A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Monday, February 25, 2013


This doodle is not finished it but im liking it!

poor mickey looks a bit crazy ... not liking it

this skull looks like an indian LOL but im liking it

Remember this book?  This was on of those unfinished projects
I finally finished

Well here is where my doodles are going to be kepts.  Just the 4x6 note card ones. 

new art journal

not complete

Believe it or not this is crayon and oderless minieral spirits

Im going to color this one in with bic markers

The cover is a work in progress.  Its going to say something like I put a bird on it and now its pretty.

The art journal is all about birds.


The theme is hopeless romantic and I am hopelessly not romantic.  Wish I was though sometimes
The last card was suppose to be the back ground for the kissing scene but it did not work.  So its beginning of a card for the receiver.  I put two views of this because the second one I think you can see the sparkle. 

florish black and white swap

here are two cards and an envelope I made for the florish black and white swap on art for the creative minds group.  The middle card I messed up.  I got glue on the base and tried to rub it off and it made the paper tear.
While I was remaking the card (the first one) I realized I could of cut it out and glued it on a seperate blank card.
Well since I was still making the second card I finished it.  I sent both but wrote a note in the second one and left the first one blank.
I doodled the envelope to go with it.

another valentine card

Using the same paper I made this valentine card for my mum. 

Mystery Swap

So I joined this swap to send two mystery gifts to one random person.  The next two pictures is what I sent.
You can find the tutorial video under the mask label. 
This one has been a year in the making.  Funny thing is, it made Art for the Creative minds cover page.
The last time I made the cover page is when I made the peacock mask which is basically the same mask embellished.  I guess I should stick to maks huh LOL.

This is what I got in return.

You may infer what you want. 
I got plans for the second one.  I will not say what it is. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

two swaps received

from art of the creative minds, link to the right

Past and present post card.  You can see mine here


The post card comes from Holly who also sent me the RAK.  The post card was actually a pictorial of the process of making the RAK how clever is that?

A nice spin on things...

The next is a black and white with flourish card.  I have not finished mine yet.  I will soon though.

Heart Embelishments

I posted this post a few days ago in regards to the valentines day cards I had made on Sunday. 

The Mermaid had 3 dimensional hearts for fish and Hello Kitty has 3 dimensional hearts for balloons.  Here is a quick tutorial on how I made it. 

I will be using the hearts I made for the Mermaid cards

First not really a step but I thought I would throw it in... I made my own black and red polka dot paper.

Then I took the medium punch or is it large.... cant remember from Hobby Lobby and punched out 5 hearts and folded them in half

Put glue on one half and press it to another folded heart

Glue all five hearts like that.  Dont glue the last two gether if its for a paper project and needs a flat surface to glue to your base.  If you are making something like an ornament then glue the two heart sides that were not glued to another heart shape together.
Fluff up when done... or flatten it to mail

more organizing going on

Well its not much but I like it.  I was in my bed room where I have an art desk that I do not use.  The art desk has this two caddy thing that hangs down from it.  I got the brilliant idea to put it on my art table.

Now if it was my dinning room table ... which I swapped this art table for I would never of dared to do this.  My sister wanted that table super bad so I gave it to her. 

i now put my hair dryer in it and the picture shows a bottle of glue but Its mean for a hot glue gun... the bottom lid is for glue ooze

Ugh why cant I type something under the pictures. UGH UGH UGH LOL

Jeez finally got below the photos!
I got this at the dollar store.  I got tons of bags and I finally got them off the floor!

Which inspired me to do the same to my bedroom but with my coats.  I could not find the exact rack but the other option was just as perfect


Valentine Activiy BOOK PDF

Print odd pages first then return to your printer and print even pages.  You wull need to be very familiar with you printer settings to know how the paper goes in.
To assemble see the post below.  You will be making a signature.  I suggest you fold each page in half by itself and not try to fold them all together.  You get a cleaner fold
After your printed you will find that page 1 and 2 are actually 1 page.  that will be the bottom page.
Then 3/4 will be laid on top of that
Page 5/6
 Page 7/8
Page 8/9
ETC, you get the idea.
The order of the pages only matters for the first few because you want the answer portion to be in back and the last page because you want that on top.  When you fold the book in half, the last page becomes the center of the book.
I have a long stapler that allows me to staple half booklets.  You can bind it what ever is best for you.
all files are found on the internet and none are my original drawings or puzzles.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Heart Shape Embellishments

a heart shaped paper clip

my easy peasy version but its more for embelishments

Have the end of the center loop on the inside right side (it really does not matter which side but to explain it for you place it on the right side this one time)

pull the inner loop to the left so the inner end and the outer end meet

valentine day is THURSDAY

I have made 6 valentine cards and an activity book today.

I am only going to post the one I scanned today.  I will post the rest tomorrow.  Its past my bed time.

This is going to go to a brother of twins that I use to baby sit for.  He is 12 I think.  Its an odd Valentine for a 12 year old boy but he is really HUGE I mean SUPER HUGE into art.  Yeah for him.  Most things are two young for him for Valentines day so I wrote with a wax crayon that you get in the easter kits.  I buy the kits just for that crayon when they go on clearance after Easter!
The Valentine did not show up so I stamped it on red card stock and made a pendant of sorts. I also made swirls and such on it.

After I used the clear wax crayon I wet the paper and just splattered and splashed and dragged red pinks oranges and purples on the paper.  Then I took India ink and splatter ink and used a straw and spread it around.  I cut it into 4x6 pieces.

I matted it on black card stock then onto a purple card base.  Was purple the wrong color for a 12 year old boy?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

heart doodle

Made this for an art challenge posted on facebook.

Here was the details make a doodle heart and upload it to pagepockets.  They will print them out and pass them out during valentines day in the city I live in

I think it would make a great digi stamp too.. what do you think?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

working on Challenges

So I should be working in my art journal and I should be working on the two swaps I have signed up for... but nope I am entering challenges instead.  I have entered the last three for Scrapbooker paradise.

This time it was a sketch.... here is a link to the post


I left a few elements off... It did not need it.

I am not a scrap booker so be gentle... Oh btw this is a digital page in which I created in paint shop pro.

Ps The only non thing that I did not make or take a photo of myself is the sand background.  That was an internet find but I did turn it into a seamless tile.

LOL I forgot how to do an image fill and how to make a seamless fill.  It was a refresher for me in paint shop pro.