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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Easy Peasy Magnet Craft

Supplies needed
Metal lid to a pasta sauce jar or pickle jar.  Something similar.
Scissor (safety pair for smaller people)
Metal Paint or Ribbon Optional

What no glue???  You got that right NO GLUE!  No waiting for glue to dry!

Clean your lid and save the jar for a water jar for your paintings.   You may paint the lids if you have paint that will stick to metal.   Or perhaps you can wrap a ribbon around the outside lid.  This is all optional.  The choice is your.  It’s your easy peasy craft!

Select a picture from a magazine, post cards, news paper, print out, personal photos, or any thing you want to use but is should be made out of paper.  If you wanted to use fabric then I would adhere it onto card stock but you will have to use glue.  Might I suggest Mod Podge?  The focal image needs to be able to fit inside the diameter of your jar lid.   You can determine that by placing your jar lid on the picture and moving it around to see if it covers up the focal image that you want to be in your magnet.   Make sure the flat part is touching the paper not the rim of the lid.   This is important for the next part so you do not have to lift it off and flip the lid over.
No not like this. 

Yeah like this! 

When you got the lid positioned just where you want it, trace around it with a pencil.

Cut the circle out that you traced with scissors.

Lay the picture face up on top of the inside of your lid.  You will see that it should sit perfectly on top.

Ok even though I traced it right I did not cut it out right Its
a little to big so trim it up.  Its no biggie if it isn't perfect. 

Take your finger and push in the middle of the picture and the picture should pop right on in.

The sucker will not fall out or wiggle.  Really it won’t.  Give it a shake.  See I told you so!
So I got carried away with the trimming but its no biggie
This is a close tight up.  When its hanging up you don't see the
space.  Really you don't! 

Ah ha I see some space on the close up too 

The lid is made out of metal so the magnet should stick right on it and its ready to hang on your fridge or in my case the metal cabinet.

Some magnets have stick back you can use those too.

If you really wanted to glue the magnet down you will need to use industrial strength glue such as E6000.  This glue aggravates me because it is always clogging.   Oh yeah, Gorilla glue!  The new bottle has not clogged up on me as of yet.  Use a smidgeon of that cause it will expand.

Now go hang your magnets on the fridge or hang them on a metal cabinet like I did.

told you you won't see the space when its hanging up. 

Easy Peasy like I said!

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