A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The artist within me - My Hobby Lobby Adventure

My Hobby Lobby Adventure…

It is 6pm and I NEEDED to go to Hobby Lobby (that should read wanted in lower case) so I grabbed the keys and waved goodbye to the dogs.  The poor critters do not understand that Hobby Lobby is no place for rambunctious dogs who insist on jumping on every stranger they can get their greedy paws on. 

I raced down hwy 1 to my destination and came across a bike rider.  Not a big deal right?  Well when he was riding his bike in the dark wearing dark clothes and I am looking at him eye to eye. I would say yeah.  So I gently honked my horn and told him what an idiot he was for being on the wrong side of the rode.   Am I the only one who knows that bike riders ride with the flow of traffic not against?  Apparently I am also the only one that knows that walkers, on the other hand, should walk against traffic.  Unlike the dingleberry who was walking with traffic that I came across a few minutes later after the bike rider fiasco.   So maybe it is a male thing.  I dunno.  It was the only thing they had in common.  Aye Aye Aye as Ricki Ricardo said to Lucy Ricardo on many occasions.

All that nonsense was soon forgotten when I saw the moon.  Have you ever wanted to hug the moon?  I did last night.  IT WAS FABULOUS and HUGE and GOLDEN and so low I could take a latter (if I didn’t have that issue with heights) and climb up to it and give it a big ole HUGE hug.  If only you could have seen me, my eyes bulged wide open and my mouth did a fish face OOOOH WOW.  Yeah it was that spectacular.  I wish I had my camera.  I tend to wish I had my camera with me every time I do not and when I do have it with me I never have a need for it.  Sigh.  WOE is me.  Anywho Moon pictures never turn out for me so I guess it was ok I did not have it.  I have it etched in my memory for a bit.  Though of late my memory is becoming rather slack as you will see further into my adventure. 

I arrive at the strip mall that Hobby Lobby is located in.  It now resides were the old Walmart use to be in West Columbia.  Oh the good ole days when that Walmart first opened.  I was majorly excited back then. Many Friday nights, allowance in hand, I would beg my parents to drive me to Walmart and drop me off for an hour or two and I would wonder thru the craft area and the office supply area.  I also got a good giggle when they would page Don Johnson to Customer Service.  Hee hee it was late 80’s don’t you know.  A throw back to Miami Vice days.  The vehicle in front of me turned into the parking lot by Bi-Lo that is a local grocery store.  I turned into the parking lot via the next entrance.  It was very apparent that the mini van (oh do I hate me some mini vans ha ha) was planning to go to Hobby Lobby.  I was having none of those shenanigans so I raced the mini van in my Hyundai at whopping speeds of 25 MPH for the better parking spot.

I get out of the car and walk over to the magazine rack to see if anything sparks my interest.  Unfortunately duct tape (magazine of duct tape art was prominent) seems to be very popular lately and it did not do anything for me.  I continued on to my destination, the framing department.  As I was heading back there a guy pushing a cart walked across my path.  I knew this was not a good sign.  I will be proven right shortly.  In a previous trip I had purchased a package of scrap matt boards.  I had brought a piece hoping that they could cut a 6x8 square out of it.  I know I could have done it myself but I wanted it to have the slanted edge.  To my great disappointment the machine will not cut a small piece.  Well I did not argue and it greatly saddened me when I went to pick out a nice fresh piece of matt board because that board was destined to belong to a nice large piece of fine art.  Not my silly frivolous stipple painting of wall doll art.  But rules are rules and I do not have a foot to stand on to challenge them.  So I brought up the nice piece of matt board for them to cut down.  The framer was pretty quick and had it done spit spot (I just watched Marry Poppins because I just saw Saving Mr. Banks).  I could not help to notice wall frames were 50% off so I chose a nice black frame.  The plan was to go to Walmart and get one but hey 3.50, can’t beat that price.  That’s when I decided I need to take a pit stop this is when I was proven right the guy pushing the cart full of cleaning supplies was in the ladies room cleaning it out.  UGH! 

So I decided to look around cause I really had to go and did not want to leave with out the RELIEF.  I wandered down this isle and that isle.  I saw something and I said to myself I do not purchase anything else I will come back and get this.  So I wandered down the stencils and the paints and the paper and the scrap book sections and the Crayola section. I wish I had wandered down the Valentine section I need to but some valentines crafts but oh well hind sight is always 20/20.   I picked up a white pitt pen  from the scrap book section and decided I could get that other item and this one since the pitt pen was not that expensive.  Problem is I plum forgot what it was.  Like I hinted at earlier my memory isn’t what it use to be.  So I wandered down the isles trying to jog my memory.  It didn’t help.  I think for one reason was I had to go POTTY bad. 

I decided to make my way back to the bathroom to see if he was finished.  I had to assume he was when I over heard a conversation.  A lady said she had been waiting for the bathroom for over 30 minutes and she better hurry up and go before he decided to clean another bathroom. 

If I was the type of person who felt it was necessary to correct people I would have tapped her shoulder and said excuse me you are mistaken.  The bathroom was only closed for about 15 minutes (remember I saw him heading towards the bathroom) and if he was to clean another bathroom it would be the men’s and I do not think Hobby Lobby would appreciate finding you in the men’s room.  But I am not that type of person so I thought it and did not say it … but later on I blogged it (wink).

After that relief I continued to rack my brain on what I wanted to purchase but soon gave up because it was time to go home.  I also decided to stop at my favorite place to eat.  As I was checking out, there was one person ahead of me trying to find her digital coupon.  I let her use mine.  She was concerned that the same coupon could not be used twice but we assured her it would be fine.  The cashier (male, which you usually do not see a lot of men in craft stores unless their wives or daughters our dragging them in which is a shame) had a some interesting trivia about older folks are the majority of the ones who have smart phones not the children.  Uh Huh. 

I got outside and my large golden moon had risen to a big old white ball in the sky.  It shown bright but was not so huggable. 

I went to my favorite place to eat and ordered a #3 no butter, fruit instead of fries and a large unsweet tea. 

Order Taker so you want no pickles

Me NO, No butter I want the pickles

Order Taker yeah that’s what I meant  So you want sweet tea

Me No unsweat tea

Order Taker So you want a #3 no butter with an unsweet tea

Me Large unsweet tee and no fries with fruit

Order taker yeah I got that its so and so please drive forward

I get to the window and they take forever.  Well forever for this place cause they are usually speedy.  There was a car blocking the exit anyway.  So I patiently waited and listened to my music.  I finally got the order about the time the car blocking me tossed something out of the window and sped off.  Ok I admit it I am nosy and I took a closer look they tossed out their lettuce.  I wonder if they knew if they ordered it without lettuce they would have been given credit on the sandwich?   Instead the lettuce ended up in a bush.

The drive home was less adventurous then the drive there.  I spent quite a bit of time trying to remember what that item was that I wanted to purchase.  No luck.  I made it home, took care of the Uncle, took care of the dogs, did some detail work on my little project and took a bath.   I matched the mat up to my picture and liked it a lot.  I started to do an Aztec background and when I got to the fourth line and started drawing circles.  THAT WAS IT.  THAT WAS THE ITEM I WANTED TO BUY.  It was a stencil in the drafting department for drawing circles.

Well it was getting late and I decided to put my micron pen away.  I picked up the frame and noticed there were scratches on it.  COOL back to Hobby Lobby tomorrow and I can get that stencil and use my 40% coupon.  Cha Ching (well that really doesn’t apply here does it LOL)

On my way to work I noticed a Hobby Lobby truck getting off of interstate 20 and I said to nobody but myself because I was the only one in my car… FOLLOW THAT HOBBY LOBBY TRUCK!

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