A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Sunday, September 9, 2012

She is done she is finished she is complete and she is awesome

in my opinion LOL

I just gave her a tittle... a name would just be to dull for this lady LOL.  Well I just saw a name that I liked so I take back what I just said...

 Serena, Mistress of the Knight

Well it all started with a paper mache hat I found at Michaels last week and Had to have it.

So I put it on the Styrofoam lady head from Hobby Lobby and knew they were a match made in heaven

So I painted the hat black with craft paint.

I wrapped white tulle (dollar tree) around the hat and tied a bow in the back and let it cascade down the back.

I cut the skull (dollar tree on clearance) back off and glued on some red sticky gems (hobby Lobby).  Yes they were sticky backed but the eye wells were to deep and narrow for it to grab so I used E-6000.

I glued the skull onto the front of the hat with E-6000 too.

I tucked in a peacock feather (Ebay) on the side


Now for the lady... I mod podged Dress pattern forms (I got two boxes full of paper from good will for 3.00 each) onto her face

The eyes lips and beauty mark I was real nervous about but I think they turned out great!

at first I used marker to draw in her lips... but it was to cherry red I wanted a deep dark read so I  mixed up some paints and painted in her lips.

I originally drew in the eye lashes but decided she needed real false ones... so i picked up a pair from walmart and glued them on with glossy accents.
Here she is before I changed her up.  I took the picture on my cell so its not the same quality as the others in which I took with my dslr

The beauty mark is a half pearl sticky (Hobby lobby).

The necklace came from a show that DIY network creative juices... I took a rubber bat (dollar tree last year)   and punched holes in it with my crock a dile thing ... I threaded ribbon thru each hole, one piece of ribbon on each side and folded it over to come out the other side of the hole.

I added a skull button (dollar tree a while ago) on each side.

I sort of like the dollar tree as you can see LOL

I hope you like as much as I did.  I really enjoyed putting her together.  I tried not to add to much ... do you think I should remove the necklace?  Hmmmmmm

Here is a picture before the eye lashes and the necklace but everything else is done.... Leave a comment with your opinion!

The best part is that... it was all for me.  This is not for a swap!    I already have the wheels spinning for the next one.  I think she needs a lover LOL.  A dude with a brown hat and some gears.  Maybe a mustache and a bow tie.

I can do a witch but it will not be a top hat of course.  I can use green tissue paper.  Oh the ideas are just tumbling in my brain!


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  2. Thanks Rena I appreciate that!