A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Sunday, July 31, 2011

day twenty three of thirty days of getting your art on

Well like I mentioned in an earlier post I was inspired by a mod podge rock shared link.

So I decided to spruce up my common place journal of all things artsy

This project took way more prep time then I ever anticipated.

I had to find six colors plus plain black and white text

I had to cut them up and trim them up.

The rest was actually easy the mod podge part.

This is what I got done so far.  It is going to be a several day project... due to the fact of glue drying.  I got  several bowls of squares cut out ready to continue on.

30 Days of Get Your Art On

From hod podge to mod podge ... Keep this link

This is my inspiration today for my 30 art

cow collage

yeah know I cant do a cow but you know I can do a peacock LOL.

Using my digital stamp from
link to peacock digital stamp

hod podge

gotta figure out what I am going to do for my 30 days today.  I finished a lot of unfinished products.  I am not sure I want to work on the two water color drawings I have.  They are huge.

Everybody else should be finished with theirs if they started on time.  Not I.  I started late.

I really should be cleaning that dinning rooom instead I am watching Glee and Josh Groban videos on Youtube.

Well here are the 3 art things I learned in Elementary school

Kindergarten Ms Mosely best advice... color in the same direction.  That was the BEST thing I learned from Kindergarten.

From my art teacher... dont remember what grade... You can either outline your drawing with the same crayon darker or outline it in black.
I thought she was nuts outlining things in black
I now have a new respect for outlining in black

From my third grade teacher.  She gave this piece of advice to another student and I over heard it and used it well
The student was cutting the gunk off her eraser.  The teacher showed her how to rub the eraser on her desk to clean it.

Those are the lessons I learned.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day Twenty two of thirty days of getting your art on

OMG Everything I just typed went away and the letter t appeard.  Maybe I will go back to internet explorer.  UGH.

Lets start all over again.

I dont remember what I typed.  I am so annoyed.  Really, OVER THE TOP Annoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I started out like

Whoa just like Joey from blossom Im pooped.  This is going to be a long post because I am to tired to go to bed.  If I were to go to bed now I would have to hang my clothes up.  Put the towels in the dryer.  Start the dish washer feed the cat and dog.  See its exhausting to go to bed.

I have my zune player on and Josh Groban is singing Paul Simons America.... Its an awesome version.

Well it was when I first typed it.  Now Jimmy Buffet is singing pencil thin mustache.

Thats about what I lost.  Probably more but I dont remember.

Lets see what did I do today.  I set a goal for myself.  I wanted to clean the dining room out.  The only room that is a mess.

I started from the back of the house... cleaned my room, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned Kathryn I mean the play room.  I need to stop calling Kathryns room.  She decided to be homeless so now its the play room.

I cleaned the den and was started on the kitchen.  Oh yeah I am doing laundry at the same time.

Mom calls and wants to go to wally world.  Who am I to argue a trip to wally world.  I told her I hadnt eaten yet and we went were on our way to chick fil a.  We were stopped at a light and I pointed to applebees and said I would like to eat there and she said ok.  I love their french dip slidders.  Marlo likes them too she ate mine while she ignored hers the last time I went with her.

Anywho I found my new camera bag .. see previous post.   I dropped mum off and stopped at his house.  Oh shoot I forgot to take the picture.

I remember I forgot I also wrote I had a panic.  My keypad wasnt working when I was resizing the phote the 2 key would type 1 and the rest would work... thats when everything went poof and a letter t appeared.
I restarted the computer and it didnt cooperate so It said I was bad cause I powered down with out shutting down correctly.  I had to go into safe mode and wait and wait and wait and wait.  Finally I got it to reboot.  The keypad was working.

Oh back to the stuff I got at the thrift store.  A bunch of re purpose items.  They will be mod podged zentangles or painted.  What ever I fancy.  The rocking horse actually from a previous trip when I found the bird house.  I thought I toss it in.  I asked the dude how much was for the two glass bowls he said a dollar each and I said never mind I can get them at ac moore for 88 cents new.  He told me that my total for the rest of the stuff was 5 bucks a buck each and told me to take the glass bowls too.
The white bags have ink marks on them but as you can see I began to use a paint pent and it hides the pen mark nicely.  There are two wall candle holders and tacky key or coat hanger.  Primer is my best friend!

I got home and continued to clean the kitchen and art room.  I decided I needed some extra storage items. Then I got a phone call from Robo and she said I could have a cup cake.  Yeah for me.  I went over her house and besides a cup cake I got a lap top and a book.  SCORE FOR ME, RIGHT .. well not really they were all mine.  I had given Conner the lap top and he used it once so I took it back for moms house.

Then I went to wally world again and got lunch stuff.  Never go to wally world hungry.  You spend to much for lunch stuff.  It would be cheaper if I ate out LOL.
I got 4 pencil boxes.  I later realized I needed six so I have to get 2 more.  I have six but two of them are for my travel art bag and I want to return them back to the bag when I reorganize it.

Then I went to the dollar store and bought two fold them up boxes they were really cute.  I had bought some wall baskets and some pouches last time and saw the boxes but didnt get them.

Then I went to chick fil a.  Yeah know I had to get my chick fil a in!  I set all my new organizations items up.  Here are the picks.

I put paints in the wall baskets cute huh?  I still really hate that wall paper LOL.

The baskets... They are really a nice size.  So nice It thought I would need three and only needed two.  Now I have an extra one.

I was hoping to put my cuttle bug folders and die cuts in there, but it was to tight to pull back out.  So right now I am putting my paint brushes.  I am sure I will find tons of stuff to put in there.   I think they have a shoe one at walmart for about 6 bucks but it is to long but would work better since it suppose to hold shoes and wont be so tight, I have no where to hang it.  I am out of wall space. 

Here are the pencil boxes.  Like I mentioned before two of them are for my travel art bag.  I still love this paper holder.  If you dont remember.  Its a shoe holder with the middle slat missing and it holds 12X12 paper perfectly.  The dollar store fold em up boxes sit on top of them. I will be putting scraps in there I believe.

I wanted to point out the night stands I have.  I got two of them that sit at the end of the tv stand.  The one that stink was sitting on switching her tail in a previous post.  They have a wider top and thinner body and a wider bottom.  It was so hard to squeeze two of them plus the entertainment center there.  I had to remove the trim off the kitchen cabinet.  Anywhoo because the body is not as wide I can tuck things in between the night stand and the wall.  The sketch book is a good example.  Its pulled out to show how it fits in. 

Okies now were almost almost to getting my art done.  I have this journal I have mentioned before that I bought years and years ago at walden books.  It was a buy two get one free deal.  This is the last one.

It was black and I painted the outside

Inside has lined paper.  I sketch, test and do many other stuff in it.

Here is one silly page about a green worm asking not to be eaten by ocean creatures.  Nobody was interested in eating a green puny worm.

I also did some testing
Then when I am done testing I would cover it up with a new background.

First is a test page second is a covered page with masking tape.
I was making sure that the felt pen I used would on the peacock note book would run if I put mod podge on it and it did run in deed.

The above pages were my acrylic transfer test pages.  When I was done I covered it in masking tape.  I will paint acrylic paint over it and it will have an interesting textured background with all the raises and lumps caused by the masking tape.  Note dont use dollar store tape it wont stay down.  I used acrylic medium to seal it down.

The next page is the getting to the getting my art on.  I drew this a while ago.  I was checking out itunes and saw this album cover I liked.  It inspired to draw it.  I dont remember the bands name.  I dont remember the albums name.  I remember it had boots in it and possibly the radio.

I didnt want to work on the one in the art journal so I traced it on tracing paper and transferred it into another sketch book.

I want to save the original.  I think I might use crayon.  I love crayons.

For this project I used chalk pastels.  I have to student quality sets one 36 and one 48 and there wasnt a vivid red in the bunch.  the boots had to be red!  I had a soft pastel set and they had a red so I used that.
I learned that you can use an eraser to erase chalk.  It reminded me of several things I learned in elementary school about art but I will save those for later.

Here is the completed picture.  I dont recall if I mentioned this but I love to listen to music.  I like to journal songs that jump at me.

I wrote the lyrics to two songs... One was Wham wake me up before you go song and the other one was a lady gaga song just dance.

I love paint pens... They go over everything.  The black lines is one of the things I learned that I remember in elementary school.  I will post them tomorrow.  There are three of them.

Okie I babbled enough So I got to get my bumm to bed.  I been writing this post for an hour now and I am super tired LOL

I forgot to mention... I never did get to the dining room.  I got as far as the hall that leads to the dining room, by pulling the desk outside to go in my trash pile and taking the blanket holder to mums house.

30 Days of Get Your Art On


This is one of my favorite tips and the timing could not be more perfect.

An insulated lunch book makes a PERFECT... get that PERFECT camera bag.

of course I could not resist
and my brand new camera bag looks like...

A. Its insulated which means CUSHY
B. It isnt the size of texas like traditional camera bags.
C. Especially this time of the year they have tons of stylish ones
D. They are SOOOOOOOOOOO much cheaper then a traditional camera bag

If your like me... the only thing you bring is the camera and maybe one extra lens and perhaps an extra battery ... thats it.  Do you really need one the size of California?

A freebie tip... if you have a pet supply store in your area they probably will have a pet ID machine.

Pet smarts engraves on both sides.  Here is one side of mine.  The back side has 3 phone numbers.  I will be reached LOL!

Make an ID for your bag.  You will thank me and yourself if you do a KAREN and leave your bag behind.
If some kind person like me would happen to come across it I would check for any information on getting it back to the owner.  Yes I would be tempted to keep it but I would think what if this was my camera....

I found a point and shoot camera one day at the park it was really early and I had taken Conner there before the crowd came.

Somebody had left their digital camera on the bench.  There was no ID on it.

I lived really close to the park so I packed Conner back into the car with the promise we will be right back.

Went home got some supplies and returned.  While Conner was playing I wrote a note and stuck it on the bulletin board that I found the camera and how to contact me.

Later on a lady called me about the camera.  She was from out of town and was visiting her grandchildren.
I told her I totally understand the worth of the camera, especially the pictures.  It is easy to replace the camera.  Not so easy to replace the pictures.   I can attest to that since I my external hard drive died... Oh did I mention I found the Christmas pictures.  I am only missing probably stuff from February to beginning of May.

I met her at waffle house.  She gave me a 20 dollar reward and a card which I still have.  I by no means did this for the possible reward.   I told her she didnt have to, she told me she would feel better if she did cause I had gone way out of my way of returning the camera to her.

I have a story about a wallet I returned too but thats for later cause I have another story about a camera thats very funny.

Kathryn informed us one day that she thought she had lost her camera at the canteen at midlands tech.  The problem was... the pictures that were on it!!!  She did not want those to go public... WHY?

She found some vitamins that made your boobs bigger and she wanted to document it so she took before pictures ... meaning she had nothing on the upper part of her body and yep they were sitting on the sd card in the camera that she was lost.

Could you imagine if somebody found the camera LOL.  I could picture it now... across Midlands tech campus a guy yells... hey arent you the topless girl in those pictures??????

Turns out she did not loose the camera there.  She had left it behind the recliner on the fire place.  I am the one who discovered it.  Did I look at the pictures?  the battery was dead... Yes I checked ... but thats how far I went.  I didnt bother plop the card into the computer and really embarrassing her.  She did not find it funny that I tried to turn it on.  Well I suppose that taught her a lesson about pictures!

GGGGGRRRRRRR!  I closed he window again.  I was re reading the text to make any changes.  GRRR!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Day twenty one of thirty days of getting your art on.

I totally forgot there is a new series of Thundercats on the cartoon network.  How can I forget.  I wonder if I can watch it online???

Instead I watched 3 episodes of Highlander.  While I was watching Highlander I was getting my art on.

I finished Kathryns pencil drawing.  I think it is two dark.  But it is what it is.

A quick tutorial for your pleasure....

You will need a black and white picture
paper or what ever work service you choose
Several different drawing pencils
Pencil Sharpener
Blending stumps
a small container to hold your pieces of trash and pencil shavings
erasers- Kneaded and white plastic

If you do not have a black and white picture then you will need to convert a colored one

First you take your picture

Then you convert it to black and white

You then print.
But I have to say my picture did not look exactly like the above.  The brightness and contrast were off.  Kathryn was much darker.  My drawing probably would have looked a lot better if I worked from the above photo.

Here is about what my photo really looked like after I printed it.

Cut out the picture from your paper if it does not fill the paper except for leaving a small part on top.
Tape the picture to your work service.  I would use removable tape and run it along the entire top of the page.

Starting at the bottom snip a small section off the photo.
Lay that on the table and study the values.
Take your pencils and drew create the values on the paper.
When your finished with the section... snip another section and repeat.

Do small sections at a time and it will build in a nice picture.  Its really a value exercise

My drawing is best viewed in person but I tried to do it just.  The first copy is a scan and the second is me talking a picture.


photo graphed

It appears lop sided because it was on a spiral sketch pad standing up.

Now on to a funny I found

I was editing pictures and my mother said she would sit with the bear if I would sit with the bear.  Here is her sitting with the bear..

first yes I did crop both pictures. I removed the distracting trees and wall.   I only cropped the top and the sides.  I did not crop the bottom.  That is important when you see the picture of me.
and I gave her the camera and she took a picture of me with the bear..... remember

30 Days of Get Your Art On

Thursday, July 28, 2011

extras plus post cards

I found this picture of the girls I use to baby sit. Their mom is in the picture with Kathryn.  It was taken when Kathryn use to baby sit for them.

From left to Right
Dawn the Mom, Sophia, Marlo and Kathryn

Now on to post cards.  I got the stamps but forgot to scan the post card so I didnt mail it right away.  I came home and ate dinner and got my art on and then I scanned it.  I decided to take Lex with me to go drop them off in the box and get gas.  The dog thought he was going to Disney world, thats about how excited he got.  I gotta take him on  more short rides.  

After I dropped the post cards off I realized the scan quaility wasnt that great.  To late now.  They are on their way to the five places I mentioned before. 

Postcards Exchange

Day twenty of getting your your thirty day art on

Right now my cat is sitting on the tv stand switching her tail at me...
Well since this isnt a video you cant really see her tail switching but it is.  She is mad at me.  I wont let her out.  She is grounded.  Yes I ground my cats.  Well cat.  The other one doesnt go outside.  So what did she do to deserve such grounding?  She popped the back door open yesterday and let herself out.  Didnt bother to shut the door after she left and could have let the other cat out.
That is exactly what she did.

on with getting my art on....

I decided to water color the girl with the umbrella.  I cant decide if I am a fan of it or not.  Its up to you.  In a way I like it but it was not what I had originally planned with it.  I got a little crazy cause I was watching this video about fearless painting... look for a badge soon on my www site.  It intrigues me.

So I took the picture and thought I be fearless with it.  I wrote some lines.  I used dark black lines to outline it.  I gave her some freaky flower eyes.  I was so fearless that before I painted it I took a piece of tracing paper and traced it.

Ok stop laughing.  (that was meant for you and me LOLOL)

Two things I have noticed about my water colors.  I havent been able to get the hang of a true wash and I dont seem to be able to go all the way to the lines.  I guess I am afraid of going outside of the lines so I stay far from them.  I dunno.  I noticed that in a lot of the paintings.

I had placed it under glass cause I didnt stretch it and and it got warpy.

Now I wanna share a few of my favorite things... Like my cell phone.  I love my cell phone.  Especially the case.  Its really interesting.  I have gotten several comments about it.

Its a droid incredible from verizon wireless and no you cannot  have the cell phone number.

Yes those are skulls

Now I want to show you a picture of my new external hard drive.  BRB going to retake the picture so you can compare it with the physically bigger one but not bigger in storage

The blue one holds 320 gigs while the black one holds the 1tr what ever the name of it is.  Thats like 3 times the storage at 1/4 the size.  The case I bought for it is also in the picture.

Next for show and tell is the thing I am tapping on right now..
So how many people out there have paint splatters on their lap top.
I thought I made a huge mistake when I bought it cause it was so huge.  Huge mistake cause it was huge haaaaaaaaaaa I am just too dang funny.
Notice it even has the number key pad.
I cant find a cool lap top bag for it.
Then I figured out... I have the net book I dont need to lug this thing with me.  It is really awesome actually.
I love my lap top.
Only thing I didnt care for is Windows 7 wont let you go back to classic windows.  I had to download a program to force it to do that.  So Yes I have windows 7 and Yes the screen looks like the classic screen.

You also may notice that there is not very many things on my desk top.  I despise a messy desk top.

And the very last thing for show n tell is my work space.  I mentioned several times I work on a table with a big heavy piece of glass on it.  Underneath the glass is a cutting matt.  Since I started the 30 days of art I been tucking my art pieces under the glass to flatten them out.  I just havent removed them.  I think I like the way they are collecting.   The table is a folding table that I forever borrowed until I either buy a farm table from walmart (my mom thinks I am crazy for buying a 100 dollar table ... but when I get paint all over it and I am not going to feel so bad about it) or when Robin gives me her table.  She is taking the dining room table.. I think.  

I also tucked in a peacock feather just for the fun of it.  I will be using that peacock feather in a journal when ever I get it finished.

I have two pictures one view from each end. 

30 Days of Get Your Art On

As this post

I will finally have made it to bed.
My computer will still be working.   I got an external hard drive to replace the one that I killed.  I will be more careful in the future.  I will back up more then once.  I will try never to loose another single picture again.  It will be copying my art folder over to the hard drive.  That includes all my photos I backed up on my larger external hard drive.  When I say larger, I mean the actual size is HUGE.  The storage not so much.

I lost Lucas singing in his school program.  I have the small photos I uploaded here but they were cut and resized.
I lost the photos of when I went to Charleston and had the most delicious cookie in the world.  Still waiting to try one of their brookies.  I also met an angel oak.
I lost my mothers wedding pictures.  I made a dvd of those so I think I can get those back.
I lost the Christmas pictures.
I lost the pictures when we went to disney on ice.

Ugh I lost the picture of Sophia and Marlo in the parade.  NO FAIR!

I got trigabyte cause it was the same price as the 500 gig.  When I get all settled with the bills I am going to purchase another 500 for extra back up protect.  That one will still away from the house.  Maybe at work maybe at moms house.

So far I am copying the art folder.  There is 59,003 files and 155 gigs.  Next will be the music LOL.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

keep for me please

I might find this link useful in the future


One day...

One day I am going to come home and find a huge lizard sitting where my cat should be sitting.  My cats tail will be hanging out of the lizards mouth.  The mother of all lizards will have seeked revenge on all the little lizards my cat has hunted down and de-tailed.

day nineteen of thirty days of getting your art on

Yeah I finished a painting.  A painting I had been working on since I was unemployed.  I decided to finish all unfinished projects before I start a new one.

I finished my fantasy astronomy painting.
Next I took the paint on the throwaway palette and took the placed the same paper I used yesterday on it.

I think I will keep adding paint until I am happy ... so will I ever be happy LOL

Then I thought why not keep the palette too

I was surfing the www and got a tad bored... so I finished a ATC that I had drawn way back when..

30 Days of Get Your Art On

I got several sets of post cards for future post card swapping.  I will address them tomorrow and mail them out.  Oh how exciting.

Well I couldnt leave well enough alone....

In my research for the ultimate techniques for mixed media and art journals I heard about this thing called Water soluable oil pastels.  Now I first heard about them on a forum for strathmore visual journals.  On person said wouldnt the defeat the purpose.  But I kept hearing about them and I wanted them.  So I did some research and found a person who compared the brands and decided the one I liked the best.  Problem was there is no such animal in all of Columbia SC.
I asked the only art store about these mythical items and he said he was sort of confused by them.  Like the person who made the comment in the forum.  Defeats the purpose right?

He should me some products that have the smoochablility at oil pastels but are also water pastels.  I guess thats why the whole rave was about.   ... Oh I must say I did find reeves wax pastels that were water soluble.  Not the same at all.  In fact the person who tested the brands out showed how those did not hold up.  I did not have the money for the products cause I just bought some water color paint and some lino sheets to make stamps.  I put it on my wish list.  Along with those simply painting brushes and the cutter paper punch and a bike... well the list can go on forever moving on.

Anywho as I researched I read about using turpentine.  Turpentine?  Well I did not have any of that on hand cause I do not use oil paint.  But I do have oderless mineral spirits.  I thought I give it a try with the ATC I showed in this post above.
I keep mine in a baby jar... I think its evaporating.  I need to mark it and check, cause it might not be a good idea.
I dipped my glue brush in and the magic it preformed.  Amazing!  

Below is the redone card.  I likes it!

Photo isnt that great and it sort of shows where I had thought I picked up a flesh tone oil pastel and it was really yellow but thats ok.  It is a yellow beauty mark LOL