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Saturday, March 7, 2015

My facinating Saturday

I was sitting on the couch watching ... what was I watching... I think I was watching youtube videos half thinking I should watch dirty dancing for the billionth time (I am not over exaggerating much LOL) 

So this is my Saturday night summed up in 15 minutes...

I finally got a good picture of my sweet dogs laying together on the love seat

Well oooops I woke one up

and down he went...
Where did Aj go you ask?  (Ok so you didn't really ask but humor me) ... why he jumped up next to me and he refused to sit down...
well the Tobie got jealous and decided to vacate the love seat and join in the fun over here on the couch...  (side note... why cant I spell jealous with out spell check flagging it as being incorrect ... why is that word SOO HARD TO SPELL?????)
apparently I wasn't much fun to hang out with because Tobie went back to his nap... but lookie he switched to the other side!
I guess AJ was bored twisting and turning and not settling down either so he went back to the love seat too....

But wait there is more....

AJ is back on the couch but this time he laid down... peace at last... or is it?

Well you know who got jealous again and some how managed to lure AJ off the couch and take his spot...
Which you kind of have to ponder how he did that because um AJ is the snot and Tobie is the sweet one LOL
and that ladies and gentlemen is a 15 minute look into my fascinating Saturday night.
What did we do for the rest of the night. 
Well I was surfing the internet again and looked up to see once again both dogs were back on the love seat

In other words they played musical furniture pretty much all night long till it was time for bed


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