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Saturday, June 8, 2013

lots to catch up ...

Well its been a pretty minute since I posted regularly.  I will start catching up now.  I wont overload in one post.  I would probably forget half of it anyway.

First of all I am fostering another dog... its more of a trial then a foster because he is a golden retriever and I love those dogs.  He isn't your typical one as of yet.  He has been hurt by the evils of peoples. 

Some idiot cruel monster dumped this dog out in the country with a pile of dog food and left him there.

He got hurt in the process and had to have stitches.

Homeward bound took him in and I saw their post on facebook and immediately contacted them. 

Right now he is skittish of the other animals but has climbed into my lap.  I posted on facebook that he followed me home.  My mom, being there when I picked him up, posted followed you home huh?
I commented sure did.  He followed me in the back seat of the car while I was driving ha ha ha.

Well my AJ is a pushy dog and immediately wants to get to know him... and being skittish Toby (that's his name, he seems to know it so I guess I wont be changing it) wasn't haven't any of that.  I took them for a short walk to distract AJ so Toby can decide if AJ is as crazy as he acts (which he is but I don't want Toby to know that LOL)

 At first he ignored the cats... then started growling at them (AJ is laying on my foot btw LOL) then went over to sniff Singapore.

Toby is sleeping underneath my chair.  He is super sweet and super soft and such a pretty dog.  He seems to be house trained too.  No accidents so far, though he had not asked to go out like AJ does. 

It was weird with AJ cause day one he was home.  Driving back home on the first day he sat in the back seat and enjoyed the ride.  AJ was never nervous. 

I gave AJ a bath and well traditionally after baths dogs go a little wacko and AJ did not break that tradition.  Lets see if I can upload the video via blogger.  I never had much luck with it and had to go thru Youtube.  

I dont know if it worked.  I will have to publish the post to see what it looks like.
WOW it actually worked! 


  1. beautiful dog-what a wonderful thing to do- we have a rescue also-they make the best friends

  2. Pound puppies in a happy new home. Yah!! I hope they all get along.

  3. thanks for the wonderful comments. we are having a blast!