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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Water color and Colored pencil Journal Page City Scene

I really liked how the finished journal page of the frugal crafter came out... here is her video

So I thought I would do my own version of this tutorial with a picture I have used before.   I drew it on a much larger scale but have not finished it.  It still sits waiting to be painted. 
Materials I used
Loel Cornell 36 water color palette

12x12 water color paper, the cover sheet is gone but I think it was Strathmore the brown cover 400 series maybe.  I am sure it was cold press because you cannot find hot press at the big box stores in pads
Micron pens
Sharpie marker
HB Pencil (pretty much the same as a #2 school pencil)
white plastic eraser
2007 water color calendar (for inspiration)
Steps are pretty straight forward and I used the video as a guide.  I will not go thru all the steps cause that would be a little silly.  I will share what I learned at the bottom if your interested in following the same technique. 
The source photo or image came from a 2007 water color a day calendar. 
This is what the cover of the calendar looks like I only gotten three of these because the book store I shop at stopped carrying them.  I usually got them when they went on clearance.  I guess that was the reason they stopped carrying them, nobody bought them.  I did a search and apparently they still are making them.  Here is what the box looks like

One artist does the entire calendar.  The calendar is set up where Monday - Friday you get a line drawing of a painting.  The two day weekend shows a small thumb nail of that the drawing looks painted.  Each day tips are offered.    WOW he has to paint 260 pictures and then draw them a year.   He gets to rest on Saturday and Sunday LOL.

The artist

Here is what one of the calendar pages looks like, well this one to be exact  ... at the end of the week the artist shows what it looks like actually painted but apparently I lost that page.  The sheets use to sit in a box and are loose.  I ditched the box. 

I did not have the color pencils that the frugal crafter used so I used this paint set...

As you can I use these a lot and they have lasted a long while.  They are definitely not professional grade. Below is a link where you can find them on amazon.com   I was reading some of the comments and I disagree with a few.  You can get bright colors (don't take my journal page as proof, I used prismacolor pencils on top of it) but they are bright enough for the hobbyist.     They DO feel chalky unlike one of the reviews said.

Here is a link on amazon to purchase it

water color link

Like I mentioned I used prismacolored pencils to color over it, here are my pencils I use on a daily basis.  I do have a larger set I haven't touched LOL  I don't know why I am saving them except for the fact I have these to use. 

From this project I have learned...
the smoother the paper for prismacolor pencils the better.  The tooth of the paper really shows especially if your using cold press water color paper which I think I was using.  I got the paper at a big box retail store and I checked out two big box retails today and they only carry cold press.

Use lighter colors of pencils over the paint.

The lighter colors make the color of the paint pop, while the darker colors show the texture of the paper too much. 

For example refer back to the journal page...

From left to the right the first building (purple) and the 3rd building (darker green) were the two that I used darker pencils on.  I burnished it with a lighter color and it helped some.

Lets talk about Micron pens...

I hate them LOL

They run out of ink too soon.  Yes the frugal crafter now has a video on how to refill them but why should I have to do this?   The sharpie last so much longer.  Besides where do I get a pipette from...

Side note I hate advice like that.  I watched another video of her on how to stretch water color paper.  She said to use gummed tape, guess where she got hers?  From her butcher (she is a vegetarian)  how many people actually go to a butcher and how many butchers do you know will sell them a roll of tape for 1.25.  I googled amazon and walmart and samsclub and the price ranges from 10-80 bucks depending on the size etc.  There was no rhyme or reason for the different prices to some extent. 

Back to the micron pens so I had a pack of 6 ... I don't know what pen the frugal crafter was using because I sure never seen a #1  pen with that thick of a line.  The thickest I seen is 08.

Out of the 6 I used 3 of them.  Brand new set, never been used.  By the time I was done all 3 were close to running out of ink.  That is worth repeating again, all 3.

Another thing that happened to my drawing and not shown to happening in the video.  The water color and colored pencil dulled the black ink. 

I had to go over all the ink to make it pop again.  Since all my microns had dried out I used a sharpie.  I did the whole picture over again with the sharpie and it did not show signs of drying out. 

Oh btw when I was cleaning up my art room I found I did have a 24 pack of the reaves water color pencils.  Isnt that a hoot!  It pays to take inventory and it pays to keep it clean LOL. 

You may have seen post (probably not LOL)  that I have some Tim Hotlz tissue tape in that room some where.  Yet to find that! 

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