A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Really Dove chocolates??????

1. I talk to much
2. I would smuggle in plastic wear into mid-evil times if I ever go

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I cad project oh i dont remember

Didn't turn out as envisioned.  I was going for a lisa frank leopard print ... oh well

Materials used
4x6 index card
Cra z art markers
Misc hi lighters
Dollar tree gel pen
Sakura gellie roll pen white

All i did was doodle with the markers funky shapes and outline with black gel pen and stippled

Craft wound

My arm accidentally bumped into the hot glue gun.  You can here me yelp in the video  (which i cut out but i might put the clip here lol)


I made pillows!

Ok so these were easy peasy pillows.  I have a tutorial coming on my youtube channel in a little bit.

This us for a colab challenge.  Make a summer or 4th of july decore piece for 10 dollars or less.

The 3 pillow set was just at the limit.  I used 6 dollar tree place mats and a 4 dollar pillow from walmart.  I cut it open to use the stuffing.  These were sewn on a  sewing machine All other materials i have. 

The pillows are reversible

The bandana pillows cost a out 6.50.  Its a start to a 4th of july trio.  If you had 3 pillows to recycle then this could be done under 10 bucks.
.i used a pillow form because the bandana was thin.  The pillow form came from walmart.

I will post the video when it becomes available

Monday, June 19, 2017


Spoiled rotten good for nothing cat lol

I cad project number 7

Am I finished with this one?

What do you think...

Supplies used

Index card 4x6
Artist Loft water color paints 36
Water brush
Magazine food network
Packing tape
Cup of water
Staples and stapler

This is an easy peasy one.  I might have to embellish more.

I dropped some warm paints on the index card. 

Let dry

Picked a page from the magazine with text and and images.  Traced around the index card on the magazine page

Put packing tape on that image

Cut it out

Soaked it in water

Peeled the magazine off the tape.  The ink stuck to the tape.

Adhered to the water color index

I cad project 6

Am I on 6 lol I dont know.

Materials used
4x6 index card
Ultra fine sharpie
Dollar tree gel pen
Dollar tree sink mat
Jane Davenport water color paints both palettes
Artist loft (michaels) 36 water color paints
Water color brush
Alphabet set from Joannes
Martha Stewart ink pad

I placed the index card on the sink mat and traced the squares with a pencil

I outlined the boxes with ultra fine marker

I painted each box with a different water color paint

Let dry

Stamped the alphabet in the box

Redefined the boxs

Doodle some circles

Inspired me to do a multiple colored leopard back ground

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Picture of the day.... the moon and clouds outside wally world

#4 I-cad project

I cannot remember where this technique came from but its easy peasy and quite relaxing and fun.  Read on to see how its done
The supplies are simple
1 4x6 index card
Objects to trace shapes
Dollar tree permanent markers aka alcohol markers (any marker that bleeds thru paper will work)
Ultra fine sharpie black
Sakura gelly roll white
How i did it...
I flipped the card and colored shapes on the back.  Yes the back.  My cards have lines so I colored on the side with lines.
Flip it over. The ink has bled thru to the other side.
With the Ultra fine sharpie and white gelly pen doodle around the design.
That's all there is to it!
I uploaded the front and the back pictures.  The doodle is the design.

I-cad project

If you didn't know there is a yearly I-cad project going on.  I-cad aka index cards.

Im posting this via the app so I don't know if the link will work.  You may have to copy and paste.


I just started and working to do 61 for the next two months.  Maybe not 1 day maybe a few a day skip a day ha ha

The first weeks prompts were not my style.  Sun rise ... ugh ... thats something you snooze thru.

This one is actually a sun set at disney world at the entrance of the Magic Kingdom.

I included the reference photo.

Supplies I used

1 4x6 index cards
Jane Davenport water colors neutral pallet
Water color brush
Ultra fine tip sharpie markers red, orange, yellow and black
Sharpie fine point black
Target gel pens
Sakura gellie roll white gel pen
Cra z art markers bright pack
Reference photo

Ok so I messed up.  I should NOT of outline the sun with the ultra fine black sharpie

The rest I'm good with lol (it looks better up close and personal)

I painted the background with the water color paints then used the ultra fine marker to draw where I wanted black lines.

Oh why did I outline that sun?  I2m ok with the clouds. LOL

(The lady across the hall 2 doors down sure makes a lot of noise eating her chips and she is supposed to be on a diet ... snort)

Then I used the fine sharpie the trees and bushes silhouette.

I used the fine line to add details.

I used the other markers and pens to help with waves and try to fix that sun.  Nothing doing.

(I wish she hurry up and finish those chips they are getting on my one nerve)

Another I-cad project

When I started this one I had no idea where it was going to end up.  I winged it basically.

Supplies used
1 3x5 index card
2 4x6 index card
Jane Davenport bright water color pallet
Water color brush
The Food network  magazine
Black gel pen dollar tree
Black ultra fine sharpie marker
Sakura gelly roll pen white
Cra z art markers super bright bonus pack (12 markers instead of 10)
Staples glue stick
Dollar tree foam squares
Small paper trimmer

Starting with a 3x5 index card
I first used the Jane Davenport paints for the background.
I then flipped thru a food magazine and found an ad for canned pineapple.  That was the pineapple inspiration.
I googled pineapple clip art and sketched it loosely with a pencil.
I used cra z art water color markers and colored in the pineapple
I hi-lighted with a black dollar tree gel pen then used an ultra fine sharpie and white gelli roll pen
I glued the pineapple ad to the card with a glue stick
I used the cra z art markers, sharpie marker and gellie roll white pen on the ad to make it work with my doodle
I made a mat (using a paper trimmer) from a 4x6 index card and doodled a frame around it with the sharpie marker
I used the glue stick and glued the pineapple 3x5 picture to a 4x6 index card  base.
I used dollar tree  double stick foam squares that I cut down around the pineapple picture (on the 4x6 base) and placed the mat on top.
I like it!
Fun fact ... while the pineapple image is trendy and I like it,  I actually do not like the taste of the fruit. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I-cad project

Messing around with Jane Davenport bright water color paints, larger index cards (4x6) and a BIC Crystal ball point ink pen