A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Get your art Challenge is back for the month of September

I will be starting it with the rest of the group this time so I wont be lagging behind.  I finished the last time.  Lets see if I can keep up with it this time!

30 Days of Get Your Art On

post card art and zentangle doodle

Somethings I was foolin around with

The picture that I drew of myself when I was a young lass ... I colored it in and trimmed it up to be an art post card

a zentangle doodle with a rubber stamp I had.  I had this stamp for forever and this is the first time I used it.  
I got a bigger project I am working on based on this stamp.

Post card from Japan

Monday, August 29, 2011


I zendoodled up a storm today.  When its done I will share picks.

I need to work on two atc for the western theme swap I signed up for.  I need make buttons for the side because I belong to three other groups.  It was four but I had to say fair the well to one.  When I swap with a person I do not want to have to send a money order to process my swap.  I want it to be one on one not send it to the person who created the swap and have then send it out.

another post card in my mail box

all the way from New York City.

This is a pretty cool one... dont you think?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Im tuckered out

I just got hired for a part time position and it last till 9pm.  Oh is me.  I will be working from 8:30am-4:30 pm for my full time job monday - Friday and 5:00 pm-9:00 pm Monday thru Friday and 830-9:00 pm on saturday.    Thats almost 2 full time jobs.  I really really need to play catch up.  The goal.  Get those CC bills down then I will say NO MORE!

another post card in my mail box

this time from canada

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Howdy new followers

This is a message to the new followers.  I thank you for following my goofy little blog.  I have such plans to make it a great little place.  Sometimes I might be a bit whiney so please excuse and forgive me :-)

I suppose thats all for now.

Post card

I just received a post card from Portugal.  What a nice treat in the mail box!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sightly disappointed

I believe I mentioned a zillion times I my external hard drive fell fell fell fell fell THUMP to the ground.  It was a complete lost.  No emergency room IT guy or gal could bring life back to it.  

I accept this.  

I had just said Mom I need a new external drive just in case this one messes up and I loose everything.  She said OK Karen (I dont think she was really listening)

When it all came down to it, it wasn't really so bad.  Instead of loosing years of photos I lost a few months. 

No big deal right?

Well when your mom decides she is going to change your whole life but getting married  in one of those months I suppose its a big deal when you loose the pictures.

So I took a deep breath.  it will be ok.  You made  a DVD copy for your mother.  So I said Mom you got the DVD I made for you.  She said sure. 
That was a month ago.  She hasn't found it yet.  Kiss those pictures goodbye. 

Well this next one is totally my fault and I have no idea how I did it.  I can only guess.
Yesterday I was sorting the photos for my new external hard drive (I bought 2 to add to the other 2 I already had... the other 2 arent big enough to hold all my pictures... yes I have that many)
I realized I haven't seen one of my cousins wedding pictures.

Whats up with loosing wedding pictures? 
I looked and I looked.  I looked on all the external hard drives.  I looked on my net book.  NOPE they are were gone too. 

I know they were not on the external drive they were on my lap top when the drive fell fell fell thump. 

Here is what I guessed happened.  

I wanted to post them on facebook.  So I fired up ol paint shop pro and used the batch conversation to resize and resave the photos into a different folder.  So it would not take me to Christmas to upload them. 
I did this.  I uploaded them and I suppose I deleted them.
Fast forward to some where in the future.
I saw a file sitting on my desk top and said oooh I didnt delete the fb photos of heathers wedding let me do that now.
Guess what not the fb photos, the originals.  

Thats what I think may have happened.  

So I said take a breath its ok you made your Aunt a copy.

So I sent her an email.

She cant find them. 

So tell me why do I make these things, which they asked for and then they loose them?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Got an interview tomorrow

Wish me luck.  Its for a part time job.  If I do not get it, its not the end of the world!

Stamp I won

There is a button to the side if your interested in these stamps.  They are from Queen Kat Designs.

anyway I was hoping for a dragon, I didnt get one but I am not disappointed at all.  The stamp is a cute halloween witch.

See ... who could be disappointed in this stamp.  Now I have to learn how to mount it.  I dont have any ez mount but I found some tutorials for craft foam and Alenes retack glue which I do have!

So like them on Facebook they are always having some type of give away and sign up for them ;-)

received two post cards in the mail today.

Lucky me.

The first one is from China

The second one is from Australia

really no joke I cant sleep

I tweeked it some more and put more detail in it

I really really really really really SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN BED!!!!

But instead I found this picture of me in school.
It was either kindergarten or first grade.  I dont remember

and turned it into this....

using paint shop pro

Hey I trace pretty good with a mouse.  I didnt even crack out my graphics tablet.  I guess I should make the wrinkles in the shirt.  I will think about it.

Friday, August 19, 2011

this is just bizarre

whisker wars

tip from an art group I just joined

If you are shooting a landscape vista... think Grand Canyon, valley,
mountains etc.. your photo will look much nicer if you frame it for depth of
field. Stand in a spot where on the edges of the image you can see trees,
bushes, wooden fences etc that are closer to you. Then the image you want to
capture will actually give a sense of how big, close or far away everything


Dear man in the moon

Dear Man in the moon,
I saw you last night. Did you see me? I was driving that I am not really a waitress red convertible mustang; the one with the top down and the huge stuffed monkey sitting by me. I waved to you. I think you winked back. I tried to take a picture of you several months back but you were too far away. I wish you would move closer, but probably would not be a good idea. It would probably wreak havoc with Mr. Tide.
It’s been a while. How are things going? Is that cow still jumping over the moon? You would think her knees would have gone bad by now. How is the cheese business going? That string cheese was genius!
Did you hear the good news? Gary asked Luna to marry him and she agreed. Many people do not agree with mixed marriages. After all Gary is a lion and Luna is an Asian Bank. I think they might just make it after all. Gary likes to lay his head on top of Luna’s head. I included a picture. My only concern is if Gary gets hungry…….
Let’s see what else is new… hmmmm. Nothing really. Same ole Same ole. Oh don’t get me wrong. That is a good thing. Who needs the drama right? Not I.
Speaking of drama I wish you and the sun would get along better. I know the Sun has a big ego and gets all the glory. You are just as important. Ask Mr. Tide. If it wasn’t for you Mr. Tide would always be cranky and out of whack. So let the sun have all its glory and remember too much sun is a bad thing. Can anybody say that about the moon? Don’t think so!
I think I might be going to Memphis soon. I will send you a post card. I know I promise no sun rises. I learned my lesson the hard way.
Yours Truly
The girl on Roberts St. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

magazine update

I found the magazine I was looking for yesterday.  I found it at AC Moore.  I had my 50% off coupon and got it for about 2.50.  Now thats awesome!

challenge I won

yeah for me I won a stamp... dont know what it is yet but I am sure it has something to do with dragons since it was dragon theme.  I love dragons.  I entered the challenge on facebook

The site I won it from is  queen kats designs

post card art

Made my first art post card today.
Here are the materials I used
2 post cards from magazines, the kind I usually toss away immediately
Crayola Markers and Colored pencils
Glue Stick
One copy of the Left over lady sign
Ball point Ink Pen
Yellow Hi-liter
Two stamps from work Checked and For Training Purposes (I masked the word only)
Red ink pad
First I covertly made a copy of the Left over lady. I later found out who was responsible for the Left Over Lady. I won’t say because it isn’t my place too.

any whoo here is what the sign looks like

I took my colored pencils, primarily I used green, red orange, blue and itty bitty of yellow and colored over the post card. I colored over the side that did not have the postage on it. I went over all the text and everything.
I cut out my pieces I wanted to use. I cut out several different key phrases of the text.
I played around with the lay out till I found the exact position I wanted. Some of the pieces I had cut out were then discarded.
I glued down the Text about clear flush first. Then I glued down the ladies picture.
I took out my Crayola markers and jazzed up the lady. I accentuated her glasses and facial features. I gave her old lady blue hair and a yellow shirt. I used orange to make a patterned wall paper.
I then glued down the tittle Lady, Leftover in that order so it would be layered just the way I wanted it.
I then glued the rest of the words I chose to use.
The words needed something else so I hi-lited a few key words. I underlined a word and added an ! after a phrase.
I took out the stamps and the red ink pad and stamped the two phrases one on each side of the lady.
I saw that the card was curling so I glued a second card to the back to make it sturdier. To help keep it fastened I gave it a staple. I liked the staple look so I continued to staple all the word blocks.
I thought I would be able to call it done but It needed something else. The white was to bright. So I took a tissue and rubbed it across the red stamp pad. I tested the amount of ink that would be transferred on a scrap piece of paper. When I got the perfect amount I rubbed it over the words.
I really really like it. It sits behind me on my bulletin board at work. I keep turning around and admiring my handy work. I really enjoyed making this art card. 

Here is my finished art post card

now this is a new art technique I never heard about


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

what have I been doing since the 30 day challenge?

I have been working on a card for Jason's birthday and robin did not take it with her

It is the size of a poster board folding in half

The card is propped up against a 32 inch tv

I miss folded the pop up.  I came from Michael Stroms 9 fold card.

HGTV link

Michael strongs blog

Notice the links at the left with picture diagram

looking for a magazine

Didnt find it.  It was suppose to be out today.  What I did find was 22 different quilting magazines at Books a million.

Thats an over kill.

come on how can the quilters own all the current magazines about quilting.  They would have to take a loan out to afford all the magazines.

I should of taken pictures..  Silly bear.

Monday, August 15, 2011

taking a walk

Its actually a very nice today. Not a hundred thousand degrees and occasionally a light breeze. Breeze is good unless you want to take pictures of flowers. Which I did. After lunch I put on my walking shoes, which were the ones I was already wearing – grabbed my small camera and walked around the track. I spied flowers on the tree and flowers on the ground.

 I spied birds in the air, and birds in the pond. I also spied birds in the tree.

 I spied mushrooms big and small.

I spied (and smelled) a herd of cows standing under a tree.
I do believe this cow was giving me a dirty look!

 I spied fluffy clouds and large fields.

. I spied rock art and a guy holds a McDonalds bag.
I spied a frog who didn’t clear the barbs of the fence to my dismay.

While I spied all this somebody from security spied me. Hee hee.
Ok I will confess that was not during the walk it was during the company picnic

Sunday, August 14, 2011

another headache sunday

Woke up with a headache.
Had cheeseburger lunch. Mom is in a rutt. Conner and Lucas were acting like kids and getting into everything. How dare they. Ha ha ha ha. I needed to go to the grocery store so I took Conner with me. Sometimes my mother does not appreciate the power of an Aunt Karen. Conner’s price was a cup cake. I got Lucas a big ball. Ok everybody got the big ball. I brought the play dough with me. Lucas did not know this. He was at the table drinking milk and I put the table cloth on it. He fussed because he did not want to put his milk on the table cloth. I said I was going to play. I still hadn’t told him I got the play dough. He did not want to play. I said ok suit yourself. I took the box of play dough and started removing the cans out of the box. He drops the table cloth back over the table and says I change my mind. I thought you might! I made a bro dough that was green with blue hair and I made a Duncan pumpkin. Conner made a butterfly. Lucas mixed the play dough. OOOOOOH for shame on you! We had those tasty ribs that was on Martha Stewart, Emril and his son was her guest. Oh my goodness they were soooooooo good. Here is the link.  

EJ Ribs

we found the spices they used to be a bit salty for our taste.  Use your own.  Its how they are cooked that makes them so  yummy.  Really it falls right off the bones.  

Made some biz cards

I thought Friday when Denny was reading the free times... you  know that bar code that you can scan with your cell phone and find all kind of neat information... I wonder if I can create one on the internet.

By golly I can.

bar code maker for cell phones

That is the link I used

GRRRRRR I closed the window again by accident.  GGRRRRRRRRRRRR

It took some tweaking but I like my new cards.  I printed 10 of the first batch and realized the the peacock was sitting to high so I adjusted and reprinted.

I am scanning it now.  The top card is the front and the bottom card is the back.

Pretty nifty huh.  Goes right to this blog.

Notice I put my email on here too.. Dont know if I should put it on my card or not and remove it from the blog.

Its way past time for me to go to bed.  I have been watching star trek tng and scanning alice in wonderland pictures to make digi stamps with.  Look for those too.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


five lucky people will be getting these post cards from me!

Monkey Toes

Conner was in complete control of what we did today. First he wanted to go to McDonalds. Grandma says pick again. Then he wanted to go to Zaxby’s Karen said pick again… but he didn’t. Then he wanted to go to Monkey Joe’s. I never been there. I brought my netbook just in case I get bored. When Lucas says it name it sounds like Monkey toes. Oh what fun! Guess what you need to bring with you at Monkey Joe’s? Socks. You got to were socks on your monkey toes! Grandma had to pay for them. So I take out the camera and follow Lucas and I follow Lucas and I follow Lucas and I follow Lucas. Up he went, down he went, around he went and then up again he went. He got stuck a time or two, too. So I tell him you can’t play here. But he wanted to. So I said Conner can help you. He said no he didn’t want to go with Conner. He wanted to ride the School bus for 15 seconds. That cost 50 cents. He wanted to play ski ball. Somebody else was playing it. He wanted to ride the Tonka truck for 2 seconds. That cost another 50 cents. The tonka truck and the school bus was just a chugging a long without any little kids ridding it because Lucas could not sit still long enough for it to finish. Lucas wanted to play ski ball again. Somebody else was playing it. So we played wack the alligator. That is similar to wack the mole. I cheated. I wacked the mole with my hand while he went bang bang bang hitting one alligator. Nobody was playing ski ball. Lucas took off. I went to get hunt him down to play ski ball. Got back somebody was playing ski ball. Lucas was beginning to get cranky. Grandma won Lucas 15 tickets but Lucas wanted a tootsie roll. Lucas traded with his brother and that is how he got the stamp on his face. Time to go home. I never did take out that netbook. It was always go go go go go go go. We drove away and I said Lucas you wanna go back to Monkey Toes. He said NO. I said not today another day. He said YES. 

Some pictures that I took

Conner in motion

Conner helping his brother.  His brother wasnt so happy when he came down cause he didnt want the help LOL

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

another card

it was suppose to be a post card but it isnt.... I like it though  especially the newspaper ... mixed media stuff

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Trying to find my Nephew

I went to dinner with my step sisters and their mum... I got an unique family LOL

They brought up that Bill is selling art work and he had a www site.  I tried to yahoo it and did not have any success.   Then I tried google and found the below picture and it made me sad.

Why would I post a picture of Claudia Schiffer on my blog and why would it make me sad... bet your wondering... 

I am thinking this probably came from one of the Peoples 50 most beautiful edition.  It is the only one I ever bought.

I was flipping threw it many many many years ago, not really reading the text and something caught my eye as I flipped this page. I had to flip back and re read it to make sure I saw what I thought I saw! 

You might not be able to read the text but at the time it was published Claudia Schiffer was dating a male model named Bill Goins.

That is the name of my step dad.  When he got home I couldnt wait to show it to him.  He got so tickled over it.... he had it framed and had it hanging in his office for years until he passed away.

that is why it makes me sad. 

A forgotten story and a forgotten picture remembered.  

first post card received

It came from Texas but the sender is from Cairo


 who visit our homes. Don't complain about our pets. (1) They live here, you don't. (2) If you don't want their hair on your clothes, stay off the furniture. That's why they call it 'Fur'-niture. (3) Chances are, I love my pets more than I like you. (4) To you, they are animals. To me, they are family who are furry, walk on all fours, love me unconditionally, & don't talk back. ♥ .

Day thirty of thirty days of getting your art on

I did it
I did it
I really done did it

I made it 30 days doing something artsy every day.  Some days were tougher then other but I had loads of fun doing it.

So here is day thirty.

It isnt any big or explosive or cosmic.  It is just day thirty

I worked once again on the peacock journal.  I would not call it complete.  I dont think I will ever really call it complete.  When I find things to ad to it I will.

What I did today was clean the edges and added some ribbon and tassel.

Then I worked on another ATC...  specifically the horse one that I had sketched and uploaded in a previous post.

I really really really like it.  Dont ask me if I like the horse or the giraffe better cause I wont be able to make up my mind.

I used the stencil from the dollar store.  I love those stencils cause they are not exactly correct are they?  It gives the ATC a unique look.
Anyway this card was one I had prepared a while ago.   It is on a some kind of black heavy board.  I took book pages and used acrylic medium and glued them down.  I used gesso over that.

This is what I did today.
I got out my water color crayons... I am really beginning to like those and went for my two favorite colors, green and blue.  I made the back ground.

I cut the horse out of scrap paper and mod podged it to the card.

I typed the words

In word and printed it with my laser printer on scrap paper.  I cut out each word and pod podged it using my tweezers.  I couldnt find my tweezeers at first and blamed singapore.  He looked at me like I was crazy.  Then I found them and it was obvious he was not the guilty one.
I punched a crown with a martha stewart punch.  The crown was to big so I trimmed it to the size I wanted.
I took a white gel pen and made a mask
I outlined the words and the crown with a black pen.
I sealed it with mod podge.

30 Days of Get Your Art On

The rest of this post is because I am waiting for the tea to get done and washing a load or two of clothes and thought I waste some time.

I love my Singapore cat...  No secret about that.  Today I had put some flea meds on him and he like the smart cat that he isnt licked and well had a bit of a reaction.  First he blamed me for it.  After I cleaned him up and told him I adored him he forgave me.  To the point he is pestering me with wanting attention.     But thats all right he is my baby cat after all

He was sitting across from me grooming himself and of course I had the handy dandy camera ready to take pictures.  I probably have posted similar pictures in previous post but its always nice to add some new ones.

Okies you may laugh and shake your head or ignore them... do what ever your little heart desires.  I know that this is my kitty and he is the bestest kitty in the whole wide world!

Oh you know the next ones were coming LOL

That all compromising position...

Yep he is cleaning his toes ... wonder if he had toe jam LOL

Did you expect the next picture... the one that said you better stop 
taking pictures of me or I will bite you look?