A woman who works with her hands is a LABORER; a woman who works with her hands and head, a CRAFTSMAN; but a woman who works with her hands, her head and her heart is an ARTIST. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Saturday, November 26, 2011

todays photo

The weekend after Thanksgiving.  We have a tradition we more or less have stuck to for several years.  The players are different but usually I am in the thick of things.  We take a day trip somewhere.  Charlotte to see the Museum and skate at the mall skating rink, Biltmore house, a Christmas show in Myrtle Beach, Chimney Rock, Adela and our favorite Charleston.
                It use to be on Friday.  While everybody is beating each other up on black Friday we were cruising down the interstate for some adventure.   It has pretty much moved to Saturday.   This year we went back to the old stand by of Charleston.  There is a state park on St. John’s Island that decorates with thousands of lights.  It is similar to Saluda Shoals but bigger.  It is not as big as Calloway Gardens in Georgia.   The persons attending were me, My mum, Denny, My Aunt and Bruce.
                This year we started out about 12 noon.  We would arrive at Charleston about 2ish.  Not yet time to go visit the lights.  My Aunt asked what will be doing before it was time to go see the lights.  I pulled out a walking tour booklet that I had bought last March when we visited the Angel Tree.  I suggested we do that.  My aunt and Bruce Grumbled OOOK.  Well jeez don’t get to excited about it!
                So we parked and started walking to the market.  That is wear the tour begins.   Well right off it was obvious we were going to be distracted by many things.  First was the sun glasses.  Next was the caramel covered apples.  Then it was the Haagan das Ice-cream.    Finally we officially started the walking tour.   
                I had given the book to Bruce and very quickly Barbara took charge.  So we walked down and around.  We saw a wonderful church and Docks theatre.  I read a book with it being the backdrop of the story.  I wondered where that was.  We peeped thru gates and looked for ghost in the cemetery.  We found ourselves on Bay street and there it was Baked House.  They have the most devine cookies.   Chocolate cloud cookie YUMMY.  They cost about as much as a bag of oreo cookies but oh are they worth it.  I bought two to save for later.  They did not have the brookie I been so keen on trying.  That is a cross between a brownie and a cookie. 
                So across the street we decided we were going to eat at some brewery place.  Then we traveled to the river park.  While I was running  to take a picture of a sail boat I noticed there were dolphins in the bay.  So we had quite a bit of fun watching the dolphins play.  I also had to check out then pelicans.   What funny looking birds they are!
                So after we got our Dolphin fill we were back on the tour until we saw a crowd gathered around.  It was a knife juggling street performer.  He said he was an international performer from Alabama.  We watched for a while and envied the houses right across the street.   Not so much the traffic though.  We commented bikes would be handy too.    This one group had a bike built for 3 with an add on for a fourth person.  NICE!
                So back on the tour.  We walked one block and called it time for dinner.  So out of 100 places to see we got to #14.  We marked it in the book and went to the brewery.    Interesting enough the persons who grumbled the loudest at the beginning enjoyed the tour book the most.  They wanted to get their own.   As for me, I took a zillion pictures and had a grand time.
I had catfish and a delicious salad.  It was very simple.  Spring leaf (I guess that is what they call the type of lettuce) almonds and parmesan cheese.  It needed nothing else.  Perfect!   I took a picture of this guy at the place and labeled it … WHAT WAS HE THINKING!
It has gotten dark by now and we were ready for the lights.  Last year it was much colder so it was not as near enjoyable.  Except sometimes I think the cold ads to the atmosphere.  Anywho we listed to the Glee Christmas music as we travelled there.  Two very awesome CDs if my humble opinion means anything. 
The park has 3 miles of beautiful lights that are pretty awesome.  Unfortunately this year they allowed double lanes.  I don’t recall it every being there in past visits.  It made it hard to see the other side. 
We parked and everybody refreshed them selves and we began to move towards the welcome center that has a gift shop.  That is where I saw him.  SANTA CLAUS!  Yes I did.  I made every single one of those people stand in line and take our picture with Santa Claus.  It was a very long time coming for Bruce who never had his picture taken.  Unbelievable! He did not hear of the Easter bunny either!  They started complaining about the line.  I told them I waited 365 days for this cause it was “TOO COLD” last year for this picture.  They can wait 20 minutes.  I got them all up there.  Guys too and we had our official picture taken with Santa. 
Then we roasted marshmallows.  None of us really liked to eat them.  It is fun to catch them on fire though!    We wondered off to the gift shops and had fun looking at all the interesting ornaments.  I bought a few post cards.  I got a little hungry so I got some kettle corn pop corn.  I never had what they called Kettle corn popcorn before.  This bag was very sweet.  Also like popcorn balls or caramel popcorn.  It was very tasty. 
We finished our evening by riding thru the rest of the lights.  My favorites are the peacock and the dragon of course.  On our way home they tuned into a radio station that was playing the University of South Carolina game vs Clemson.  Mum likes those silly gamecock chickens and Bruce likes those goofy Clemson tigers.  Denny probably pretends to care because my mum likes them.  Nobody else could care less.  Even me who graduated from USC.  So I plugged in my ear buds and listened to karen’s radio.  My play list on Zune that is guaranteed to not have one song I do not like hahahahahaha.
As Ansel use to say… a fun time was had by all. 

Some pictures from Charleston

baked house

poor lost shoe

what was he thinking?????????

At the lights On John's Island

And the Finale 

tidy house

I just finished tiding up the house.  I been working on it since november 11 (Veterans day) I went shopping and well got a late start that day. I told my mum its hard to clean the house there are to many distractions like facebook.  Ha ha.  Anywho todays distraction was the Christmas decor.
 I wont say it is clean cause I have to dust and vacuum and mop the floor and scrub the tub.  That will be done on Sunday.  I am going to Charleston tomorrow.  Burglars be ware.  Wendell will still be here.

Friday, November 25, 2011

todays photo

I think I showed this one already but this is the official one.  the other was a proof and it was cut off

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

todays photo

Todays photo is a bit silly

Its Gary's and Lulu's First Christmas tree.  Gary and Lulu are not stupid.  They are giving M&Ms out as gifts.

What I doodled to day (it is not the first picture)

When I went to the fair last month I came across this painting.

If you cant tell (or I am just to sleepy) the lady is purple

I told my mum it needed a peacock.  So I was doodling my own version.  I am sure I will practice with it a lot.
thank goodness for tracing paper LOL

I am still working on the hair.  I am not 100% happy with it. 

Christmas wreaths

Back  in september I showed this wreath for the 30 days of getting your art on.  I had no center piece for it.  I bought a snow man and changed my mind.  I bought two ginger bread men (one was to use on another one) the nose and mittens were not the correct color.  It was to bright so I grabbed the praire berry bic marks a lot and colored it in.  You can see the difference with one done (darker) and one not (brighter)

Well after I pulled a thread and tore a hole in the one on the left and after I sewed him back up I decided not to use them either.

I used just a plain dark red bow from the dollar tree.  Here is the finished wreath.

I am going to make two more.  The next one the red and green are a tad different.  I think they are bolder.  The last one I will have ran out of the ginger bread material so I used a vintage Santa Claus fabric.  The colors are still red brown and green basically.  Here is the second one getting close to being done. 

They are very simply to make.  The following photo shows all the materials I used

2 yards of fabric
Pinking Shears
Straw wreath (shown is 14 inch)
craft Glue (to be honest I used AC moore brand.  I liked the look of Aleenes for picture sake LOL)
Old yucky knitting needle (or something equivalent)
Embellishment (I used a bow from the dollar tree)

Using the pinking shears cut fabric into squares (they do not have to be perfect but you do have to use pinking shears unless you find fabric that does not fray)

Put a spot of glue on the wreath (the glue was my idea because the one we bought had the material falling out of it and the first one I made had the material falling out of it)

Place a piece of cut fabric over the glue

With you Old yuck knitting needle that lost its mate push the fabric into the straw wreath.

I like mine rather full but you can choose how full you want yours.

You do not have to put the fabric on the back.  Nobody will be seeing the back.  Thats a good place to put your name and your blog or email address LOL

Keeping up with the kittys

Well something smelled.  Singapore did not like where is litter box was so he made a deposit in the towels.  EEEW.

Am I the only person who talks about cat poop?

Singapore is a funny cat.... when has to go and he thinks he has no where to go or if somebody really needs to clean the box out (me) then he walks around crying.  So I stuck him upstairs and shut the door.  He used the box.  So maybe we may have come to an understanding

Today Monty and a mean Hair ball!

Am I the only person who talks about cat puke?


Monday, November 21, 2011

todays photo

one of the lost ones.  My Rikki Tikki Tavi. 

zendoodled and other doodles

Well before I pop off to bed I thought I share some doodles I done did.  Its obvious some of them are not complete.  I am going to get them a fresh coat of color.  Also I scanned them and they may be a tad lopsy.