A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Monday, May 11, 2015

The shaming post

This is getting out of hand.  I am addicted to buying stuff lately.   I don't need stuff but I keep buying it.  So I am going to share what I have bought the last few months and maybe it will shame me into stop the nonsense and use what I have...

Oh I just remembered I am missing three dies buy sizzix in the pictures.  Two Tim holtz and one is a peacock.  Yes I needed the peacock.  Did I need the Tim Holtz?  Probably not since I cant remember what one of them is.  I am going to have to go look.  That is very sad.

I decided I needed this because my step sister had it for sale..... really?

This was a bday present so I cant be blamed for this one... it was in a set of two
Two Ottlites for 99.99 ... wait till you see the other one.

well the purple box is holding card stock and it was free.  the white lids are tim holtz acrylic paints, the black lids are tim holtz distress paints.  I hadn't used them yet.   Oh I needed the corner rounder.  I haven't used it yet.  Tuesday Morning has those dies on sale for that machine in the back.  If I had known I would need to have an adapted for the embossing folders and they did not take the big dies from sizzix  but oh well to late now.  Amazons does sell it for 30 more. 

OH good grief Charlie brown! 


all papers were on sale.  I got two of the 3 pads and I got a larger pad not shown.  the yellow pads were 66% off and the brown 60 % off... oh I got a large mixed media pad at the same time too

stuff from the dollar tree The butterflies were for moms box and that blue thing is for masking.  Yes I need coloring books.  Like you need a black eye ha ha ha.

close up of the butterflies. I used one from each pack already

Ok I wanted the two ladies stamps but this came with a whole kit.  If I just bought the ladies it would have cost as much as the kit so why not why.  But I complained I did not need the flowers ... which are missing 3 and the sprig is missing to cause I already used it ha ha. 

more stuff from the dollar tree.  The two robots are going to be stamps one day.

Im going to Disney world so I need to stock up right... oh I forgot the mickey mouse duct tape.   I am making my own scrap book and using the duct tape for the lining.  When its done I will share.

over priced markers but it came with this neat display case and no I hadn't used those either LOL
I looked at the neat display case and this what happened LOL

The second lamp.  EEEEEKS its huge awesome floor lamp.

oh cant forget all the stuff I bought from amazon with the gift cards I got for my birthday


oh and my thrift store nutcracker find

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