A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Aprils Swap journal WIP (work in progress) and sketch WIP

This is the digital heart I made and then I drew it out on paper...

Here are the two files I used for inspiration

I do not know where I got the old couple from.  the hand had a watermark on it...

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


An owl sketch.  I borrowed several different resources.  One was this journal I saw at World Market

oooh next time add the lanterns.  I like that. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

art Journal page, March, Trust theme

I made two, one to keep and one to send off.  My partner never commented she got mine on the group.  I had to look it up on the database unless I totally missed the post.  I guess she did not care for hers.  This is the one I kept.


Background was with gellatos and the penguins with chalk paint (cause I was too lazy to pull out white and black paint LOL)

Here is the color page I based it on

Sunday, April 5, 2015


half of me wants to meet this guy and the other half knows better LOL

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Photo of the day

How come I stopped posting photos of the day...

This cat looks annoyed at me.  Its not unusual as I will prove with other photos of the day.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What is on your art table....

1. a pair of orange shoes
2. a journal I am in the process of binding

My mom asked me why orange shoes.  I told her Orange is the New black according to Netflix.  Ha ha.

Actually I have a shirt I just bought that it will match. 

Super simple to do.

A pair of canvas shoes from Walmart 6.00
Tulips Fabric spray paint (on hand)
Paint Brush
Baby Wipe (I don't do well with edges)

I took the top of the orange spray bottle off the paint and dipped my brush in and started painting the shoes.

I wanted to put blue flowers on the toe but that wasn't what I needed the shoes to look like LOL

I should put them in the oven to bake....

Put it in the oven to dry away from cats... happy!?!
#2 is a journal for my fav. person at work...
I printed the pages on legal pager.  I need to use up the ink so I can start my ink subscription.   I did it on both sides.  It lined up for the most part.  Some was a bit wonky but I left the wonky in.
I chose the papers for the cover and back cover.  The paper came from the paper pack newsworthy by The paper Studio, the Hobby Lobby line
I also had folded it and made 4 sheets signatures
I then cut out the back and front from scraps of chip board.  I usually use the back of paper pads or I use the matt board scraps hobby lobby use to sell.

To finish it up I will need to bind it.  I will pre punch the holes and use the Coptic stitch to sew it up.
For a complete tutorial search for SeaLeamon on youtube.  I pretty much follow her tutorial to a T except I do use eyelets on the front and back.  I just like that element. 

Another journal redo ... I should make one and send one at the same time LOL

I redid another one of the swaps I sent out.  When I had finished the original I knew I was going to revisit it and make me a 12x12 one.

Apparently I never posted the original.  Here it is.

I had already created a tutorial on this technique before... here is the link

old tutorial

I will quickly explain it again...

Supplies I used... not necessarily all needed (I will put a star by those that are needed for this technique)

* substrate... something sturdy.  I used a scrap matt board that hobby lobby use to sell. The size is 12x12


Reference subject.  I used this color page

Lets see what else did I use

OH yes

We are Memory Hansel and Gretel paper.
*Magazines  (I used several different ones, dance, local magazine, good house keeping etc ... I don't think national geographic will work.  The quality is better then the others but I could be wrong)
*Rubber Cement (I used elmers)
*Graphite Pencil
*White glue (I used elmers)
* shoe polish... this kind (not sure if its brand specific never used any other kind but its not color specific.

*Paper Towels
*Ink Pen (or something to transfer the graphite like a stylus)
*Patients (ha not really)
Pitt Brush Marker
Cuttle bug with Graffiti font die cuts
I didn't use tracing paper.  The original tutorial used tracing paper.  Since I had a color page to the perfect size I used that and made my one graphite paper on the back by rubbing the pencil and then retracing each piece onto the magazine to cut out.

I glued the back ground paper down with rubber cement.  Before I glued it down though I trimmed it just a bit smaller so I can later outline it with white glue.  I will explain why when I get to the white glue

I placed my color page... as you can see I altered it and then I traced it so I knew where to glue the pieces

I think my globe and books are floating ... I need a table!
I started cutting out the magazine pieces and using rubber cement to glue them down...

Now you may know that rubber cement does not last for ever.  The goal is a flat bond.  I will be securing it with the white school glue later. 

Some thoughts on magazines and what you choose to use.  Try not to pick a HUGE section that needs one piece of magazine.  I pretty much select colors that are close to what I want them to be.  They will of course be distorted but if you popped over to the original tutorial the frog was way to big and I could not find a green page for him so I had to cute him up. 

(by the way that other piece in that tutorial turned out hideous LOL the frog and the one I am demonstrating now turned out so much better)

Another thing to keep in mind if there is something in the magazine that you don't want to appear in your finished product don't use it.  Like a bra ad.  Just don't do it LOL.

I made an ocean scene with fish once and used an old circular from an electronics store.  I glued a computer on it side ways and there in the middle of my ocean was a computer monitor and it was the old school not the sleek flat screens.  So be mindful of that. 


I added the quote.  Saw it on a sign at the local elementary school,  I made sure the rubber cement was dry and I rubbed off the extra.  That's the great thing about rubber cement.  If you get to much on it.  Let it dry and it will rub right off.  That is also the down side of rubber cement.  It wont stick very long LOL.   I added some details with the black pitt brush marker.  I used the smaller one. 

I made sure the marker was dry.... Hey take a look at the second book from the top.  Its the bun off of a mcrib sandwich and south America is a glittery dance costume and my table is a chocolate fiber drink YUCK.
Oh after the marker is dry I went over it with White glue.  Its used for two reasons.  Most importantly as a resist.  Any where the glue is, the shoe polish will not stick

Stick in the oven and bake for 15 mins a 350 degrees

I did stick it in the oven to DRY not to bake.  Just a little aprils fool for you LOL
The reason why I stuck it in the oven... 2 very good ones.  1. its the cleanest spot in the house.  I never use it 2. no cats can walk across it
Now comes the magic and the fun and getting your fingers dirty.  Grab your shoe polish and your paper towels and get a glob of the paste and start rubbing it in. 
No more glitter costume South America and no more sesame bun book!  When you have the colors distorted as much as you can then take a clean paper towel and rub off the excess shoe polish 
There you have it an interesting collage journal page or what ever you want to do with it.