A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What will happen with the Peanut Gang?

What will happen with the Peanut Gang this Halloween?
Will Charlie Brown get Rocks or Candy when he trick or treats?
Will the Great Pumpkin show itself to Linus in the pumpkin Patch?
Will Sally follow Linus into the pumpkin Patch?
What will Lucy actually get when she bobs for apples?

Stay Tuned Thursday Evening on ABC to answer all your Peanut questions.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ever evolving Halloween traditions

The Ever evolving Halloween traditions date back to 1973. Thats pretty much because that is the year I was born.
My trick or treat partner was Robin my sister. She came along just in time for halloween 1974. First she she dressed up as a infant.
The first Halloweens I remember were trick or treating around DeSoto Dr. Mum would walk us around the neighborhood while grandma passed out the goodies.
They use to give money out then, it was change, but still money was money. There was one house that gave out paper pads. I always liked that. I dont think anybody else go the thrill like I did. I love paper though.
Then there was that one Halloween when my Aunt decided to change it up a bit and we did the YMCA. What a boring boring boring Halloween night. No candy, no trick or treating and no paper. What a disappointment. I think Barbara realized quickly it was a big bust.
Then we moved to Appartments. Gone are the days we need parents to go with us. We trick or treated with a group of friends that year. One of use got the bright idea to stop at the office. They were giving full candy bars. SCORE.
Then we moved to Greenhills. What stuffy old farts they were. Dont you dare trick or treat at the same house or the old lady will call you on it. Funny thing is while these were more upscale homes, the ones back on DeSoto Dr couldnt care less. I do recall somebody having a set up in their yard and had a pumpkin that talked. We smart kids caught onto the camera that was not hidden so well and somebody was watching us from within the house and had some type of microphone in the pumpkin.
Then we moved to Florida and then we moved to SC.
Now luck would have it we moved twice on Halloween. So not much trick or treating was done.
Then came the new tradition after Bill and Michelle moved to SC. They picked us up and we drove to Spring Valley and trick or treated around there. Michelle would stay home and pass out the candy while Bill Bill Robin Kathryn Harry the dog and me went around the neighbor hood. We got the bright idea that if we went to the "rich" house they had better candy. That is a myth. Remember the old fart in Green hills. That is when your still a kid but yet grown up and the grouchie cheapscates ask if your to old for trick or treating. Come on how can you ever be told old to trick or treat. On the way home from Bills and Michelles we stop and get a free donut from Dunkin donuts, cause we were in full costume.
Oh those were the days. Bill and Michelle as a couple has long been history.
Kathryn started going with friends in Shablow. I sort of lost interest in it. Though I did dress up once for work (I wore a dress) Then we moved again. By then Kathryn was too old and nobody ever tricks or treats at the house we live in. Our street is way to busy.
Robin decided to have kids and they gotton into the halloween spirit. Now Halloween is at Robins house.
Lucas went trick or treating the first time last year. He went as a toddler. Very cute one I might add. He was scared of people in costumes.
This year he is really enjoying it. I had to explain to him about the whole trick or treat thing. I asked what do you say when you ring the door bell. He says DING DONG. No no no no I say and he says yes yes yes. We practiced at Grandmas house and finally he learned it.
His mom asked him what Santa claus says and he said Trick or Treat. LOVE IT!
Conner and Jason and I went to the not so scary Halloween Party at Disney world. Oh fun! Then they went to Boo at the Zoo and by the pictures were covered in foam and had loads of fun.
Tonight is the Fall fest in Lexington. Doesnt look like there is going to be a haunted house. I am so Disappointed. Last Year just conner and I went and Conner refused to go in it. Conner dressed up as Mario for two years straight. This year Lucas is Woody from Toy Story. I was a pirate. Last year I dressed up as Singapore. Not the city, but the cat. HA! I lost my parrot though :-(

Monday, October 25, 2010

Funny Halloween Memory

The buzz in the schools class room is you could call dracula. The number was passed around and I ran straight home and tried to call. Busy signal. I tried all after noon.
These were the olden days. Before redail. Before Call waiting. It was a rotary Phone.
So I manually redialed over and over again.
Finally I got Count Drackula on the phone and he was quite eerie.

In reality, it was an advertisement for a haunted walk or something another.

It was an easy number to remember so I use to call it every year until we moved from Cincinnati.

The first year was the only year that I had the trouble gettin thru. Imagine 30 kids trying to call the count at the same time!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Learned something new today

It has been to my great dismay that with my dslr camera when I take a portrait picture and rotate it in Paint shop pro and upload it to photobucket I have to re rotate it because it goes back to the original orintation.
The new thing I learned?
I dont need any program to rotate. I can right click on the file in windows explorer and they have two options rotate clock wise and counter clockwise. The tricky part is to remember which is which. If you need to rotatate it left then it is counter clockwise and if you need it to rotate to the right it is clock wise. I sent a test picture to photobucket and it stays rotated. Not only is this way easier it stays the way I want it to stay!

Well tomorrow... uh I mean today is Fair day. But first Conner's soccer game.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Disney World, by Karen

These are the pictures I am having processed for Mums album. They are not the true amount of photos taken. After I sorted and removed the blury ones and the raw files and the video files... between me and robin and kathryn we have well over 2300 pictures. Isnt that a hoot!

I'd like to share my Walgreens Photo Center photos with you. Once you have checked out my photos you can order prints and upload your own photos to share.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

A sufficient measure of civilization is the influence of good women.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, October 14, 2010

State Fair Here I come

I think we are gong on Saturday. Conner and Lucas were suppose to be at the house but Blah on Jason.
I need somebody to ride the tilt a whirl with me! I am bound and determined to ride that ride.
Heather may be going to.
I will see the art work
I will go into a fun house
I will get donuts.
I will look at the crafts
I will get chocolate chip cookies
I will check out the rain forest exhibit
I will get fried mushrooms with ranch dressing
I will look at the sand sculpture.
I might catch a hypnotyzing show or then again maybe I wont.
I will not get a fried candybar or a crispy creme donut.

Did you see what Alvin Green did on WISTV? He went behind the anchor man Ben Hoover who was reporting at the fair and gave him Bunny Ears. Alvin Who? Just a candidate that won his party by some kind of luck and appears to be really unqualified for the job. He isnt slinging the mud like the rest of them are doing.
But then again he thinks a great money making idea is making bobble heads and action figures of himself.

I did none of those things I got a head ache.

Skull Earings

I finally got the Earrings I so wanted. They are a starter earrings and they are black with a while skull inside it. This week my earring collection had trippled. I went from one pair to three pairs. I also got a pair of mickey mouse birthstone but I got April instead of March. I liked the classic diamond look over the aquamarine color of march.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.
Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So I tried to instruct Lucas on how to trick or treat. I say you ring the door bell and when somebody answers you say trick or treat and then they give you candy and you say thank you.

So I says.. what do you say when you ring the door bell.


I says no no no

You say trick or treat.

He says no no no.

So I take him out side with a bag and we ring the door bell and we says Trick or Treat and Grandma gave him a bag of cookies.

So a few moments passes and I ask
Lucas what do you says you are dressed up in your woody costume and you go up to a door and you ring the door bell and what do you say?

DING DONG he says again

Everytime I ask the question I get the same answer


Reality Just Hit

I am no longer in a Magical Place. I am in reality.
Its back to the routine.

Its just

The state Fair is Here!

Just knowing I am at work and the state fair is going on right down the street is driving me nuts.

My feet are almost ready for some more fun!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A day of Rest from all the excitement

Day 7 of my vacation
I played on the computer some and watched some television (i have not missed the political campaigns) and ate lunch at chick fil a and got some groceries.
I tried to find that elusive post card on ebay and if I want to pay 10.00 bucks i can get a book of them. No thank you.

my vacation is now over back to work tomorrow

whats wrong with this scene?

Oh yeah Stinker Bell is sitting on me!
Then Singapore got jelous and he joined the party.
Thats what is wrong with this scene.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Downtown Disney and Going Home

Day 6 of my vacation

We got up and got breakfast. Kathryn, Mom and Me split the big breakfast. We packed up. Then we headed over to Downtown Disney. Lots of shops lots of eating places. Way to spend a lot of money.

We ate an irish fish and chips place, got some souvenirs and got a fancy cookie. So sad the fancy cookie had coconut in it.

On our way home. We stopped several places for that elusive post card. Never found it. Sigh.

Pictures to follow.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

photo journal


10/10/10 10:10 PM

Where were you on 10/10/10 at 10:10 PM?

I was on the observation deck of our hotel watching the fire works at the Magic Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom

Last day of Park visits. So sad. But on we go to Animal Kingdom.
We ate some more breakfast at the park and hopped the bus to the park.
These two boys just met and they talked and talked and talked all the way. Funniest thing the older boy told the younger boy. If he wore his mom's hi heels he would be able to ride the bigger rides.
The bus ride was standing room only.
We got there and met Robo and the gang by the everest Roller coaster. Thats Conner's favorite at this park. He rode it like 5 times.
My feet started hurting early on and I knew that it was a good thing we were going home tomorrow.
Kathryn said this was her favorite park.
It was a pretty cool park with rides and animals with some pretty cool shows.

Mickey snuck up behind Lucas so we could get some pictures taken.

Pictures will be soon to follow.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Universal Studios

I need a post card of this place to create my souvenir book I am going to make. Anybody got one who will be willing to send it to me??
We rode the bus over to Universal studios.
We got there and had big plans of what we wanted to do.
Conner had a melt down. To much Magic Kingdom last night I suppose. A nap was needed.
So mum and Conner and Robin and Lucas went back to the room. Jason and Kathryn and I started to explore.
We rode a few rides and caught some Lunch. Kathryn stated that her lunch was the best she had so far.
Mom and the dudes and Robo comes back in.
This where Lucas got Baby Mickey and I had loads of fun trying to steal baby mickey.
The Tower of Terror was Conners favorite here. So they had to ride it at least twice. Fast passes were used. Fast passes are tickets that reserves a spot in line at a certain time so you dont have to wait in line for the ride and you can ride something else. Only rule one fast pass at a time. But if you got a lot of people in your group and not all of them are going to use the fast pass the other peson can use them.
We of course had to ride the Toy story ride. The wait was 90 mins. We were having a conversation about what to do and this lady who was behind us snuck in front of us.
Ha ha ha ha for her.
A guy came up and asked how many in our party... there were 7 he said he had 6 fast passes for the Toy story ride and they were good right now and do we want them? We actually had six plus Lucas who had no ticket because under three are free!
You should of seen the look on that ladies face who snuck in front of us because she would have been at that exact spot where the guy asked us if we would like the passes. That was the best moment of the day.
The ride was sure worth the fast pass ha!
After we got off the ride I was waiting for Mum and robo and conner and Kathryn (Jason and Lucas and I were in a car) A guy asked me about the pin Jason had bought me. He hadnt seen anything like it... he had a similiar one but not that exact one. Jason enjoyed telling him the story behind only being able to get the pen during the halloween party.
We had pizza for dinner and was going to go watch the American Idol final show but Lucas had a major accident. So we went back to the room.
We were going to watch the fire works but I think everybody was so tired and grouchie we couldnt cordinate anything.
This was the day my feet really started to act up. Boy were they sore at the end of the day.
Pictures to follow

Friday, October 8, 2010

Magic Kingdom Part I

Day 5 of vacation
We moved from the comfort in to the Bayview lake Resort. We were so close to the Magic Kingdom that we could see the Castle and Space Mountain from the front of the room and the lake in the back.
We were so close we could walk to the Magic Kingdom within 5 minutes.

We met up with Robin and the gang and explored the Magic Kingdom. The pictures will show all.

The weather was perfect and the crowd was just right. The longest wait was for the peter pan ride which was about 55 mins. The rest of the lines were between 10-20 minutes.

Some of my favorite rides we got to ride
Jungle Cruise
Pirates of the Carribean
Peter Pan flight
Haunted Mansion

Conners favorite ride is splash mountain.

Robin was going to the Halloween party but decided not to and gave me her ticket. How lucky was I??
The party starts at 7pm which means the park closes at 7pm.

Pictures will follow

Magic Kingdom Part II

Not so scary Halloween Party

What an awesome Party! I popped back to the room and got into my Pirate costume. I borrowed Lucas' Sword and had a cool parrot but he flew away.

Conner and Jason were Mario and Luigi. There were a lot of Mario's but not so many Luigi. Conners and Jasons were self made costume (mine too) while the other Marios and Luigis were store bought.

Conner was more into the rides then the parade and trick or treating. Which means there was no waits for the rides. I got to ride the rides I missed.

Jason bought two t-shirts as souvenirs and got me a pin. A Huey Dewey and Lewie Haunted Mansion Halloween party pin. They only sold the souvenirs during the halloween party and put them up afterwards. More about that later!

Conner rode splash mountain just about a million times!

Pictures to follow

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Epcot Center

Day 4 of Vacation
Boy this vacation is going by fast.
So much to tell and so little time.
We had breakfast at the hotel.
We hopped onto the free transportation and off to Epcot center.
The bus was late but thats ok
We had lunch at the electric Umbrella.
Then we saw lots of characters and saw lots of attractions and rode a few rides.
Pictures will follow.
Oh my goodness I forgot the best part. Kathryn insisted going to see the sugaray concert. Sure glad she insisted because I would have skipped it. The dudes were pretty cool! Kathryn insisted in sitting closer to the stage. We sat in the row where it breaks and several times Mark McGrath came running down that isle. Bet you she wish she had sat a few rows back.
I was trying to take pictures and you can see Kathryn Lean into the pictures. Its pretty funny.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Disney World or bust

Day 3 of Vacation
It took almost all day to get ready but finally we did.
At the very last minute we decided to get a tos away phone because we do not have nationwide calling. I was about to leave the parking lot of walmart when I realized somebody had scratched the back off of it. So I had to return the card.
Finally about 5pm we left for Florida.
We stopped at my favorite out of town place to eat dinner Cracker Barrel.
When we got to florida the the mile marker said 380ish. I about flipped. The directions said exit 78. We had 210 miles to go. I whined and cried and mummy called the hotel and then we stopped and she asked a police person and we found out that we were suppose to take I-4 which was only 20 mins away (about mile marker 280). It did not say that on the directions!
We got there about 2am, but we got there!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Going to the Salvage Yard

Day two of vacation
Wish I had a camera for this...
I went to Gaston to clean out Kathryns car.
They have 7000 voltage fence around the property
They needed permission from Kathryn, over the phone. Now how silly. Anybody could have been Kathryn.
Anywho I went in they tell me to pull to the fence and honk
so I did
I pulled behind the office
I waited.
They had a huge Fork lift and they used it to retrieve the vehicle and brought it to you. (this is the part that I wish I had a camera)
That car was a nightmare. (I wouldnt want a picture of that)
It should of been a prop for halloween.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting ready for the big vacation

First day of official vacation
got the tire replaced on Mums buick and the oil changed.
Had dinner at D's wings.
Volunteered to remove stuff out of Kathryns car.
I made this awesome card and book mark from Tim Holtz on Youtube. I will eventually post it on my if its paper blog.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday, what a great day

Saturday we went to Conner's Soccer game.
There's Conner kicking the ball.
As you can see sometimes things dont go your way.
I think Conner's team won. Am I horrible because I dont know?

Then there is his little brother on the side lines... I really love this picture. I saved it as my desk top. I love it that much.
Afterwards it is Lunch at Arbys.

Sometimes kids wont stay still long enough to take their picture
The kid looks pretty rough after his game

Friday, October 1, 2010

Water Color card

I was in a swap that used stencils and created this card with water color paints.