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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sewing Kits in Mason Jars Tutorial

As promised how I made the sewing kit mason jar.  
Mason jar (the kind with the lid the separates)
Sewing kit items that will fit into the jar 
Small scrap of fabric
Foam Core
Tools and adhesives
Utility knife
Rubber band

First separate the ring from the flat circle part of the lid.  Take the ring lid and place it on the foam core.  I used double foam core only because I had a small piece handy.   

Trace the inside of the ring on the foam core. 

 With the utility knife cut it out.  It needs to be smaller then then the inside ring.  

With the E6000 glue the foam to the flat circle of the lid

 Cut the scrap of fabric large enough to drape over the foam core and the flat circle

With the E6000 run a line of glue around the edge of the foam core

Lay the fabric over the foam core and place a rubber band over the fabric so it will adhere to the edge of the foam core.  See picture below. 

  This is only to secure the fabric to the glue so it can dry.  If you come up with a better method then please by all means alter the directions.

Cut the fabric around the flat circle so there will be no extra to prevent the jar from closing.  As you can see by my picture its not a prefect cut but those rough edges will be hidden so no worries. 

Flip the ring lid up side down and with E6000 run the glue along the top lip of the lid.  Be careful not to get any on the threads of the lid.  If you do, remove the glue quickly before it begins to set.  We do not want to glue the jar shut after all.  The glue looks like it’s touching the thread in the photo but its not, it looks that way because of a shadow.  The Arrows point what part you should glue.  You need to glue the whole flat part of the lip of the ring. 

Place the flat lid back into the ring lid as it should be.  The covered foam core will fit thru the ring lid if cut properly.  

To allow it to set I put the lid back onto the jar.  The reason may be obvious but I will explain why.  You cannot let it dry upside down.  It will not dry even because the foam core will push the flat part up.  You can not let it dry right side up because gravity will make the flat part of the lid drop.  So I use the jar to help set the glue.  That is why I suggest to make sure you remove any excess glue from the threads or it will glue the jar shut. 
Let dry.

When it is dry, remove the rubber band and carefully twist the jar open.  You do not want to twist the flat circle away from the lid ring.  Which may also happen if you get glue onto the threads of the ring lid.  
Now you can pop some straight pins or needles into the top. 

the jar on the right is a little wonky.  It was the first one.
Just glue it on straight and you should not have a problem!
It makes a great office gift and can be done for about four dollars.  Even less if you watch out for bargains.  I am taken for granted as a crafter or artist, you have in your stash fabric scraps, bits of foam board and the necessary glues.  E6000 isn’t a fast rule.  Use what you like. 
Let’s do the math… 
The jar on sale is less then a dollar.  You can get it at the dollar store for a 1.00 so we will round it up to 1.00
These particular scissors were two for 1.00 at the dollar store.   Let me say a word about the scissors.  They can be a bit tough to find because you will need a smaller pair. 
The threads and needles came from walmart for 1.50.  Occasionally I will run across sewing kits that come in a cute pouch at the dollar tree.  Here you can save .50 cents.  I also have seen sewing kits at walmart that include the scissors for about 2.00.  Not really saving but I like the scissors better. 
My particular kit has a few extras because I had extra thimbles, buttons and tape measures on hand.  I think those do come in the dollar store sewing kit pouch. 
So let us add it up…
1.00 (Jar)
0.50 (scissors)
1.50 (thread) 
3.00 Total 
Not a bad little gift for the office Huh? 

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  1. Great gift idea Karen. I've made them in smaller jars. Now I'm looking at the bigger ones and saying "heck, you could even include fabric and a small paper piece pattern".
    Thanks for sharing.