A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Artist within me.... Winterie Pennant

The making of the Winterie Pennant

This telling of the making of the Winterie Pennant is based on true life occurrences.  Some scenes were added for dramatic effect.   (Saw the gist of that in the Credits of Great Balls of Fire Movie… one of my guilty pleasures)

This is by no means a tutorial.  It is just the trial and tribulations of how this project came to be.  The success and road blocks.  There weren’t any failures just different avenues taken than originally planned.

So I planned the Winterie Pennant in my head.  I was going to use my duck clothe (canvas), sew some lace on it and paint over it with a white wash.  

My laziness kicked in and I nixed the white wash. I decided to go with the creamy winterie look. 

First off all before I continue I want to state the following accomplishments … techniques or supplies I rarely use.

I used a sewing machine – I did not break the thread or the needle

I used a hot glue gun – I did not burn my fingers

I used beads – I did not poke my finger and I did not bleed

So I checked the file section to … we interrupt this blog post because I have a dog looking at me with great anticipation for me to throw his nasty grody ball.  On the other side I have a dog looking am with the PLEASE PET ME LOOK.  I threw the ball … at least he will go away for a moment.  The other one would try to climb in my lap.

Back to file section of artfortheCreativeMinds group … you can find a nice link to the right of this blog if you are interested in joining (that was not a shameless plug, that was an opportunity for you to join a wonderful group of peeps) I looked up the details for the pennant.  It says 5 inches wide and 7 inches long.   Well since I don’t follow rules I made my 5 inches wide and 8 long.  I am such a rebel.  Ha ha.  I folded the top over so it could slide on to a stick or whatever so the finished product is the 5x7 size.

I started to gather my materials.  Well I started searching for my materials.  I looked upstairs in my chest of materials.  It was practically bear eer bare.  I must have moved the items elsewhere.  So the search continued.  I looked in the shower and under the bed and in the trunk of my car and in the oven and under the porch.  All the usual places one would hide fabric so others do not know how much you really have.  I finally found what I was looking for (U2 hasn’t though) it was in a suit case… which cost more at the thrift store then the newer ones that come with handles and wheels go figure. 

Ok So I got my duck cloth aka canvas, my lace and my thread.  I measured once and cut once.    Like I said I’m rebellious.   Well that was just the template out of card stock.  So much for my rebellious act kind of fizzled huh?

I used the template to cut out the lace and canvas.  I was going to sew it with white thread but I did not want to wind a bobbin (I forgot how to) 

So I thought why not use what’s in the machine which was black…

 Thanks Sponge Bob Narrator

 So I searched on youtube and found this excellent tutorial and you know what … it wasn’t so hard after all.

Bobbin now threaded and I am ready to sew.   I finished that sewing up and moved on to the focal embellishment.

 I wanted to use a whatchamacallit flower things which I don’t really consider flowers but you use a score board for and Tim Hotlz has a die for… when I typed that in the search field of you tube it said

Alert icon

No results for I wanted to use a whatchamacallit flower things which I don't really consider flowers but you use a score board for and Tim Hotlz has a die for.
So I refined my search.  Oddly enough they are called Rossettes.  Do they look rosy to you?   In my opinion NO

 Here is the one I found

So I made one the size I wanted.  I did use a frisker punch to jazz up the ends.  Though I don’t think she glues the rosettes together but I didn’t argue with the video.

I needed an image for the rosette so I did a Google search and found a nice one with two brothers in a snowy scene that would be nice cut into a circle.

I saved that on my hard drive.
I decided I needed dangles.  I got tons and tons and tons of beads.   Why  not use those.  I bought them one time thinking I would get into beading.


I do not have the patience for such small detailed work

I NEEDED a beading needle and some beading thread.  So went to wallyword and bought more beads.  WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY

Does it look like I need more beads?




I got the supplies home and the cording was too large and would not go through the needle eye.   

 Walmart trip part II

There was no thinner cord, there was no larger needle eyes…. I went on a search

I wandered into the sewing department, they had larger eyes but they needles were way to big

I kept on going and found myself where the embroidery threads were.  AH HA!  Tapestry needles, big eyes small needles. 

I use to have a real beading needle where the eye is the size of the needle but that’s like trying to find a needle in an artsy fartsy room.


I'm so funny!

Well I still needed the cord or thread or whatever.   The cord went up in size not down.  So I am thinking sarcastically well done Wal-Mart. You sell beads but you do not have the proper cording to string them on.
Nylon thread was too thin, embroidery thread just didn’t seem like it would do the trick.  Fishing line.  So I wonder into the outdoorsy section.   At my eyes vision all the lines cost 8 bucks.  Do I really want to pay that much for just a itty bitty bit of fishing line and probably not use it again.

But I know Wal-Mart and I let my eye wonder south….. well down not south and there was a whole bunch of it for 2.97.  That’s more like it so I bought that

Since I returned the cord, needle and beads and just bought the fishing line and tapestry needles it should be enough right?  Well the Milk and V8 juice (YUCK… for Uncle Wendell) did that idea in.

 I got it home and started beading.  

Well not immediately I put it off a few days because I am a HUGE procrastinator.  HUGE BIG THE BEST QUEEN.  I should have my own crown.

Finally I talked myself into it and I got it over with.  Beading sure is hard on ones thumbs!

I did not prick any body part so I thought I was doing good until the last string had to be strung again.
Minor setback I suppose.

Now it was time to print that focal image I found on Google.

I turned on my Kodak printer and the following conversation took place with the printer.

Printer: I have a jam
Me: No you don’t
Printer Yes I do
Me No
Printer Yes  
Me No
Printer Yes  
Me No
Printer Yes  
Me No
Printer Fine I don’t…

I hit print

 Thanks sponge bob narrator

 No print I looked in and the paper was stuck
Printer: Told you so
Me: I will replace you
Printer: No you won’t
Me: Yes I will
Printer: No you won’t
Me: Yes I will
Printer: No you won’t
Me: Yes I will
Printer: No you won’t
Me: Yes I will
Printer: You can’t afford too.
Me: My car will be paid off in 4 months
Printer: Oh, Ok I won’t cause another jam
Me: Much better
I hit print and Print comes out

Printer: BTW I am out of color ink
Me: (Rolling eyes)
Printer: Can you see your brain?
Printer: Touché

So I use the laser printer it never runs out of ink eer toner.

 After a few prints I get the right size


I hot glue the beads to the back of the rosette.  I use a tape runner to put the brothers on the rosette then use the glue gun to glue the whole piece down. 

I slide a skewer into it for photo purposes only and it has its modeling debut and that puppy is done!

NOTE: my Kodak printer keeps giving me a warning that it is jammed when it is not, even when I just hit the power button




Saturday, January 25, 2014

Putting on the Ritz ATC

Recap... before I finished the inside

Putting on the Ritz Folded ATC..

Here is how I made the ATC.  I apologize for not having any photos.  I did not take any during the ATC making process.

As you can see the folded ATC was made to resemble the outside of a house with a window where a New Years party was taking place.

Select your paper.  I used Canson Mixed Media paper.  I cut a strip that is 7.5 inches long and 3.5 inches tall. 

I scored at the 2.5 inch mark and 5.0 inch mark going wide.  I folded at the first score mark at 2.5 inches over to meet the 5 inch score line.  I folded the 5 inch score line so it will go over the fold I just made. Kind of like a gate fold but instead of a gate fold meeting in the center the last fold overlaps the first fold.

I unfolded the last fold I made at the 5 inch mark but kept the first fold folded.  I used one of my square punches to punch a window.  If you have any interest in making a similar ATC you do not have to use the same punch I used.  You can use your craft knife, an oval punch or a rectangle punch.  It is totally your decision. 

I have a box of old transparency that I used for the window.  I cut two sheets smaller then 2.5 inch x 3 inch but bigger then the square I punched. 

I took some correction line tape and colored it black (it comes in white) Hind sight is 20/20 I should have used strips of paper because I could not color the back side it has adhesive and you can see it from inside the card, instead of the window trimmed in black its trimmed in white.

I made a crisscross of the correction tape and stuck it in the center of one of the transparencies that I cut out.  I placed the other transparency over it and taped it together.  You won’t see the ends of the transparencies so it doesn’t matter if a bit of ugly scotch tape is used. It will be hidden.

Before I installed the “glass” (transparencies) to the window I made there were several steps I needed to do. 

First I painted the outside of the house.  If you refold at the 5 inch mark you have like a little booklet so to speak.  The cover of the booklet is the outside.  I used acrylic paint from the tube I believe I used a masters paint from Hobby lobby or I used Basic I cannot remember and just applied it very thickly on the cover to give it the texture of brick.  Who needs Modeling paste when you have acrylic paint?  I used a combination of red and black to make the dark red brick color and then used black to outline brick shapes.

I let that dry completely.

In the mean time I took a piece of patterned paper and cut it larger then the 7.5 x 3.5 inch. I liked the pattern but not the color.  Two bright for my scene so I used Tim Holtz distress stain and stained it up a bit.  I used the same square punch and punched out a square to the left of the piece so it would match up to my window and allow the entire card to be covered in paper.

With the 5 inch mark unfolded. I glued down the patterned paper to just the left 2.5 inch portion of the patterned paper matching up the punched out box on the patterned paper and on the card.

I colored around the edges of the window with black ink so it would not be so stark white from the paper.

I unfolded the 2.5 mark and since the patterned paper is only glued on this portion it flipped open right along with it.

Time to install the window. I placed the transparency piece I had created earlier and tried to center the crisscross in the window and used scotch tape to affix it to the ATC.  I then used a tape runner and permanently glued the 2.5 fold back down.  I then glued the rest of the pattern paper across the card. I trimmed the excess patterned paper around the entire ATC card.  The patterned paper is now the wall paper.

I had some wood grain paper and I cut it into strips and made a wood panel for the bottom of the wall and used a glue stick to glue that down.  I outlined everything with a black marker and I colored the white edges of the card with the same marker.

I googled Putting on the Ritz and all it came up with was ritz crackers.  Blah.  So I googled 1920s and found an image I wanted to use. 

I resized the whole image in paint shop pro to 2.5 wide and 3.5 tall.  There was some distortion but nothing over dramatic.

I returned to the original image and cropped it so that only the piano showed.

I mirrored the couple and the piano just incase I preferred the picture going the other way and printed two copies of them facing left, two copies facing right (just in case of a mistake always good to have back ups) and 1 of each piano

I thought what if I glued the mirror image and the regular image back to back and try to fussy cut it out maybe it will match up fine enough.  I put packing tape on one side.  It was the side that will be viewed when you opened the card.  I also put packing tape on the piano I selected.

Sure enough it matched up pretty good.  There were some white lines, that was what was going to be seen thru the window.  I just took a pen and outlined the couple so the white sections were not screaming out anymore.

I opened up my little atc and aligned the people in front of the window.  I positioned where they would be seen the best thru the window.  I used the Alleenes glue pen to help glue down the small bits like the hands and the necklace. 

I glued the piano down on the other side.

I stamped the back with a stamp from Hobby Lobby that allows me to sign my work of art.

I now call my ATC Done.  

To send it off in style I always like to ad a note card.  Since I didnt have one available where I was at I improvised.  I had index cards, crayons, a pencil and me.
So I made this little note  and wrote my info on the back :-)


Sunday, January 19, 2014

I desperately needed ....

I desperately needed a crayon journal and a fresh box of crayons (like I desperately need a hole in my head)

So I went to walmart with the plans on buying the 120 box with the hard cover sketch book

So the 120 box really wasn't 1 box it was 3 boxes in another box.  Not really what I wanted.  Though I did eye the 152 crayon set and if I had won the lottery yesterday.. ha ha ha Anyway I picked up the 96 box (there was a crayon missing from my original 96 box and my OCD had kicked in so I DESPERATELY needed that box)

The hard cover sketch book was 10 bucks and on closer examination it did not lay flat.  I didn't want the spiral book cause I did not want the spiral... duh...

We interrupt this irregularly scheduled blog for this important announcement
AJ is barking at me... make him stop... He spit at me YUCK... he wont stop. I actually had to ground the dog in my bed room he would not shut up.

We will not continue with our program all ready in progress
So I got a large pad of paper and I will be making another Coptic stitch book again.  Sigh I have so many projects I need to finish.  I did not need to add another one.

I have it folded and the covers covered for crayon art work.

You know its hard to beat a fresh box of Crayons!

The artist within me - My Hobby Lobby Adventure

My Hobby Lobby Adventure…

It is 6pm and I NEEDED to go to Hobby Lobby (that should read wanted in lower case) so I grabbed the keys and waved goodbye to the dogs.  The poor critters do not understand that Hobby Lobby is no place for rambunctious dogs who insist on jumping on every stranger they can get their greedy paws on. 

I raced down hwy 1 to my destination and came across a bike rider.  Not a big deal right?  Well when he was riding his bike in the dark wearing dark clothes and I am looking at him eye to eye. I would say yeah.  So I gently honked my horn and told him what an idiot he was for being on the wrong side of the rode.   Am I the only one who knows that bike riders ride with the flow of traffic not against?  Apparently I am also the only one that knows that walkers, on the other hand, should walk against traffic.  Unlike the dingleberry who was walking with traffic that I came across a few minutes later after the bike rider fiasco.   So maybe it is a male thing.  I dunno.  It was the only thing they had in common.  Aye Aye Aye as Ricki Ricardo said to Lucy Ricardo on many occasions.

All that nonsense was soon forgotten when I saw the moon.  Have you ever wanted to hug the moon?  I did last night.  IT WAS FABULOUS and HUGE and GOLDEN and so low I could take a latter (if I didn’t have that issue with heights) and climb up to it and give it a big ole HUGE hug.  If only you could have seen me, my eyes bulged wide open and my mouth did a fish face OOOOH WOW.  Yeah it was that spectacular.  I wish I had my camera.  I tend to wish I had my camera with me every time I do not and when I do have it with me I never have a need for it.  Sigh.  WOE is me.  Anywho Moon pictures never turn out for me so I guess it was ok I did not have it.  I have it etched in my memory for a bit.  Though of late my memory is becoming rather slack as you will see further into my adventure. 

I arrive at the strip mall that Hobby Lobby is located in.  It now resides were the old Walmart use to be in West Columbia.  Oh the good ole days when that Walmart first opened.  I was majorly excited back then. Many Friday nights, allowance in hand, I would beg my parents to drive me to Walmart and drop me off for an hour or two and I would wonder thru the craft area and the office supply area.  I also got a good giggle when they would page Don Johnson to Customer Service.  Hee hee it was late 80’s don’t you know.  A throw back to Miami Vice days.  The vehicle in front of me turned into the parking lot by Bi-Lo that is a local grocery store.  I turned into the parking lot via the next entrance.  It was very apparent that the mini van (oh do I hate me some mini vans ha ha) was planning to go to Hobby Lobby.  I was having none of those shenanigans so I raced the mini van in my Hyundai at whopping speeds of 25 MPH for the better parking spot.

I get out of the car and walk over to the magazine rack to see if anything sparks my interest.  Unfortunately duct tape (magazine of duct tape art was prominent) seems to be very popular lately and it did not do anything for me.  I continued on to my destination, the framing department.  As I was heading back there a guy pushing a cart walked across my path.  I knew this was not a good sign.  I will be proven right shortly.  In a previous trip I had purchased a package of scrap matt boards.  I had brought a piece hoping that they could cut a 6x8 square out of it.  I know I could have done it myself but I wanted it to have the slanted edge.  To my great disappointment the machine will not cut a small piece.  Well I did not argue and it greatly saddened me when I went to pick out a nice fresh piece of matt board because that board was destined to belong to a nice large piece of fine art.  Not my silly frivolous stipple painting of wall doll art.  But rules are rules and I do not have a foot to stand on to challenge them.  So I brought up the nice piece of matt board for them to cut down.  The framer was pretty quick and had it done spit spot (I just watched Marry Poppins because I just saw Saving Mr. Banks).  I could not help to notice wall frames were 50% off so I chose a nice black frame.  The plan was to go to Walmart and get one but hey 3.50, can’t beat that price.  That’s when I decided I need to take a pit stop this is when I was proven right the guy pushing the cart full of cleaning supplies was in the ladies room cleaning it out.  UGH! 

So I decided to look around cause I really had to go and did not want to leave with out the RELIEF.  I wandered down this isle and that isle.  I saw something and I said to myself I do not purchase anything else I will come back and get this.  So I wandered down the stencils and the paints and the paper and the scrap book sections and the Crayola section. I wish I had wandered down the Valentine section I need to but some valentines crafts but oh well hind sight is always 20/20.   I picked up a white pitt pen  from the scrap book section and decided I could get that other item and this one since the pitt pen was not that expensive.  Problem is I plum forgot what it was.  Like I hinted at earlier my memory isn’t what it use to be.  So I wandered down the isles trying to jog my memory.  It didn’t help.  I think for one reason was I had to go POTTY bad. 

I decided to make my way back to the bathroom to see if he was finished.  I had to assume he was when I over heard a conversation.  A lady said she had been waiting for the bathroom for over 30 minutes and she better hurry up and go before he decided to clean another bathroom. 

If I was the type of person who felt it was necessary to correct people I would have tapped her shoulder and said excuse me you are mistaken.  The bathroom was only closed for about 15 minutes (remember I saw him heading towards the bathroom) and if he was to clean another bathroom it would be the men’s and I do not think Hobby Lobby would appreciate finding you in the men’s room.  But I am not that type of person so I thought it and did not say it … but later on I blogged it (wink).

After that relief I continued to rack my brain on what I wanted to purchase but soon gave up because it was time to go home.  I also decided to stop at my favorite place to eat.  As I was checking out, there was one person ahead of me trying to find her digital coupon.  I let her use mine.  She was concerned that the same coupon could not be used twice but we assured her it would be fine.  The cashier (male, which you usually do not see a lot of men in craft stores unless their wives or daughters our dragging them in which is a shame) had a some interesting trivia about older folks are the majority of the ones who have smart phones not the children.  Uh Huh. 

I got outside and my large golden moon had risen to a big old white ball in the sky.  It shown bright but was not so huggable. 

I went to my favorite place to eat and ordered a #3 no butter, fruit instead of fries and a large unsweet tea. 

Order Taker so you want no pickles

Me NO, No butter I want the pickles

Order Taker yeah that’s what I meant  So you want sweet tea

Me No unsweat tea

Order Taker So you want a #3 no butter with an unsweet tea

Me Large unsweet tee and no fries with fruit

Order taker yeah I got that its so and so please drive forward

I get to the window and they take forever.  Well forever for this place cause they are usually speedy.  There was a car blocking the exit anyway.  So I patiently waited and listened to my music.  I finally got the order about the time the car blocking me tossed something out of the window and sped off.  Ok I admit it I am nosy and I took a closer look they tossed out their lettuce.  I wonder if they knew if they ordered it without lettuce they would have been given credit on the sandwich?   Instead the lettuce ended up in a bush.

The drive home was less adventurous then the drive there.  I spent quite a bit of time trying to remember what that item was that I wanted to purchase.  No luck.  I made it home, took care of the Uncle, took care of the dogs, did some detail work on my little project and took a bath.   I matched the mat up to my picture and liked it a lot.  I started to do an Aztec background and when I got to the fourth line and started drawing circles.  THAT WAS IT.  THAT WAS THE ITEM I WANTED TO BUY.  It was a stencil in the drafting department for drawing circles.

Well it was getting late and I decided to put my micron pen away.  I picked up the frame and noticed there were scratches on it.  COOL back to Hobby Lobby tomorrow and I can get that stencil and use my 40% coupon.  Cha Ching (well that really doesn’t apply here does it LOL)

On my way to work I noticed a Hobby Lobby truck getting off of interstate 20 and I said to nobody but myself because I was the only one in my car… FOLLOW THAT HOBBY LOBBY TRUCK!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Swap received

I received this lovely swap from Katrina from Art for the Creative mind.  The link to the yahoo group is to the right if you are interested.

Friday, January 17, 2014

What is on your art table?

I am working on a swap for Art for the Creative Mind.  A fold ATC with putting on the ritz theme.  I finished the base now I need to put on the ritz.  Its going to be a party of fancy smancy people when I find the right clip art

I just finished the art for Wendell's birthday.

Next to do is my pennant.  I got an idea on what I want to do but haven't started on it yet because I was working on Wendells birthday gift.  Then I need to do a thank you card and then I HAVE to start on Kathryn's wedding guest book.  I do need a few more items though like black paper and some lace but I might have the lace maybe the white ribbon and some eyelets.

wall art doll inspired art work

A gift for my uncle.  I used the wall art doll as my inspiration.
see the link for the inspiration

The Doodler

Some more doodles in my thrift store book


Monday, January 13, 2014

art doll

My uncle use to work at the Grand Canyon and they had loads of Native American art pieces for sale.  this is one of the Art dolls he brought back.  I am using it as model for a picture I am making for him for his birthday.  Its a little fuzzy because the tag underneath made part of it closer to the glass then the other part I think... no that's not right.  The tag made the cover lift up on part of it and lay flat on the other part.  Anyway the idea is gotten.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Doodler

another page in my thrift shop book turned doodle journal

inspired by

about 8:29

The Doodler, note book doodles

doodles in my note book with lines

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Doodler

Here are some completed doodle book drawings...

Inspirations are marked ;-)

The book came from a local thrift shop.  The title is The Fire by Katherine Neville.  The bird was already done on the inside but I traced it and added the quote.

I think the above and below came from a free tangled pattern.  I do not have the link.  

The dolphins and tulips were borrowed from colored pages.  I do not have the original color page link though. 


The below is using one of my favorite stamps.  Its from Inkadinkado.  I put the quote in from the nursery rhyme Mary Mary Quite contrary how does your garden grow?

Some gears I whipped up.  They are never technically drawn correct.  I take a circle of some kind and trace it and then add the teeth.  I added the words from that steam punk video if you put a gear on it, its steam punk... not sure if those are the exact words but the video is embedded below it...


The below has a video that I saw on Youtube but it has it shaded with water color.  The paper on the book will not be able to handle that wet medium.  I may use colored pencils in the future but for now it is complete.  The video is below the picture


I just love the snow man.  It was also a color page inspired doodle.  Color pages are awesome.  They are my favorite way to jump start a doodle.