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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Camera Bag

I want to share with you my non traditional camera bag.

I do not like traditional camera bags for DSLRs because they are extremely bulky.  I bought one and a few months later I sold it on ebay.  It wasnt a traditional one either.  It looked like a large pocket book but it was cumbersome to carry and still to large.

I do not carry a lot of lenses with me.  I use to carry two but I got the Tameron lense that is 18-200 mm so I leave all the others at home.

I started looking in the soft lunch box section of big retail stores.  They were pretty much the size I wanted and had some cushion.

Here is the one I got on clearance from Target which I used a lot.  You can tell its pretty dirty!

What I really wanted was a back pack type one but like I said all the ones I could find were HUGE and expensive.

Walmart at one time had a mini back pack for a camera bag and I bought that.  I used it a lot and over time the plastic that hold the strap broke so I dug out my sewing machine and stitched back and forth over the strap and it held up pretty well.  

Then I stumbled on this beauty at Kohls...

I really debated this at the store... as you can see NO PADDING what so ever and I wasnt thinking of of it as a camera bag at all.  I had a store credit or something.  I cant remember what it was but the bag was just the right amount.  It was on clearance and it was the only one.   The Skull was what lured me of course.  I love skulls :-)   After much debate I ended up buying it.  

It sat in the closet for awhile till I got a bright idea.  

I deconstructed the mini camera bag that was a back pack and slipped inside the Skull back pack.  It fit perfectly.  

The mini camera bag was in bad condition and I used duct tape to cover up the holes that I cut the straps away from.  

I needed something better.

Then I remembered I had fished this out of the trash at work and originally planned to replace the lunch box version with this.  The size of the bag was perfect.

What wasnt perfect was the strap.  It had to be about 2-3 inches thick... talk about UNCOMFORTABLE.

So I put that one away... then the light bulb turned one.  Why not see if the rescued bag would fit in the skull bag.

I took out the mini camera bag (sorry no photos) and put rescued bag in.  Now it filled the bag up.  Still it was PERFECT!

When the draw strings are open and the bag is not snapped, here is what it looks like inside...

I can zip it close and close it with the plastic thinga mabobs.... I dont know what they are called LOL

Oh I do have to mention I had to cut off that hideous strap but I was willing to make that sacrifice. 

It might not look so bad, the width of the strap but it got wider where you put it on the shoulder.

Even though the front is zipped her, I keep the front open  in side the skull bag.  I keep a couple of pens, some note books, a mini first aid kit and a mending kin in there. 

The back also has a pocket but its got a plastic like lining and its sticky so I dont use it at all. 

Here is what inside the bag looks like...

The part that zippers down has a mesh bag where I keep extra supplies like SD cards and my remote control. 

Inside there are two compartments that are adjustable.  That center blue panel is attached with Velcro and can be moved to accommodate the size you need.   BTW, why did they change the name of velcro to hook and loop tape?  LOL.   The next pictures shows my camera inside the bag.  

The next picture shows the front pocket open with my note books and pens inside...

Here is what the bag looks like when its all put together and open.

This of course is not for the professional who has many lenses and needs the extra big bag.

For me its a perfect fit.  

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