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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The football frenzy

The big game is going on today. All the USC (South Carolina version) games are the big games. I only bring it up because I work down the street from the football stadium. So when game day is on a work day, the orange cones come out, the police start trying to make some kind of order out of the mess, the cars with the goofy flags go by, traffic picks up … thank goodness it is in the opposite direction of which I will travel home and the guys stand out with their goofy flags to flag fans into their parking lot. $10.00 Parking the card board signs advertise up and down the street.

Now are place is a good solid mile from the stadium but parking is at a premium and they start all the way down and beyond where we are located. Last game day that was on a weekday the fans had to fight over the tall weeds for a long hike to the stadium.

Maybe you are wondering why I am bothering with all this. I do have an amusing twist to the storey

The branch manager who actually is a fan of the rival team Clemson doesn’t usually partake in watching an USC game unless they are playing against each other. So the case must have been. Archie thought he would be mighty clever and park at work and walk… saving him the $10 bucks parking fee. When he got to the branch to his bemusement somebody was charging $10.00 bucks to park on the Spatco’s grounds. He politely declined. He allowed them to continue to charge for parking. Claiming he wanted his car to be in the same condition that he left it. I guess he was recalling memories when Karen #1 had her car stolen from the property in broad daylight on a work day.


A bunch of horns were honking and I peeped out the window and 6 or 7 gals in their short skirts were walking to the stadium. I got the guys in service and says you might enjoy this.. bunch of gals getting honked out in minis… the guys took off running outside to peep. What pervs LOL.


I was forced to watch the end of the game. Good news for all you USC fans (SC version) The gamecocks won. Whippee. That is all they are going to talk about for a week until the next game. Whippee.


Next day a guy asked me who won. Every other day I would have been to answer I DUNNO. But I did know. Worse yet, when he asked for what the score was...


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