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Monday, July 20, 2015

Myrtle Beach 2015

I should be in bed but I don't see sleep coming any time soon so here I am.

I will admit I am a picture taking junky ... Hey there could be worse things.

Lets see what was our vacation all about...

Well it started on Wednesday July 15.  The taxi service picked me up and we went to Moes for lunch and then to wally world for some groceries then destination Myrtle Beach.

The hotel we stayed out is the Daylton Resort.  Its about a mile from the board walk. 

I read Divergent while on the ride there.   We made it at the hotel about five and dragged all our stuff in.

Some views of the room and from the room...

this is before we wrecked the joint ha ha ha
a little bit of wreckage was involved LOL

Then we took a walk to Dirty Dons, had dinner and walked to the board walk.  It was a little while for the fireworks to start and the place was packed so we walked back to the hotel. We were able to see the fire works just fine a mile away except picture taking wasn't the best.

Guess who else was at the beach... ELSA and ANNA!

There was one thing we noticed on the walk .....

I invented a new game slug an Aunt Barb every time I see a Mustang, she wasn't to keen on that game!
So we all tumbled into bed and had a nice sleep...
we woke up and while the adults were away I took a ton of selfies of myself for no parent reason except for I had a camera and I had a face ha ha ha ...
we took the free shuttle and went to broadway at the beach.  There we ate at our favorite Johnny Rockets and did a little shopping.  We ended up spending quite a bit of time there and had dinner at Key West where a cheeky McCaw flirted with me and I met a guy there tee heee heeee


The lady dancing was our waitress....

They always give you smilie ketchup which is very amusing since nobody really cares for ketchup.


Here is the handsome dude I met... we hit it off pretty durn good LOL

I wanted a pet dragon... my land lady said NO
oh good gracious golly gee this pictures are AWEFUL but they staying... I bought the
sun glasses cause they tickled me PINK ha ha ha

I really need to get a root touch up and some other things done snort!

Oh they drag their kids all they way to the beach to run thru sprinklers...
why do I have to be all growned up... after all I am a toy r us kid... I
will never grown up LOL  

Don't you just love the colors in a candy store?  BTW I didn't buy a thing here.  Actually the only thing I bought was those sun glasses!

The flirty bird.  Honestly.... I was on the other side and the bird made his way over and stuck his beak in my face
there was a sign that said the birds name and I bite.  I took the sign seriously! I use to have a parrot and his bite
was nothing to sneeze at and this bird beak is three times bigger!

So we ended the day playing in the lazy river until I got talked into going to the pool.  They heated the pool.  I would rather sit in a bath tub so I went upstairs and that ended day two.  Oh I finished Divergent and started on Insurgent ... I think that is the name of the book.

The next day which was Thursday was the least fun day.  I hung around in the room reading and mom and AB baked in the sun.  They came up got dressed we went to Ben and Jerrys for Ice cream.

We then walked to the board walk and went to the gay dophin...

we found ourselves at Fudruckers for dinner Mom and I and that about wraps up that day...

I did finish Insurgent and started on Allegiance.  Which I will not get finished during this trip.

I wont ride it but you can guess I like to take pictures of it LOL

Saturday we went sea shell hunting and then back to broadway at the beach for dinner. 

the heated pool

Doesn't that look fun, only if somebody else is doing it LOL

fish frenzy at broadway at the beach

this bird is watching the foolish people on the zip line

one of the foolish people
Well Sunday we packed up and went home...  This is the first time I got back into the car.  We used the free shuttle the rest of the time, well except AB she left her credit card at Key west and had to go make an emergency run to get it.

We stopped at Barefoot landing on the way hoping to see the tigers but they wouldn't be back till 6pm and so we missed out on those.   As we were leaving we stopped at Sparkys and picked up some yummy treats for a few people...

Yeah know my Aunts husband is named Bruce... makes you WONDER

Well we made it home and my pups seemed to miss me.  If my pups were with me I may have never come home ha ha.

Guess where I had dinner at.. Moes.  So it started and ended at Moes.

I did some doodling at the beach and will post that soon. 

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  1. You looked like you had a blast. Did you collect any seashells while at the seashore?