A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Friday, July 18, 2008

I gotta boo boo

Holds finger up. the left handed ring finger. I burnt myself. Glue Guns are BAD!

So are scissor in a little boys hand. He cut his hair. He cut it so bad it made his mom cry. He told his mom dont worry it will grow back mommy. Daddy had to buzz cut his hair. It was that bad. I saw him this morning, the first time after the fiasco. I said Hi my name is Aunt Karen ... what is your name? He said Conner. I said OH it is you I didnt reconize you, with out your hair. He said he got a hair cut. I said who cut your hair and he said .... um its a secret.

I know your secret little boy! Well Aunt Karen did the same to. But she was in high school GASP! Okies so she was trying to trim her bangs and they would come out even and they got shorter and shorter and shorter.

Lately I been addicted to crafty shows on television, little house on the prairie and subways chocolate chip cookies.

I noticed on the crafty show they call scissor, scissor with out the s like scissors. Which is how I always pronounced it myself.

Well my sister accidently got on the express way. That is a funny storie in itself. The phone is rining and it is 1 min to oooops 1 min after. They wanted somebody who has already left for the day and well poooh i am suppose to have been gone to

Thursday, July 3, 2008

a month of stuff

Well for shame on me. A whole month of no blogging nonsense. I been busy working.

Lets see whats going on in my small universe.

Well I dont like Honda anymore. I got canned and it was totally not my fault. You see I was hired because the full time receptionist did not want to work the evening hours any more. To keep her happy they hired me. A month later they fired her. They fired her because she did not like coming to work lately. They hired somebody to take on the old schedule and I get punished. So boooo to Honda Cars of Columbia! I missed Memorial day with my family because of them Boooooo again I say!

Kathryns cat is sick. The vet said Kidney infection and maybe kidney failure. She is being treated for the Kidney infection. If that does not fix the problem then it is Kidney failure and there is nothing that can be done about it.

Some Connerisms
Conner left his blanket at my house and I asked if he minded Lexington sleeping on it. He took it outside with him. He said I better wash it and he better not poop on it and then he went on and on and on and on and on and and not a word did I understand except for one part... it was I AM TIRED OF ALL THIS NONSENSE! What a goofy kid. I told him I was teasing. Then I told him I was hot, and asked him if I could come over and swim at his house and he said yeah we could go swimming. I said noooooooo I want to go swimming by myself. And he ask you dont want to go swimming with me? And I said I just want to go by myself. and he said Aunt Karen you better be teasing me again.
One day mum and robo were making plans where to eat. They decided on Moes and Conner got real upset. He did not want to eat at Lowes. Ha ha poor kid. He really doesnt like Lowes I been told. He likes Home Depot. Note to myself ask why he does not like Lowes but likes Home Depot.
I like to give Conner Pretend Spankins. I tell okies it is time for your spanking climb up on my lap and the goofy kid does and and I give his spankin. He always informs me that.. THATS not a real spankin Aunt Karen. So I ask him if he wants me to give him a real one. Gosh he does not. Well he got a real spankin... just a light pop on the bumm. Nobody is a child abuser around here. He told the that person next time he needs a spankin have Aunt Karen give him one.
Alright I know your not suppose to laugh at kids, but come on that was purty funny.
The dogs are fine
The other cat is fine.
The family is fine.
I got a million books checked out from the library. I got a lot of reading to do. Right now I am reading the latest John Grisham book. I dont know why I bother, probably cause I read everything he has wrote except for that pizza book. Note to oneself check it out from the library.
I got another project half done. I actually had it complete but did not like it so I ripped it out. I am making the first jean purse. I had the lining in twice and ripped it out twice. Now the lining has holes in it.
I started that pink scarf again. Kathryn says it looks dirty. It does not. She just doesnt want it as a birthday gift ha ha ha. It is really soft!

Well thats about a months worth of stuff right now. I got fourth of July off and I am going to be done with the probation period on my first job on Monday and I got insurance and I get to work 40 hours again.