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Saturday, August 23, 2014


I had a shopping list for the thrift store...

1 large book

1 Monopoly Jr. game.

I did not find the large book.  I am being very picky about this.  I do not want that the subject is some obscure text book.  It has to be an interesting title.


I lucked up on the Monopoly Jr.  The local His House thrifts did not have them.  I did purchase a regular Monopoly game and a Wizard of Oz game.  I wanted them for the boards and well the Monopoly for the game pieces.

I went to Goodwill and they did not have it either.  I used the facilities.  Came back and the guy was putting more toys on the shelve and low and behold Monopoly Jr.  SCORE!

Now I did pay 1.75 more then what the local thrift would have charged me but I am ok with that.

It was a Disney version with the actors from Hannah Montana and Suite Life of I forget there names and that's so Raven... Older Disney shows.

I am ok with that too.  I am going to cover it up. 

The reason why I wanted Jr. is because the board is half the size.  yes I could have cut the regular Monopoly board I half but it would have raw edges.

I have an idea that I want to work on but will not share till its finished.

So my other finds were a jewelry box, some records, a three drawer cabinet and a plastic 4 drawer cabinet filled with wood pieces.  That was 10.00.  Kind of high for a thrift store but if you add the cost of the drawers 8 bucks and the top shelve was worth way over 20.00 I did not add up the other shelves so I did pretty durn good.

Here is the picture of the cabinet and the drawers...

Can anybody tell me what these are.  They are still in the plastic bag and the sticker says 4.00 wish I think is EXPENSIVE especially for something I dont have a clue what it is LOL

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  1. Great find Karen, I LOVE thrift stores but they are addictive. What you have there is dried pods and they are expensive to purchase new (not sure why) I forget the name of the flower( doesn't matter) but they are used in flower shops on wreaths and in floral designs. I have some in my studio that I purchased at a close out just because they were "different", truth be known, I still haven't come up with a purpose for them....