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Saturday, July 30, 2011


This is one of my favorite tips and the timing could not be more perfect.

An insulated lunch book makes a PERFECT... get that PERFECT camera bag.

of course I could not resist
and my brand new camera bag looks like...

A. Its insulated which means CUSHY
B. It isnt the size of texas like traditional camera bags.
C. Especially this time of the year they have tons of stylish ones
D. They are SOOOOOOOOOOO much cheaper then a traditional camera bag

If your like me... the only thing you bring is the camera and maybe one extra lens and perhaps an extra battery ... thats it.  Do you really need one the size of California?

A freebie tip... if you have a pet supply store in your area they probably will have a pet ID machine.

Pet smarts engraves on both sides.  Here is one side of mine.  The back side has 3 phone numbers.  I will be reached LOL!

Make an ID for your bag.  You will thank me and yourself if you do a KAREN and leave your bag behind.
If some kind person like me would happen to come across it I would check for any information on getting it back to the owner.  Yes I would be tempted to keep it but I would think what if this was my camera....

I found a point and shoot camera one day at the park it was really early and I had taken Conner there before the crowd came.

Somebody had left their digital camera on the bench.  There was no ID on it.

I lived really close to the park so I packed Conner back into the car with the promise we will be right back.

Went home got some supplies and returned.  While Conner was playing I wrote a note and stuck it on the bulletin board that I found the camera and how to contact me.

Later on a lady called me about the camera.  She was from out of town and was visiting her grandchildren.
I told her I totally understand the worth of the camera, especially the pictures.  It is easy to replace the camera.  Not so easy to replace the pictures.   I can attest to that since I my external hard drive died... Oh did I mention I found the Christmas pictures.  I am only missing probably stuff from February to beginning of May.

I met her at waffle house.  She gave me a 20 dollar reward and a card which I still have.  I by no means did this for the possible reward.   I told her she didnt have to, she told me she would feel better if she did cause I had gone way out of my way of returning the camera to her.

I have a story about a wallet I returned too but thats for later cause I have another story about a camera thats very funny.

Kathryn informed us one day that she thought she had lost her camera at the canteen at midlands tech.  The problem was... the pictures that were on it!!!  She did not want those to go public... WHY?

She found some vitamins that made your boobs bigger and she wanted to document it so she took before pictures ... meaning she had nothing on the upper part of her body and yep they were sitting on the sd card in the camera that she was lost.

Could you imagine if somebody found the camera LOL.  I could picture it now... across Midlands tech campus a guy yells... hey arent you the topless girl in those pictures??????

Turns out she did not loose the camera there.  She had left it behind the recliner on the fire place.  I am the one who discovered it.  Did I look at the pictures?  the battery was dead... Yes I checked ... but thats how far I went.  I didnt bother plop the card into the computer and really embarrassing her.  She did not find it funny that I tried to turn it on.  Well I suppose that taught her a lesson about pictures!

GGGGGRRRRRRR!  I closed he window again.  I was re reading the text to make any changes.  GRRR!

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