.
I printed the words on blank copy paper and put a piece of contact paper over and rubbed real good.
I cut the size of the atc with the words where I wanted it to be in the left hand corner.  I dipped the contact paper into water and let it soak for a bit.
I rubbed all the paper off and it left the toner.  I placed the contact paper over the city scape card.

Here is the full stamp.  I trimmed it to the exact size because I did not want the extra stuff printing for this particular image.  You will see with the next lino cut (I used it for the next atc) I left the background in. 

Oh yes my famous Fairy.  I used this one a lot.  The Fairy cut stamp is much bigger and I did the same thing that I did the the cityscape.  I inked it up and laid it down and placed the atc where I wanted it to print on. 

Here is the the stamp.  It is well used as you can tell.  I follow Tim Holtz philosophy about cleaning his stamps!  He doesn't!   Well I do wipe them down but the ink remains. 

Oh yes the one that gave me the hardest time and the one I like the most.  This is a svg file I found on the internet and I used with the cricut and sure cuts a lot.  It was free and I am sure if you google it you can find it. 
I did the same thing with the words as the city scape using the contact paper.  The first go around the words smudged off and I had the thing already put together and the monkey was too big and his tail got trimmed off at the right side. Another thing I did not like is the contact paper covered the green water colored paper and the black atc.  I decided it just needed to be on the green part not the black mat. 
So I started all over again from scratch.
I water colored the paper green and black.  I made the words and used the contact paper.  It smudged again so I did it again.  At least this time I did not have all the pieces together when I decided to redo.. all I had to redo was the wording. 
So I started putting it together. I put the contact paper on the green water color and trimmed it up.  I glued that down to the back mat and I realized it was upside down in reference to the label on the back So I turned it around.  The black edges were suppose to be on the bottom now they are on the top.  It still worked out. 
I put the monkey on and it covered half of the top line and I thought I was going to have to redo the whole thing.  I did manage to scrape the monkey off and had 2 extras which I was going to send to my partner.  
Well I ran the one thru the Xyron machine upside down and it was facing the wrong way. 
So I had to go to my second back up and managed to get him down onto the contact paper.  
I thought it would look better to have the monkey sitting on top of the contact paper instead of underneath it. 
So I got a monkey sticker which I put in my common place book and my poor partner got 5 atc instead of 2 with no extra monkeys.  Sorry T. 

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