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Saturday, March 26, 2011

What I did today on my birthday

Since we didnt go to Charleston because of Rain, Here is the play by play of my day.

My mum woke me up at 830 to tell me the weather was probably to bad for Charleston, then she sang to me.  I got annoyed.  Dont sing to me at 830 AM.  That woke the dogs up and they decided they needed to go so I was obligated to let them out.

I then snoozed some more.

I got up and fed the critters and prepaired for them to be in the house all day.

I picked up mom and we did something... what was the first thing we did.  Ugh I am getting old LOL, litterally.

I think we went back to my house and got the coupon for my birthday dinner at Fatz.  Then we headed out to lunch at wings and ale.  They have the very best wings in the world. 
Then we went to Michaels.  They had a 50% coupon for Saturday.  Mum took one and I took one and I got the mini Iron I been wanting for ages.  I am going to try to make a collage with bee wax or a collage with melted crayons.  I am looking so forward to playing with that.  Problem is now I got to get the bees wax.
I also got some acrlic stamps and an oval punch.
Next we went to wally world.  My broke her hair brush.  HUH?  We also bought some groceries for Harvest Food bank.
Then we went to the meat market and bought 40 pounds of chicken wings for 40 bucks.  Thats like half off. Thats a lot of chicken wings too!  Now I have to sort them out in 5 pieces and freeze them. Thats whats on my to do for Sunday.  They are whole wings and are PURTY.  I love wings!

Then we went  Bowling.  I am a terrible bowler.  The Wii has not improved my game any.  Ha ha
Conner was attending a birthday party so Robo hung around with us until we left.  I had brought my camera to take pictures and realized I left the battery charging in the hall.  That just stinks.

Then we went to Fatz Cafe and I got my calabash chicken dinner.  I gave half of it to Mom, Lucky Lucas is gonna have a nice lunch.

I went home and let the doggies out and then got gas and then picked up Conner who was spending the night at Grandmas house.  I read Lucas a book.  I called Lucas George and Fred for good measure.  (um you notice those are the twins from Harry potter LOL) From his house to Grandma's house he explained in DETAIL about one of his Mario games.

Then we had cake and Ice cream.  Robin made the Cake it was super yummy.

I played with my new scanner I got for my birthday.  Its pretty cool.   When I was looking for the adapter for the mini SD card so I could upload a scanned picture, I looked in my camera back and found I had the spare battery with me all the time, so I could have taken pictures at the bowling alley.   That double stinks!
Here is a picture of the scanner and a rather large magazine. (Left) I enjoy this magazine.  Its a freebie and I always enjoy the cover art.  The magazine is called Skirt and the scanner is called the Magic Wand and you slide it over the item you want scanned.  It is also portable and needs no cables.  Just a micro SD card and two double A batteries.  The other pictures is the what I just scanned!
The scanned picture


The loot I got for my birthday as follows
Sure cuts a lot (gift to myself)
Beastly book
Hair straightner
I am going to get some Mola from Robin and Auntie and I plan to buy Photo shop elements 9 with it.

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