A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas card I made for Secret Santa

card I made

I made this card for Nancy who I use to work for... yes you do reconize that bear.  I love that bear.  I named him cleo and its not after my sisters cat its after the wrapping paper that inspired the bear

Lucas Bday Tomorrow

Its Lucas' bday tomorrow.  He has big plans at chuck e cheese When we were walking out of Flight deck today Grandma had an umbrella and he said he loved umbrella's and I asked if he had one.  He said he use too but he lost it
Oh and I also was explaining to him what a blow pop was.  He never had one and thought it was crazy that there was gum inside of a sucker.
So I went to walmart to find an umbrella and to get a bag of blow pops.  They did not have any kids so I picked up a red one and made it an Angry Bird Umbrella....

I hope he likes it.  Does it look like the angry Birds?

My big date with the Nephews RUINED

DARN RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Every Christmas activity I wanted to do this year has been royally screwed over.

We went to flight deck and then Conner went home and watched his favorite new to him but old to us... Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

I think I do not like that Movie any more LOL

Oh and you know Lucas is pretty powerful when he can call Superman Friend and King Kong was spotted in Lexington

barns, fruit stands and old houses

Taking a driving and took some photos

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

sewing kits in mason jars

I made these for mom for work.  I think each one was less then 5.00 

Jars .90 (they were on sale Hobby Lobby)
Scissors .50 (came in a two pack from the dollar tree)
Thread 1.49 with needles and a needle threader (walmart)
I had the following items
Thimbles, Seem ripper, buttons, straight pins and safety pins.  
I have seen kits at the dollar store that has all these but when its this time of the year its near impossible to find!
So its about a 4.00 gift.  
You will also need scrap foam board, scap fabric and I used E6000 glue.  If your an artist or crafter these are things you defiantly will have in your stash. 
I took step by step photos on how I made the pin cushion and will share them soon.  Its 11 now and I need to go to bed. 

an average Saturday with Chance and Owen

Ok Superman is not so average

Oh yeah roasting marshmellows at Saluda Shoals

I have a hot date to take Lucas and Conner Tomorrow ... cant wait!

Chance and some football

Obviously he is #25

he looks so thrilled watching is brother play
except the action is behind him LOL

secret santa reveled

Well its time to reveal who my secret santa was from over on art for the creative mind.

She sent me a love assortment of goodies to make art with.  I also love the zentangled card.  AWESOME!

The person was none other then Carolyn H.

Thank you I will put to good use all the goodies.

Paint Brush Swap

I received this wonderful paint brush from Michelle over on Art for the creative mind.... the link is forever over there on the right...

Mine was a whole lot different.  I made it into a note pad.  I used a video I found on youtube and cloth paper scissors Pages magazine (second issue) as inspiration. 

The video isnt the greatest in the world and there is a lot of distractions and the person takes forever to get to her project but I got some use out of it

Here is my take.... note the little snowman I made out of silver jingle bells

What I been working on

These are boxes I put together for work... they hold 6 kisses... boy I got some ribbing about giving kisses at work LOL.

There is a mini candy cane with red ribbon and a gold jingle bell 

I am missing the teddy bear tag.  I will take a picture tomorrow and will update this post some time in the future... Then again maybe not.  But I think I got a mild case of OCD and it will bug me 
to no ends if I do not fix it LOL

Ok here is the missing one.  I am glad somebody had not picked theirs up yet
because I had given out all the teddy bear ones