A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Saturday, September 8, 2012

art work found at the zoo

I went to the zoo to take some pictures of the river which was a bust at the zoo but turned out OK in the end.  Tomorrow I will post those.

I wanted to share this piece of art I saw at the zoo ... I instantly fell in love with it.  I have many shots of it so you can see the details.


  1. I think it's amazing looking. Since I see part of the torso is a shutter, it must be pretty big - what size is it?

  2. It wasnt as big as your thinking it might be. It probably stands a little under five feet from head to toe. I think the piece you are thinking is a shutter may be an air vent. Its smaller then an actual lion LOL.