A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Finished skull project

There are no step by steps photos on how I did my skull but if you have an inkling to make one yourselves they are pretty easy.

Old Book Pages
sand paper
Plastic Skull from the dollar tree
Sharpie Marker
Jems Found mine at the dollar tree also
White glue
e-6000 glue
Gloss Mod Podge
containers for the glue and gesso

I tore the book pages into small pieces for the face area and larger pieces for the back

I made a mixture of 50 percent water and 50 percent elmers glue ( I believe I used glue all)
I dipped the pages into the mixture and applied them onto the skull,  you have to do one side at a time or it will stick to your surface.  This part takes the longest. 
I let dry
I sanded rough spots
I repeated applying pages dipped in the mixture
I let dry
I sanded rough spots
I painted with a mixture of water down gesso so the book pages still can be seen
Let dry
I found the red gems and I cut the back tips off ... I used dogs nail clippers but use what you have or use red marbles
I glued the red gems into the eye sockets with e-6000
I let dry
I doodled on the skull and added facial features
I let the marker set
I wanted to use a gloss varnish but I only had satin.  I was about to go buy some when I remembered I had some Glossy mod podge.  I took that out and painted on 1 coat with a brush
let dry ... doesnt take long at all
I applied another coat
Let dry
Now your done. 

I do like how it turned out.

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