A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Monday, September 29, 2014

Do you have any UFO's?

So the frugal crafter did a video on UFOs

Here it is

If you haven't figured it out yet ... Un Finished Objects...
So do you  do you do you do you?
I have fewer then I thought I had and here they are a total of 3
Number 1,
Serena of the nights BF
Im working on it LOL
When he is finished he is going to be steam punked I hope!
The next one I been working on for years...
Well I started it years ago time slipped away because the end of the year is hectic and I want it to be finished for the beginning of the year.
I saw this on a blog a few years a go.  Person made a book and each page was dedicated to a month.  Each month had a bit of what happened during that day.
It was all hand made.
So I was just introduced to Teesha Moore and she has these great videos on how to make a journal book.
So I took large water color sheets and made the book with out the flaps.
Every year I say I am going to complete the pages but you know how that is... so here is what I done so far...
the cover ... the cover is bare LOL

January, this one is the one most done... I made that stamp!

February I made that stamp tooooo




June, yes June is bare too

July,  You can barely see the pencil marks for the flag

August, yes August is bare too

September, yes September is bare

October, at least October has color

November... bare bare bare...

December... oh why did I ever paint December yellow for ... weird!
No picture of the back cover... Why?  I forgot and Im to lazy to go take its picture but it pretty much looks like this

Why yes that is the cover.
The last thing is a nice large water color painting.  I drew it out but never taped it down and started paining.
It might look familiar I did a 12x12 version of it sort of journal page and its at this link to bee seen by all...

Sunday, September 28, 2014

OMG I finished the note card box!

I know right... its like I have been working on this FOREVER! 
now I have to find notecards that fit in.  The envelopes for quarters size is just a smidgeon to big ... they werent before I lined ... drat.
I believe I have a picture of the original box but I cannot find it.  When I do I will update it.
Anywhoo... I gutted the inside.
I painted the outside
I added balls for feet
I lined the inside with fabric
I replaced the glass cover with a canvas transfer using gel medium
Here is the finished box...
note to oneself next time dont use spray paint (I keep reminding myself this every time I post a blog page on it LOL)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Journal Page, Saphira from Eragon, Inheritance Series

I probably spelled 95% of the subject line words wrong LOL
I made two versions of the page.  One with out words and after I scanned the page I added a quote from the text.
Materials I used
Medium weight drawing paper
Pencil and eraser
Prismacolor pencils
Odorless Mineral Spirits
Paint brushes
Dip pen and ink black and an itty bitty bit of white
Computer with Paint Shop Pro
Resource materials
scroll down to fantasy drawing... that was where I got the landscape inspiration from
I drew method 3 of 4
a realistic dragon (fantasy)
I think if I drew the dragon from the last picture I would have been better off. 
Note I think I am falling in love with dip pens.  The ink does not clog like regular markers.  I found a new best friend! 
I searched for many ways to blend colored pencils.  I found this channel that I find very interesting on youtube.  She tells it like it is.  She has a series of videos that she critiques other artist works but does it in a good way.  She does not insult the pieces she gives constructive criticism.  She does speed up video paintings and tutorials and she has a personal vlog.  She is started a new series on Social Media in October. 

The dos and donts of crayon melting canvas plus How I did it and what inspired by him... heck its a whole story

Pet Peeve of mind, watching a video and they do not show you what the end product is going to be fore you started... so I wont do that to you since it is a pet peeve of mind....
I ended up making this.
My baby sister turned 30 September 24th.  She is 11 years younger then me and if you do the math you can figure out how old I am.  If you have to use your calculator that is just plain sad LOL.
So I was some where surfing youtube videos.  I wasn't suppose to be doing that but that is a story not to be shared on any social media.   I was interested in crayon techniques.  Coloring with them.  Not melting them.  You know there isn't an awful lot out there.  I haven't found the perfect one yet.  Prisma color pencils there is a bazillion and what I learned is everybody has their own method.  Oh that is SOOOO helpful. 
Oh shoot I have to go let her dogs out brb.   
That cat of hers has attacked me, bit me, hid under the bed, led me on a merry chase around the couch and smacked my face
Makes me adore banner who doesn't scratch or bite or claw or attack but he sure does like to head butt and rub and purr
back to my art creation...
Anyway back to youtube and crayon techniques... I did find this video and I probably would not have watched it but there was a dancer involved.  I pay attention to dancing things because my sister owns a dance studio. 

So I watched it and thought that would make a cool gift for her and here is my journey of making one...
So I am a firm believer in watching more then one video to make sure I have the know hows...
this one for example....

The comments explained one of my problems but we will get to that later ...
DO#1 Prep the canvas with Gesso....
Yes I know I know I know pre-stretched canvas should have gesso on it well mine apparently did not have a good layer.
Un wrap your crayons
DO#2 use a utility knife to split the paper of the crayons off the paper, its easier to un wrap.
cut the crayons in half
Hot glue the crayons to the canvas
DO#3 Do prepare by excercising your hand muscles or prepared to cramp up to a lot of squeezing the glue gun trigger
DO#4 do this in rainbow order or in my case I did it opposite.  Hey I am a rebel.  Just prevents a muddy brown picture.  That is all. 
I found the quote the young artist had used (actually I had already heard it or read it a zillion times but I googled it for the correct wording)
I typed it up in Paint Shop Pro  (okies I copied and pasted, who am I fooling)
DO#5  Mirror your text
I did remember to do that
DO#6 Save the document
That I did not do.
I had to repeat the word pasting ..... three times.  OH I am getting ahead of myself. 
Printed out the mirror words on a laser jet printer and used mat gel medium and glued it on the canvas
DO#7 Let the gel medium dry
So I let it dry
I wet the paper down and started to rub it off.  WOW IT LOOKS SUPER COOL!  I see there is more paper to be rubbed off.
I rubbed some more and rubbed the words right off the canvas.  EVERY SINGLE HINT OF THE WORDS.
Since I did not save the document I had to retype it eer repaste it after I looked it back up in google. 
I wet the paper down and rub and rub and rub  WOW IT LOOKS SUPER COOL!  I see there is more paper to be rubbed off.
I rubbed some more and rubbed the words right off the canvas.  EVERY SINGLE HINT OF THE WORDS.
DO#8 notate the font that you used for back up plan (cut the words out on the cricut )  I didn't do that so my back up plan was using a different font.
back to DO#1 prep your work with gesso .. but do it before you glue the crayons down :-) or you will get gesso on them
DO#10 find clip art of silhouettes on the internet
I found a dancer and an umbrella that I liked
DO#11 research your techniques or equipment.   
Here is the back story to DO#9   I have a cricut as I mentioned in DO#6.  I don't ever use the cartridges.    I happened to have purchased Sure Cuts A Lot before they were forced to revamp their software so that you can not use it with cricut products.  I can take an SVG file and cut it out.  SVG file don't rightly know what it is but its the . xxx  part of a file equal to . jpg  I know it may sound greek but I really do not know to better explain it.  I just take this stuff for granted that all know it but I know all don't.
I found this www site that converts it for you... how cool is that? 
I must make a disclaimer... I did prep work on the piece before I converted.  I removed the background and saved it as .png file.  I did this in paint shop pro.  If this is greek to you I apologize.  I take this stuff for granted.  I am not sure the best way to explain it though.
here is a link to the .jpgs that I found
(i post links because I do not want to be accused of copyright infringement or anything. 
If I didn't make it then its not going here :-)
So I have my SVG files and I cut them out with the cricut.
Preppying the canvas worked and the transfer was a success, the words did not rub off this time.  So I did not have to use my back up plan. 
So I glued on the ballerina and umbrella.  I let that dry.  I he-hawed around the fun part because this is the part where it was make or break.  I mean the words not so much, yeah it took three tries but gesso is my friend and will cover up my mistakes kind of. 
I used Painter tape and attempted to mask off certain areas.  Didn't work so hot either.   The words it worked ok.  The umbrella NOT. 
I got out my hair dryer.  Several videos showed using a hair dryer not a heat gun so I decided to follow the tutorials.
The second video says its going take a LONG TIME... like 4-5 minutes per section.
She wasn't kidding. 
I had a hair dryer going and it took so long I decided to help it along with a second hair dryer and here is where we get to the DON'TS
DON'T #2 Use two hair dryers, you will blow a circuit.  Use 1
So I got the hair dryer aimed at the suckers and finally the crayons started to do something.  They started to slip down the canvas because I was melting the hot glue gun.  So here are some more don'ts.
DON'T#3 Be a cheapskate ... you think I would learn when I tried to save 50 cents on primary and got oil based primer instead of latex.  But no I did not learn.
DON'T#4 use dollar store crayons...  I don't care what the second video says.  This is where the comments came in handy and I mentioned in the beginning.
DON'T#5 use dollar store painters tape.  It sticks to itself and well it sticks to itself and that's about all that its good for.
I pulled all the crayons off and started all over again.
DO#12 use Crayola Crayons
DO#13 ignore DO#2, use the whole crayon keep the paper on.  It seems to help gluing I think. 
I had to pull the hot glue off which kind of damaged the canvas but it covers the messes.
So take 2
I got the hair dryer read and started heating the crayons back up...
BOY WERE THOSE COMMENTS RIGHT ON THE SECOND VIDEO.  It took seconds for the crayolas to melt and they did not slip down the canvas and make a big MESS.
DO#14 cover your work area.  Crayon flies every where
DO#15 figure out a better way to mask off your silhouette and when you do, let me know LOL
I used gesso under the umbrella because I smeared the crayon and well gesso covers my mistakes kind of... like it kind of covered it.   
DO#16 Be prepared to re-glue the crayons after you finished the melting.  Some of them, for me anyway, came loose a bit. 
Here is more pictures of my piece...

I don't like the color of the change of the crayons.  Blah.  I need to watch the video and see if heres change.
Yes the video does show the color has changed. 

What is on your art table this weekend...

I didnt take a picture last week.  For shame on me.  Basically it was that note card box and the Saphira Journal page for Jennebellie' ning site. 
The journal page is done, it will be posted on my blog soon.  I got three pieces to post.  One of them is the canvas that is on my art table.
that note card box still on the desk LOL...I am going to get that sucker done this week.  I am tired of looking at it!  Its a lot of drying time and a lot of ooops.  I had a lots of ooops in the next project to but I got thru it. 
Ok the top is done and the only thing I have to do is line the inside with fabric I think.  I don't want to use paper because paper can be torn. 
Here is the cover, the flash makes it super shiny.  Note to one self don't use spray paint again LOL
I got that unique texture that I really wasn't going for but its there and its going to stay.
I was going for the distress look.  I printed a photo on plain white copy paper and used gel mat medium to do the transfer on duck canvas cloth.  Duck canvas cloth is the only thing I found that does not need a coat of gesso before you do the transfer.  It turned out pretty good. 
I used quilt batting though you cant tell in the picture.  Wouldn't you know I had a whole role of it for my sisters signature book and put it up so the cats couldn't do anything yucky to it.  Guess who cant remember where they put it?  That is right it is moi.    It is probably with Tim Holtz tissue tape I cannot find and the trash can I lost two years ago.  Yes I lost a trash can.  Go figure. 
Its a lousy paint shop pro editing.  You can obviously tell its been fudged.  The background is from Florida, Owen was at the zoo in this picture (in the back ground) and chance was at his birthday dinner. 
But I was printing it on a lasterjet black and white printer and I knew the transfer would not be the best but distressed so its all good. 
The next piece I am working on is something for my sisters Birthday.  It is a crayon melt canvas.  I will give all the details when it is finished. 
I saw the idea on Youtube.  I seen tons of these crayon melt tutorials and though I thought they were slightly amusing I never felt the need to do one.  Until I saw the youtube video. 
Here is the beginning canvas....
When I finish this I will be working on three birthday cards.  We are going to dinner tomorrow and I do not have time to make them tomorrow. 


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Water color and Colored pencil Journal Page City Scene

I really liked how the finished journal page of the frugal crafter came out... here is her video

So I thought I would do my own version of this tutorial with a picture I have used before.   I drew it on a much larger scale but have not finished it.  It still sits waiting to be painted. 
Materials I used
Loel Cornell 36 water color palette

12x12 water color paper, the cover sheet is gone but I think it was Strathmore the brown cover 400 series maybe.  I am sure it was cold press because you cannot find hot press at the big box stores in pads
Micron pens
Sharpie marker
HB Pencil (pretty much the same as a #2 school pencil)
white plastic eraser
2007 water color calendar (for inspiration)
Steps are pretty straight forward and I used the video as a guide.  I will not go thru all the steps cause that would be a little silly.  I will share what I learned at the bottom if your interested in following the same technique. 
The source photo or image came from a 2007 water color a day calendar. 
This is what the cover of the calendar looks like I only gotten three of these because the book store I shop at stopped carrying them.  I usually got them when they went on clearance.  I guess that was the reason they stopped carrying them, nobody bought them.  I did a search and apparently they still are making them.  Here is what the box looks like

One artist does the entire calendar.  The calendar is set up where Monday - Friday you get a line drawing of a painting.  The two day weekend shows a small thumb nail of that the drawing looks painted.  Each day tips are offered.    WOW he has to paint 260 pictures and then draw them a year.   He gets to rest on Saturday and Sunday LOL.

The artist

Here is what one of the calendar pages looks like, well this one to be exact  ... at the end of the week the artist shows what it looks like actually painted but apparently I lost that page.  The sheets use to sit in a box and are loose.  I ditched the box. 

I did not have the color pencils that the frugal crafter used so I used this paint set...

As you can I use these a lot and they have lasted a long while.  They are definitely not professional grade. Below is a link where you can find them on amazon.com   I was reading some of the comments and I disagree with a few.  You can get bright colors (don't take my journal page as proof, I used prismacolor pencils on top of it) but they are bright enough for the hobbyist.     They DO feel chalky unlike one of the reviews said.

Here is a link on amazon to purchase it

water color link

Like I mentioned I used prismacolored pencils to color over it, here are my pencils I use on a daily basis.  I do have a larger set I haven't touched LOL  I don't know why I am saving them except for the fact I have these to use. 

From this project I have learned...
the smoother the paper for prismacolor pencils the better.  The tooth of the paper really shows especially if your using cold press water color paper which I think I was using.  I got the paper at a big box retail store and I checked out two big box retails today and they only carry cold press.

Use lighter colors of pencils over the paint.

The lighter colors make the color of the paint pop, while the darker colors show the texture of the paper too much. 

For example refer back to the journal page...

From left to the right the first building (purple) and the 3rd building (darker green) were the two that I used darker pencils on.  I burnished it with a lighter color and it helped some.

Lets talk about Micron pens...

I hate them LOL

They run out of ink too soon.  Yes the frugal crafter now has a video on how to refill them but why should I have to do this?   The sharpie last so much longer.  Besides where do I get a pipette from...

Side note I hate advice like that.  I watched another video of her on how to stretch water color paper.  She said to use gummed tape, guess where she got hers?  From her butcher (she is a vegetarian)  how many people actually go to a butcher and how many butchers do you know will sell them a roll of tape for 1.25.  I googled amazon and walmart and samsclub and the price ranges from 10-80 bucks depending on the size etc.  There was no rhyme or reason for the different prices to some extent. 

Back to the micron pens so I had a pack of 6 ... I don't know what pen the frugal crafter was using because I sure never seen a #1  pen with that thick of a line.  The thickest I seen is 08.

Out of the 6 I used 3 of them.  Brand new set, never been used.  By the time I was done all 3 were close to running out of ink.  That is worth repeating again, all 3.

Another thing that happened to my drawing and not shown to happening in the video.  The water color and colored pencil dulled the black ink. 

I had to go over all the ink to make it pop again.  Since all my microns had dried out I used a sharpie.  I did the whole picture over again with the sharpie and it did not show signs of drying out. 

Oh btw when I was cleaning up my art room I found I did have a 24 pack of the reaves water color pencils.  Isnt that a hoot!  It pays to take inventory and it pays to keep it clean LOL. 

You may have seen post (probably not LOL)  that I have some Tim Hotlz tissue tape in that room some where.  Yet to find that! 

My Mad Hatter Journal Page

This page took two years to finish.... YES TWO YEARS LOL..

Ok, here is why it took two years.

I was watching the Strathmore free online classes and one of the instructors was Traci Bautista. 

She was in the process of promoting her new books doodles unleashed (one of my favorite things to do, doodle) besides instructing the class.  So the class was loosely based on the content of that book.

I started on the background.  I used the materials she suggested, fabric paint sprays.  I used found objects and stencils for stencils of course and mask.  I know I used rubber bands and clothes pins. 

Not sure if I used anything else besides the stencils.  Like I said it has been 2 years LOL

I had it taped to one side of the foam core board I use to water color paint on.  The other side I use for my water color paintings.  Many have come and gone while the back side still stayed taped on.

I bought some dip pens for a pen and ink + water color class and I was playing around with them and before I knew it I had a funky doodle tree on my page.

For some reason it just said mad hatter taking a nap under the tree.

I will let on to a little secret.  I like to find color pages and draw from them to begin my journal pages.

Well if your familiar with Alice in Wonderland ... the mad hatter does not sleep under the tree Alice does.  So I had to improvise.

So here are the images I used for reference in this piece ...

First I found a clip of a man taking a nap ... kid of cow boy looking fellow


Here is what I started with...

at first I did draw the whole guy and then reminded myself MAD HATTER KAREN

So I searched some more ...

I searched for his hat and used the following images for reference


I cant find the exact link to the next one.  I only used it for the band and the peacock feather which I did not bother coloring in.  Here is the search window for it.  I hope it works...

another hat image

I used the next one as a reference for the shoes.... I do like his shoes LOL

disney mad hatter

I  changed his shirt to a jacket and made the shirt kind of ruffley.  I did not use a reference photo for that. 

The Cheshire cat link that I used is coming up with an error so I will direct you to the search window box on this image also

cheshire cat smile

Lastly is the toad stool


Crazy Shopping spree

Okies I went a bit over board in the shopping department.  Most items were on sale or clearance or I had a coupon

Here is what I brought home...

The Dollar Tree

Spider Ice Cube Tray ... to use for paper pulp
2 - 4 mini stamps with stamp pads
Bobble head skull  ... one of the few not art or craft related items. 
hand wipes (not shown) for the mustang  one of the few not art or craft related items
Package of snowflakes (plastic) for stencil purposes
Package of 4 white erasers
Package of 2 sets of playing cards ... for atc or any other mixed media art
3 Styrofoam cones (missing one in the picture) for art dolls body form
Raven for one of the art dolls
5 packages of skeleton garland for miscellaneous Halloween projects.  These were hard to find this year and they only had the black ones.  So I bought what the last dollar tree I went to had.

Multiculture Crayola marker  Skin tones  Clearance
push pins  to use for a knob of for the note card box only 1.42
Red Lunch bags good for packaging my Christmas gifts :-) The ornaments 1.97
1500 color mixing recipe book  Paid full price ... of the few things

Mini Donut pan I am planning to use with embossing powder to make embellishments
Donut pan embossing   originally 9.99 I used a 50% coupon
9x12 Bristol pad Smooth 66% off each
4 11x14 Bristol Vellum 66% off each
1 bottle of Higgins magic ink for the water color class 3.99 then 50% off

Art Supply Store
1 10 pack NeoColor Caran Dache Crayons... not the colors I thought they were EXPENSIVE
2 blue crayons
I want the following colors
Skin tones

I think I will get the next set from Amazon

I spent the most here and got the smallest items LOL

Good Will

Two children books which were 50 cents each
A Picasso and Monet book 2.00 each



A box for my colored pencils,
2 packages of sharpie markers  They were on sale 3.49 each
2 mini easels for ATC display .99 each
3 packs of needles  For Robins Needle book 1.27 each
1 package of threads For sewing kit 1.00 (need more but they only had 1)
1 set of water color pads (came with three, I think the package was suppose to open and sold individually)  3.47  which explains why I think they should be separated. 
1 Excedrin generic headache medicine... did not work .99

Hobby Lobby

1 Envelope punch board 19.99 and then I used a 40% off coupon
1 sketch pen set 12.99 and I used a 40% off coupon
1 set of nibs 2.99 I think
1 brush set for the ink for the class I have bought online 1.99
1 Eiffel tower fabric stamp (who said you actually had to use it on fabric) Clearance .71 cents
1 mustache fabric stamp .43 cents clearance

Pet Smart

Chuck it toy for AJ... he wont share with Tobie.. isnt he mean? on sale 9.99

cat collar (banner is wearing it) 3.99

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Needle book finished

I made this book out of felt and the cover of a Book that AJ tore up.  Isnt that dog awesome!

I used Coptic stitch binding but that probably was not the best method.  I had some wonk stitches but I managed to finish it with it turning out all right.

it is a gift for my sisters birthday.  She likes to cross stitch and this can hold her needles.

If you want to learn how to Coptic stitch look at the book binding page in the tab above or check out Sea Lemons youtube channel.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Swaps I received

This came from Ruth P.  The 4x4 theme was faux stained glass through the looking glass.

This one came from Samantha H.  This is a Journal page and the them was whimsical me.


This is the second Journal page I received it was from June C.   She asked where did I park my unicorn... here is my page in progress... Which I have already shared but I will share again

I marked out her name with black ... it was not part of the piece :-)

I think I pinched her unicorn LOL