A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My art space

The pictures have been a long time coming I know... Since October.  It was the critter wall that kept me from posting.

The First Couple photos are the previous art space.   Then we get into the new space.  Looking back between them.  I had loved the old space ... now I REALLY love the new space LOL.

My new space is through that door to the left that has the rack that holds the punches

you can see my record wall behind the tv.  I lost the record wall to my critter
wall but I like my critter wall better.  Besides the records had a
different job in the next space.  

notice the milk crates behind the lap top... you will see them again, but
they will be different.  Oh and you can see the curve of the ugly
curio cabinet.. that is the part I cut off

Here is a look at my art room now.  This is coming thru the hall way that leads from the front door.  You can see the same rack with punches on it in this room it is now on the opposite side of the door.  

Thats the famous critter wall I wanted to finish first.  Underneath the work table
are some suit cases that holds fabric

I have no idea what that cat is doing LOL This is from was taken from the door with the punches.
You can see two book cases one on each side and the stamp one is on the left
in this picture and the scrap papers are on the right.  We will look
closer at those later on.  We are going to begin the
tour at a more in depth look after a few more shots
it will begin as if we are going thru this door and turning right
 (which is the left in the picture... I know its confusing) 

Left wall coming in from the hall, where my lap top
and printer sit

The opposite wall with my big ole stuffed monkey.  

The table that I create on.  I love having that piece of glass there.  Makes
clean up a snap!   You can barely see my lap top to the left
I just have to turn the chair so I can check out the latest and greatest on
the internet

This is the wall with the 3 organizers, I have a folding table
sitting next to my monkey.  On it is a shoe organizer with the center
 slot taken out and it fits 12x12 papers.. Plus my cup cake holder that
 holds all my glitters.  Undneath I stash sewing items in that black and clear box

My critter wall and tv.  Notice the albums on top.  There is ugly border paper underneath it so I covered it up with some awesome thrift store finds

Ok here is where the in depth tour begins
I got this from Hobby Lobby there are four pieces. Each with 3 Drawers. to hold my wood stamps
one of the drawers opened

sits over the stamp area and holds new stamps and favorites

a work of art I won in the Lottery offered at art for the creative mind. Link to the right. 

Same wall as the stamps which is to the right when you enter the door from the hall.
 This is a cheapy book case from walmart.  It holds my 8.5 x 11 card stock
and various supplies labeled in the photo box.  Usually my monkey sits
 in front of it, in that chair.. you can only see the back of it.  My favorite
 one is the blue polka dot box to the right
it holds my prisma colored pencils in recycled cans by color groups.  I can easily
pull that off the shelf and go to town with my pencils. 

There is my monkey

The bins that sit on top that hold lots of stuff, also my windex
to clean the glass on my art table. That doll in the background is from Haiti! 

one of the three organizers.  Stuffed with crayons which I saw on HGTV house give away on year. Paints and ribbons.  

Cup cake holder with glitters.  I used smaller dishes to hold the
 smaller glitters cause they kept falling over due to the racks. 

The shoe organizer with the middle slot missing.  Perfect for Paper pads!

The middle unit, it sits above the shoe organizer.  It holds jars of
 ribbons, i took out the ribbon racks on this one. It holds all my inks and mist and so forth. 

behind the door I stash large paper pads and canvases

Every room needs a picture of Mickey.. DUH!

These are the old yaffa blocks that were around in the late 80's early 90s. I have about
 4 sets and still use them. They are ugly and cheap but they sure do serve a purpose.
 Milk crates fit perfectly in them.  This particular Milk crate
is sitting on top with My Elton John records... I think I have a record player Not sure if it
works LOL.  Anyways records are suppose to be for decor and art right? 

The last unit... you can see Mickeys hand
to the left.  It holds more ribbon, some colored pencils and markers
plus I will be putting the eyelets and brads that are
stacked up over that book shelve I showed earlier in those
little cup holders.  You can get 10 for a buck at the dollar tree

a view of the three pieces with the records covering the ugly border

This piece sits underneath the third white unit.
Its an old stereo case and it holds a rack of paper
where I keep my loose patterned paper by theme.
The rack kept falling apart so I gorilla glued it together.
Everytime I moved it I had to remove the paper so I
got the idea to put it in the cabinet which has
wheels.  No more restacking the paper.  I can
push it where I like it to be! 

The yucky Yaffa blocks with the milk crates.
The top holds the records, the next two hold recycled
items and the bottom holds sketch books

This door usually stays open. It leads back to the
kitchen.  Thru that door is where my old
art space use to be. 

Where my tv, computer and postage meter are kept.  I have a second
computer for one reason.  To watch tv and record tv and to watch
youtube videos on the television.  All other activities are done on my lap top.  Just above
it is the critter wall

My computer inside

To the left of the tv is a curio cabinet.  It use to
have some ugly arches on it.  I removed
them so you can see the picture and stacked
my boxes.  the two toned wood box holds
all my acrylic stamps

In the corner is two book shelves that hold
magazines, books to be altered the sewing machine
which I do know how to thread and thats
about as far as it goes.  You can
see my critter wall and some
of my mask.  Plus you can see
my home made bulletin board.  Oh and to the left
is a picture of Elton John.  I am going have too print
one up of Billy Joel and place it next to him.  My sister
gave that to me

We turn the corner and we get to my computer gadget area.  I got
two printers.  One color one laser.  BEST EBAY PURCHASE
There are two folding tables side by side and under each are a total
of six plastic drawers with gobs of stuff.  Such as papers and water
color paints and computer stuff and altered stuff and adhesives
and stencils.   The list goes on and on.  

at the end of the two folding tables is another set of
cheap walmart book shelves.  They line each side
of the door that comes off the hall with
the plastic bins.  To the right which is where we started
at had the stamps, this is the left side it holds all my paper
scraps and it also is large enough to hold 12x12 papers
that is where my solids are located.  The bin on top use
to hold the scraps now they hold some projects and

My awesome lap top.  Sitting underneath three sets of three plastic
drawers.  Then I used magazine holders to give hit more height
then I put on of the shelves that use to hang up in the previous
art space.  I put the mini milk crates from the dollar tree
but this time I put them on their side, I also have a
supply carousel thing and it holds a journal or two
plus the blessing jar. 

Closer look at the book shelf.  It holds my books
my cuttle bug and hardly used cricut.  That
hair dryer was another thrift store find.  

Here is the mini milk crates.  With recycled cans.  I love how the scissors
are sitting thru the top.  I did this about two weeks and I love it!

Serena and her unaltered lover (SHOCKING he is
naked LOL)

The original plastic bins that held the scraps
its sits on the new one

 The new scrap bins and solid card stock.
It is the same 4 sets with 3 drawers each
that the stamps were
The rest are just some different views of the room.  If something interest you and would like to know more about it leave me a comment.

I dont like the light... but im stuck with it LOL 


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