A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Yard sales sure can tear up a house and make it a mess!  good thing this house was already a wreck!

These are the pictures closer to the end of the sale...

a lot of items went and we made about 160.00 this year for it.  Yes that is the kitchen sink... gotta lot of jokes about it.

What was funny was last yard sale I only had to take the stuff outside and set it up.  It was around labor day no it was veterans day and they had a parade going so traffic was directed down our street and we got a lot of traffic

This time it was a neighborhood sale and I took the stuff to mums house.

So I had more work to do.  It seemed to last longer too.  Then I had to clean it up.  The first yard sale I could not walk.  My feet hurt so bad I could barely move.

This time I had no problems.  Got it all packed up and took it home.

It took a total of It took 4 loads to get it there and only 2 loads came back and I did not have to stuff the car as much coming back.

So we unloaded a lot of stuff.

I sorted it and half is going on craigs list and the other half is going to a thrift store.

I gotta get the kitchen in order and the den and the stuff in the hall which is the stuff I bought back and put back all the tables and things that I used to display my items on then I will start selling it on craigs list.

I got some furniture that can go too.

I started putting some items on Ebay so pop on over and take a look.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 7

Well the dude decided he was done and that was that.  He was moving back to Ohio.

Well its obvious he isnt done.  Yes of course there are no counters but that was not his part.

What he did finish was getting the appliances in.  I will be honest I hate the stove.  I hate the knobs on the back I just totally and completely hate it.  I had not choice on it and Im stuck with it and I got a royal chewing out about not appreciating things but the fact is I hate it and that is that.

I realized that we seem to have lost cabinet space.  Especially since the stove and oven take a good portion of it and the garbage bin takes a good portion of it.

The cabinets are taller so that might make up for it.  I dont know.  The test is going to be to see what will go back in there.

I have a feeling my plastic bowls will be homeless.

The ceiling fan is now  up and the trim is painted on the bottom.  As you peruse the pictures I will point out what needs to be done.

counters of course

new doors to the laundry and pantry

Im going to ask for a handle for this door.  I think it needs it

once again the counter, then we can get the sink in and the dish
washer and ice/water for the fridge can be hooked up

There is trim needed at the ceiling

and this door needs to be painted white

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I received a Halloween ATC and the gift for the mystery word, plus some art

I received this ATC via a private swap from Margie...

plus these bags

Isnt it delightful.  I love it.  I am working on mine to give her now but I have no sink and all the stuff in the kitchen found its way back into the artsy fartsy room even after I cleared it out.  I had to find a path for them to carry the fridge in.

I guessed a mystery word on the yahoo mixed media group I belong too.  Now folks if your interested in a small group to chat with, learn from, be inspired by and a must swap with.  You must sign up for artforthecreativeminds.  Tell TG that Karen H. sent you.  

Well the mystery word or phrase was alcohol inks.  They are always art related and I got these wonderful washi tapes.  I been wanting some but couldnt justify buying them.  

how luck am I?

two pieces I would like to share... 

First I was practicing gel medium transfer on a 8x10 canvas.  I found this picture on facebook and it appealed to me so I printed it on my laser printer then I brushed gel medium on the front of the picture. I "glued" it down to the canvas. I allowed it to completely dry and then I went the paper and rubbed the backing of it on.
The next think I want to share is my latest completed art journal page.  I couldnt sleep the other night so I finished it up and here is how it turned out.

Oh its called upside downville because I accidently had the book turned upside down LOL. Its the second time I have done this... well ooops.

a quick over view of what I did.  I used mod podge and glued down some pattern tissue paper.  I painted over it pink but it was too much so I gessoed over it.

I drew the tree and I cut out squares for the buildings and I doodled on them.  I used sequin waste and stamps on the back ground.

I stamped the face on yellow card stock and I hand cut out all the rays on red orange yellow pink and slightly purple paper.
I doodled on them.

I brushed more gesso on it and then when back and wrote the words.

If your looking thru the book like you should, when you turn the page it will look like this....

Which it should have looked like this if I had the book turned around correctly...

day 6

On day six he finished the floor.  He put the cabinet doors on.  He wired the lights in the main part of the kitchen and the laundry room. He painted the pantry and the laundry room.
He said he was going to be finished tomorrow.  I dont know he has a lot to do.

The appliances will be coming in and there is some more trim that needs to be painted and attached.  Then.  I guess I wont be getting a sink until the counter is done.  That will take 2 weeks.  Yeah! (said with sarcasm) he also needs to do the light in the bathroom.

haa somebody kept telling me I was picking to dark of a color.  ha ha ha on them I was not.

update to the nerve racking day

I am glad to say the man who flipped over on the motorcycle that I saw on Saturday is going to make a 100% recovery.  My mom saw it on the news and I looked it up on wistv.com



Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 5

Hmm what did he do on Day five... Oh yeah he started putting the floor down and took the doors off the laundry area and pantry to pain the inside.  He also put some trim around the floor and painted the window.  I sure hope he scrapes that paint off!