A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

15 minute Art Journal

I was naughty and went to AC Moore.  I was going to buy the gear stamp but came across Tim Holtz tattered Die Cut and picked the up instead, along with some heavy clear embossing powder and stumbled on the new issue of Cloth Paper and Scissors.  I really dont think it was suppose to be out yet but they had it.  January/February  2013 I was reading it while drinking my daily hot chocolate (I have become addicted RUH ROH!) and this lady was talking about starting a sketch book.  Its a bucket list time issue and one of the items on the bucket list was a sketch book.  It does not have to be a traditional sketch book as you may think of.  It can be an art journal, a list keeper or anything really.  The title of the article is the importance of keeping an art journal by Julie fei-fan balzer
Its on Page 24.  So Montie was sitting on my lap.  I was tempted to do a page about him but as I flipped thru I saw the Readers Silhouettes challenge and one caught my eye.  It was on page 85 bottom of the page.

I decided why not do a 15 minute journal exercise.  I made a very few loose rules

1. If I miss a day I will not kick my self in the butt and I will not feel guilty. I will not insist that I have to make it up the next day.   That is not what art journaling is all about.  I will probably not want to skip unless I am some where exciting (that is foreshadowing LOL)
2. 15 minutes is the minimum.  I will set the timer on the microwave and If I go over great if I dont feel like it so be it.
3. I do not have to finish anything
4. I will post what I have accomplished during each session.

The piece I worked on to night like I mentioned before is a silhouette.  I traced a picture somebody sketched of me when I worked at dodgeland for less then two weeks (grumble grumble gripe... dont buy a car from them ha ha)
I transferred to a book I found upstairs
I started cutting out magazine words to fill up my head.  My head is always filled with words.  LOL
Since I this is the beginning of the page I had to do a lot of prep work and did not get to much done.
I also cut out some words that peeked my interest and put them in a sandwich bag for later use.

 I think my words are too orderly so I will have to mix them up as I progress thru this page.

Oh I got ideas for the first page.  Some pages are missing and I think I will sketch a raccoon or a thieve running off stealing the pages LOL.

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