A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Putting on the Ritz ATC

Recap... before I finished the inside

Putting on the Ritz Folded ATC..

Here is how I made the ATC.  I apologize for not having any photos.  I did not take any during the ATC making process.

As you can see the folded ATC was made to resemble the outside of a house with a window where a New Years party was taking place.

Select your paper.  I used Canson Mixed Media paper.  I cut a strip that is 7.5 inches long and 3.5 inches tall. 

I scored at the 2.5 inch mark and 5.0 inch mark going wide.  I folded at the first score mark at 2.5 inches over to meet the 5 inch score line.  I folded the 5 inch score line so it will go over the fold I just made. Kind of like a gate fold but instead of a gate fold meeting in the center the last fold overlaps the first fold.

I unfolded the last fold I made at the 5 inch mark but kept the first fold folded.  I used one of my square punches to punch a window.  If you have any interest in making a similar ATC you do not have to use the same punch I used.  You can use your craft knife, an oval punch or a rectangle punch.  It is totally your decision. 

I have a box of old transparency that I used for the window.  I cut two sheets smaller then 2.5 inch x 3 inch but bigger then the square I punched. 

I took some correction line tape and colored it black (it comes in white) Hind sight is 20/20 I should have used strips of paper because I could not color the back side it has adhesive and you can see it from inside the card, instead of the window trimmed in black its trimmed in white.

I made a crisscross of the correction tape and stuck it in the center of one of the transparencies that I cut out.  I placed the other transparency over it and taped it together.  You won’t see the ends of the transparencies so it doesn’t matter if a bit of ugly scotch tape is used. It will be hidden.

Before I installed the “glass” (transparencies) to the window I made there were several steps I needed to do. 

First I painted the outside of the house.  If you refold at the 5 inch mark you have like a little booklet so to speak.  The cover of the booklet is the outside.  I used acrylic paint from the tube I believe I used a masters paint from Hobby lobby or I used Basic I cannot remember and just applied it very thickly on the cover to give it the texture of brick.  Who needs Modeling paste when you have acrylic paint?  I used a combination of red and black to make the dark red brick color and then used black to outline brick shapes.

I let that dry completely.

In the mean time I took a piece of patterned paper and cut it larger then the 7.5 x 3.5 inch. I liked the pattern but not the color.  Two bright for my scene so I used Tim Holtz distress stain and stained it up a bit.  I used the same square punch and punched out a square to the left of the piece so it would match up to my window and allow the entire card to be covered in paper.

With the 5 inch mark unfolded. I glued down the patterned paper to just the left 2.5 inch portion of the patterned paper matching up the punched out box on the patterned paper and on the card.

I colored around the edges of the window with black ink so it would not be so stark white from the paper.

I unfolded the 2.5 mark and since the patterned paper is only glued on this portion it flipped open right along with it.

Time to install the window. I placed the transparency piece I had created earlier and tried to center the crisscross in the window and used scotch tape to affix it to the ATC.  I then used a tape runner and permanently glued the 2.5 fold back down.  I then glued the rest of the pattern paper across the card. I trimmed the excess patterned paper around the entire ATC card.  The patterned paper is now the wall paper.

I had some wood grain paper and I cut it into strips and made a wood panel for the bottom of the wall and used a glue stick to glue that down.  I outlined everything with a black marker and I colored the white edges of the card with the same marker.

I googled Putting on the Ritz and all it came up with was ritz crackers.  Blah.  So I googled 1920s and found an image I wanted to use. 

I resized the whole image in paint shop pro to 2.5 wide and 3.5 tall.  There was some distortion but nothing over dramatic.

I returned to the original image and cropped it so that only the piano showed.

I mirrored the couple and the piano just incase I preferred the picture going the other way and printed two copies of them facing left, two copies facing right (just in case of a mistake always good to have back ups) and 1 of each piano

I thought what if I glued the mirror image and the regular image back to back and try to fussy cut it out maybe it will match up fine enough.  I put packing tape on one side.  It was the side that will be viewed when you opened the card.  I also put packing tape on the piano I selected.

Sure enough it matched up pretty good.  There were some white lines, that was what was going to be seen thru the window.  I just took a pen and outlined the couple so the white sections were not screaming out anymore.

I opened up my little atc and aligned the people in front of the window.  I positioned where they would be seen the best thru the window.  I used the Alleenes glue pen to help glue down the small bits like the hands and the necklace. 

I glued the piano down on the other side.

I stamped the back with a stamp from Hobby Lobby that allows me to sign my work of art.

I now call my ATC Done.  

To send it off in style I always like to ad a note card.  Since I didnt have one available where I was at I improvised.  I had index cards, crayons, a pencil and me.
So I made this little note  and wrote my info on the back :-)


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